Saturday, October 5, 2013

Wake Me Up! [One-shot]

Wake Me Up!
Written by: WisdomDeath

Dream Journal Entry
Date: October 5, 2013
Time I woke up: 7:19 AM
It all began in the hospital room. I was with my sister when her nanny came in. A guy came in. I didn’t recognize him at all. He left. I stood beside the door, looking around through a glass. He went to the girl’s room, across from ours. Thing was that her room was made of glass. I saw how he shot her forehead. I panicked. I told my sister to hide. Together, we hid under the beds but they weren’t really made for hiding.
It wasn’t long before they found us.
*    *    *
The scene shifted.
We were in Lit2 class, beside me was "Four", smiling like an idiot. I poked him and told him we needed to talk. I whispered to him that I like him, like him. He smiled and asked me to be his girlfriend. I nodded. I pulled his arm, leaning on it.
One of our classmates (I forgot her name) came to us. He introduced me as his girlfriend and she looked shocked about it.
“Why? Of all guys?” she asked, smiling.
“Why? What’s wrong with "Four"?” I asked.
I glanced at "Four", who had a proud look on his face.
“There are so many good guys out there.” She said.
“He’s just that guy.” I said then smiled.
Nessa, who was on my right, won’t stop playing with her hair. She was curling it and then would straighten in afterwards.
*    *    *
The scene shifted again.
We were at the hospital but "Four" and some other friends (whom I don’t remember) were there.
“We need to buy food.” I said.
My friend looked out first before saying, “Coast is clear, boss.”
I pulled "Four" with me.
We were at Freedom Park when I thought that it was a better idea to leave the area and go home safely. Remembering that we left most of our things, “Four can you get our things? We need to leave this place.”
He was about to walk away to get our things when I joined him.
“I can’t let you go there alone. He might do something bad to you. I can’t let that happen.” I said. He looked down at me and then smiled.
I grabbed a few things first, putting them in my pocket. When I was about to grab my bag, it was gone. All bags were gone. The lights started to flicker. "Four" pulled me out of the room and together, we found our escape.
*    *    *
The scene shifted again.
We were at the mall.
"Four" started to talk about a girl but I didn’t mind. When I started looking at handkerchieves, he started to talk about something else.
“Who talks to Claude?” he asked.
“Claude! Where the hell are you?” he imitated my voice. Our friends started to laugh. Raiza even giggled. I know that they were talking about me and a guy friend.
“I know that.” Raiza said.
“See? She knows that.” "Four" said.
I moved to the lip gloss section, looking for a new shade. After paying, we headed out.
There was a white a van parked. I opened the door. "Four" slipped behind the driver, who was a girl. The other seats were take by my parents, aunt, and cousins.
“Wow.” I muttered,
I settled at the back seat, looking at all of them.
“We need to be far from here.” I said.
One of our friends was outside the van, waiting for an instruction. 
“Find a good place to hide. Tell me when you find an apartment.” I shouted through the slightly opened window.
“Aww.” I heard her whisper.
“We’ll find a house soon. We only need a temporary place. Somewhere safe.” I shouted before we drove off.
*    *    *
Then it came back to the hospital. I was looking for my things. I looked at the clock. It was 2:30.
“I have to go. English class is in half an hour.” I said.
"Four" came from behind, grabbing a few things.
“What are you up to?” I asked.
“Shh. Take care.” He whispered to me before he started to walk away.
“Four! What the hell?” I exclaimed. I grabbed my bag and ran to the stairs. He wasn’t there. I passed by Sir Caranguian (Lit2 professor), who was having a hard time opening the faculty room.
Someone at the corner told him not to open it.
As I ran down the stairs, the faculty room’s door opened, people ran around, attacking other people, including Sir Caranguian. I ran and ran but someone was following me.
I reached my friends but when I looked back, she was still there—the one who followed me. She has a name tag on. It says “Patricia.”
“Trish, what’s this all about?” I asked. She shrugged.
After a while, she was flirting with Greg.
A paperbag appeared and Trish looked at it. There was a note.
This is your 100 million worth of life.
I looked inside and all I saw was a guy’s clothes.

//When I woke up, I checked the time, grabbed my journal, a pen, and started to write it. When I got to the end, the ending sort of made sense. A guy’s clothes. It was all for one guy. It made me think of Four. Was it his? Was he dead? One thing was for sure, I will return in that dream. I will continue that. According to a book, that specializes in dreams, we can go back to any dream we want but it takes a lot of concentration.//


  1. HarHar~ Pati pananginip hinahabol ka ni Raji! hahahaha! :P Sige balikan mo ang dream na yan! Go! Isama mo ko!

    1. Shusko! Nakakabaliw kaya siya. I'm going crazy.


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