Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Give Me A Reason To Hold On [Poetry]

Give Me A Reason To Hold On

by: WisdomDeath

"Pain is meant to be felt."
That's what they said. 

"I've had enough."
That's what she said. 

She picked a blade. 
Between her fingers,
The thin metal played.

"It will be okay."
They said. 

She asked.

They said. 

She pressed it,
Pressed it on her skin.

"It's too much. I can't wait for soon."
She replied. 

She shook her head.
Tears racing down, 
Down the tiles. 

"Hold on for a while."
They said. 

"What for?" 
She asked. 

There was silence,
A deafening silence.

Then there she was, 
Cold, pale, and red. 

Beside her lay her best friend, 
metal and thin. 

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