Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Reasons Why Jesse Gil Will Remain Perpetually Single - What is this about?

What Is This About?
by WisdomDeath

It could be a completely useless piece of crap for some. Although it could be helpful and relatable to some.
I am not even forcing any of you to read this. It’s all up to you. But I must warn you that I will be using a lot of foul words. I am not even planning on censoring any of those words. You are not the boss of me. So if you can’t handle harsh words and yet you want to read this, I’ll tell you one thing: SUCK IT UP!
If you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you must tell me why you’re reading this. Are you here to criticize a single girl’s thoughts? Or would you just love to mock my reasons? What? Tell me.
If you’re single then you probably want to check if some of my reasons match yours.
       Or it could be that you’re just curious. So, do go on.
Jesse Gil


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