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Princess Lolita

Princess Lolita

          Once upon a time, in a far, far way land. There was a Princess named Lolita. She is the most beautiful woman in her Kingdom, she has a skin white as snow, lips the color of an apple, brown hair, silk as satin, her skin is soft and smooth like doves feathers, she always wear a black dress that ends in her knees, and a little black hat in the top of her head. She was so beautiful, that every prince of other kingdoms, every princesses envy her elegancy, wisdom and beauty.

       Princess Lolita was gathering flowers from here garden when she heard someone shouting. She drops the flowers that she gathered, and hurried to where the voice was. There she saw a man, who was bitten by a snake in the depth of the forest.

       “What are you doing here? You shouldn’t be in the forest. It is very dangerous to be out here” Princess Lolita told the man while helping him stand up. The man was captivated by Lolita’s beauty; he never realized someone can be this beautiful. But then he realized that the witch his town was talking about was her.

The girl who has brown silk hair,
Snow white skin,
Apple colored lips.
Who’s beauty you cannot compete,
Is the one who is born with magic.

              “Get away from me! You’re a witch!” the man screamed, Princess Lolita was dumbfounded at what the man said. What an ungrateful rude man, didn’t he see I’m trying to help him? She thought. “What witch are you talking about? There is no witch here young man, I am Princess Lolita of this kingdom” Princess Lolita told the man irritated, that the man would thought that she was witch.

       “I cannot be mistaken, you are the one who is in the legend” the man told Princess Lolita sternly, believing his town folklore. But the man can’t help but look at the innocent eyes of Princess Lolita, and it was like Love at first sight. He couldn’t believe in what he is feeling. Princess Lolita knew what the man is feeling; it is the same feeling that any other man feels when they look at her eyes. “Don’t! These eyes are cursed, that if any man looks at it they can’t help but to fall in love with me.” Princess Lolita shouted. Feeling depressed that another man has fallen in to the cursed eyes of hers.

       “Come on, let’s go to the castle. So someone can tend to your wounds” Then Princess Lolita helps the man to the castle. For the past few weeks, the man is living under the castle grounds while he heals; he took any opportunity he has to have some time alone with the princess. Long was forgotten about what his town told him about, to be careful about this girl. The Princess can’t help but to fall in love with Alix, it’s the name of the man he found once in the forest. The King was jealous of Alix, for he was too under the cursed, that’s why he didn’t let any man marry his daughter. His own daughter who he loves unconditionally, the servants thought it was sick. That no father should have love his own child; like a woman, not like his child. So the King thought of a plan so that nobody could have the princess even the King itself couldn’t have her.

       Once Princess Lolita woke up, there was nobody in the kingdom. Even Alix was gone. Until she saw a note on the thrown.

Dear Princess,
      You cannot find us, you will be forever alone here in the castle. Your beloved Alix is already dead. I used his blood to write this letter. My dear princess, I’m sorry if I have to do this, I’m really jealous that you love that servant. I love you child like the way I love your mother. I killed her so we can join our love, but sadly, you didn’t fall for me. That’s why nobody has the courage to marry you darling. I kill them when they took my permission. You are mine not theirs. That’s why I let the people leave this kingdom. You will be forever alone until you died.

Truly madly deeply in love with you,
King Austin

      After 15 years, someone found her dead. But she was still crying blood not water. So the people who found her called her.

The Princess who cried blood until she died and is still crying.


  1. Actually totoo yan but nilagyan ko ng konting fiction :)
    Tinry ko lang xD

  2. nagustuhan ko ang story lalo na yung sa ending. medyo nasaktan lang ang mata ko sa font na ginamit mo beb XD

    1. hahahaha :) sorry nag hanap ako ng bagay sa acient times na font :3


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