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The Mark of Elosh: Chapter 1

 The Mark of Elosh
( On Going)

Chapter One: The Legend

By that sin fell the angels. -- William Shakespeare

Once every twelve thousand years, a babe with a mark of God will unluckily be born simply to be humiliated, tortured, and hated. This legend was popular all over the world of Arden, because they practice the art of exterminating these powerful children which they called, Exorcism.

Except to Land of Elosh - The declared Land of Darkness, for they entertain this legend as a sign of engaging into the deeper world of knowledge. Eloshians believe that those who killed the children of Prowess were nothing but just an innocent human who embrace the cruel tale of lies.
Because of their love to this legend, every member of the family will be commemorated with a special ink that these Eloshian's high witches granted to their citizens. They will draw the mark on the lower right side of their abdomen, and it will stay there glowing as long that they are alive.
The special ink was only given to those noble people who had the capacity to buy it, for they believe it could also bring luck to their bloodline.
So low profile citizens of Elosh were always mistreated, except for this woman who originated in the street with little coins in her hands. She was one of the unluckiest Eloshians who were never given a chance to enjoy the blessing of the magical ink. She might not experience the act of marking the skin with the said ink because she was just a beggar, but she was the one born with the mark of God.
She did not show up most care to her sign for she was not a believer of the said legend. For her, it was just a plan of the monarchy to extend their power. The Monarchy of Elosh is nothing but a kingdom built from the lies of their legend, they even told their people that their current crown princess has the Mark of God, since birth, which she found as a big LIE, Because the one who holds the mark was nothing but her - a woman who hasn’t experienced any luck from her mark at all.
After luring and begging around the streets, she had eventually managed to gather enough alms to buy herself a decent dinner for tonight. She has never experienced eating the 'holy meat' that these marked Eloshians are eating to maintain their prowess. It is the meat of the outside world - the flesh of other humans living behind the boundary of Elosh. Most of the caught flesh was the Exorcists who want to disinfect the immorality of Eloshians. She favors the intention of these mighty Exorcists who were now hanging upside-down naked, with their sexual organs already removed and a green price tag pinned on their forehead. She silently lamented for their death, as she knew the reason why they are, here is her - the Marked Child.
"Are you going to purchase? Or will just stare at my sales with that dirty mouth of yours hanging wide open?" Her thoughts were trailed, when a woman with a porcelain skin who seems to be the owner mocked her. She immediately runs away from the horrible store and went to her favorite shop who sells fresh fruits and vegetables.
"Good day, Aunt Merilee." She greeted at the window of her Aunt's store. Aunt Merilee was facing her back to her; she seems to be busy on something based on the movements of her arms.
"Aunt Merilee?" She repeated, hoping that she could get her attention now.
"Valeree, my dear, is that you?" She answered, without even facing her. This time, her old arms intensified its movement as if she wanted to finish whatever she was doing there.
"Yes, can I come in?" She asked, as she attempted to open the door.    
"Sure." Her Aunt replied. As soon that she entered the small store, she immediately smelled the unusual, strange scent of rusty iron that can only be found in the holy meat stores.
"Aunt Merilee, what are you doing?" She inquired, feeling a little bit disgusted at the unusual fragrance in this store.
"What’s with the scent? Its store for vege--" She trailed, as she saw a knife suddenly fell from the table of her Auntie.
She could not distinctly see the affair on her Auntie's desk because the light was turned off, and the only thing that passes brightness to this storehouse was the moon's brightest. The world between them seems to stop as Valeree saw the glistening knife covered with blood.
"Aunt--" She dropped behind, when all of a sudden, her Auntie stood up and took hold of the knife. The moon glistens on her auntie's face and there she saw the absurd trail of blood from her lips down to her neck.
"Valeree, wanna join me on my dinner?" She asked, with a wide grin showing off her bloody teeth to the nauseated Valeree.
"Auntie?!" She yelled in exasperation. But that didn't stop her Auntie, instead she grabbed her by her right arm and she dragged her to the dark place where she was making her dark secrets.
"What are you doing Auntie?!" Valeree screamed, as she attempted to take away from her tight grasp.
"Come on, my dazzling child, you better start practicing eating the holy meat with me." Her Auntie replied, with a cynical laugh that she hasn’t heard before.
"Auntie! I thought you will not-- ah!" Valeree trailed when her Aunt gripped her arm tighter like she wanted to break it into pieces.
"My dear." Her Auntie responded to her struggles, and then she heard a faint 'tick' which exposed the cruel eating habit of the Eloshians.
Valeree screamed up to the limit of her lungs, while her Auntie just laughed at her bewildered face. While she was traumatized by what she had seen, her Auntie released her and she even placed a fork and knife in her hands inviting Valeree to join her in this kind of dinner.
"Come, my dear, let's eat." Her Auntie chirped in excitement. Valeree feels like she was stuck on her feet, she could not move because of this horror, she was seeing in front of her. A man was lying topless on the table; he has a huge cut on the lower part of his abdomen where her Auntie started to feast on him. As she stared, Valeree noticed a small movement of this man with his fingers. She immediately transfers her gaze to his face to confirm whether he was alive or just hallucinating on her nauseating.
She heaved, as she watched the man's right eye opens slightly in pain.
"What is it my darling?" Her Auntie asked, while she turned her back to them to go to the kitchen.
She didn't reply; instead she placed the knife and fork that her absurd Auntie gave to her into her bag. She was about to escape out of this store, when the man grabs her hem surprisingly.
" me." He whimpered. Valeree turned around and their gaze lock into each other. He has a pair of forest green eyes, which opposites the melancholic blue eyes of her's. Their eyes were full of questions from each, and it was all about…

'How they are proceeding to keep their lives today.’



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