Friday, December 25, 2015

Tangled [One-Shot]

Note: Be warned that this story contains a few content that may not be suitable for young readers. 

The semester just ended. Usually, I would plant my ass on the couch and watch every unwatched movie I had. This sembreak, I had different plans. Probably because my girlfriend, Rae, and I haven’t seen each other for almost a couple of months. The stress of the semester that passed took its toll on me. The sleepless nights created dark circles around my eyes. I just needed a break from all of those things.
            I sent her a text message, telling her that I was officially on vacation and if ever she wanted to stay at the house she could just come by. Sadly, I didn’t get any reply. Rae and I have been together for five months then, and even though things were going great I couldn’t shake off the feeling that she could find someone so much better than me.
            Pajamas on, popcorn ready, and the movie was just waiting to be played when I heard the knock on the front door. With my brows furrowed, I rushed to open the door only to find Rae with a few bags in hand. I saved all the questions I had in mind and let her inside the house.
            “I’m so glad you still haven’t played the movie,” she said as she set her bags in my room.
            I laughed. “Me too. That’s a horror film and I was just about to ask if we could Skype at least.” It was our thing. I, being the one who enjoys watching horror movies and yet is the easily scared between us, would usually ask her to call me via Skype and stay with me until I fall asleep. The thing was, I was always scared.
            I sat on the couch as she changed her shirt before me. I knew I should have looked away but it was the first time I ever saw her half-naked, as she always pushed me out of the room before changing clothes. What shocked me even more was when she looked at me, bit her lower lip, and then winked. I was pretty sure she was just teasing so I decided to ride along.
            I slightly bit my lower lip as I walked towards her. When I caught sight of her eyes widening, I knew that she thought I wouldn’t play along her little teasing. Well, I can have a bit of fun when I want. I gave her a teasing smile before I whispered, “Don’t tease me too long”, on her right ear and then planted a couple of kisses on the curve of her neck. Before I went out the door I looked back at her, smiled, and then winked. By the shocked look on her face, she didn’t expect my little stunt.
            I went back to the living room and waited for her, so we could start watching the movie. It took her a while before she sat beside me. I guess my stunt was too much for her to process. I couldn’t blame her. This was the first time we have been completely alone. We were usually with a friend or two during sleepovers.
            “Are you sure you’re going to wear that?” I asked, staring at her in a black shirt and navy blue cotton shorts. I admit that I found it extremely sexy.
            She moved closer to me. “I’m not bothered by the cold unlike you.” She gave a soft laugh then reached for my hand. “What are you waiting for? Hit play.”
            So I did. It was in the middle of the movie when I felt her index finger tracing circles on my thigh. I was suppressing the smile that was trying to stretch across my lips. I had those little flutters in my stomach as she continued doing it. It went on for about ten minutes.
            I focused on the movie, which wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be, and waited for an opportunity. It wasn’t that long before a jumpscare gave me an open door for my new stunt. I squealed then threw myself at her. I heard a little laugh from her as she wrapped me in her arms. I didn’t move for a while until I thought I’ve calmed down. Slowly, I looked up at her and found her looking straight into my eyes. My eyes landed on her lips. I couldn’t think of what was next on my list for my little teasing stunt again. All I could think of was kissing her. I even wondered why the hell I was wondering when I could just kiss her. She is my girlfriend and I could do it if I wanted to but no, I just had to stare at her lips like a complete moron. When I was finally able to think straight, I held her nape and then pressed my lips on hers.
            For a while, it was slow and gentle then it grew deeper and there was definitely hunger and thirst. My left hand was on her shoulder while my right was still on her nape. I felt her hold me by the waist and so I shifted a bit to give her room to move. I leaned back a little and that was when she pressed her body against mine. As if by reflex, I loosely wrapped my legs around her waist to pull her closer.
            We would catch our breath once in a while but we didn’t stop claiming each other’s lips. A few soft moans escaped my lips and I knew she heard it because I caught a glimpse of a smirk. Her hand would slide along my waist but there were times when they would travel down my hips or up to my breast.
            I dreaded the moment she pulled away just to turn off the television and the media box. She gave me a smirk as she reached for my hand to pull me up. I followed her to my room. My heart started to pound as we got closer to my bed. She climbed up then looked at me as I was left staring.
            I mentally slapped myself as a reminder that she is my girlfriend and that I shouldn’t be that scared. It wasn’t like she would be gone the next day. I pushed all the extra thoughts and focused on what was happening then. I crawled on the bed then straddled her.
            I looked down at her and I felt calm. I cupped her cheeks then pressed my lips against hers. I felt excitement coursing through my veins as she held me by the waist. Once in a while, she would slide her hand under my shirt but that was the extent of it.

            The next day, I woke up wrapped in her arms. We were a tangled mess of arms and limbs. A smile stretched across my lips. At that very moment, I was sure that I would love to wake up every morning that way. I hid my doubts in a chest and shoved it at the darkest part of my being—which I knew I had to do if I really wanted to see where our relationship would go.  

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