Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shadow: Part Three

Part Three
By: WisdomDeath/Four
            That night, Athena was once again haunted by a dream but it’s different this time. It was her new biggest fear, Louis leaving her.

            In her dream, she was standing stiffly and Louis was in front of her.
I don’t love you.” Louis said to her.
            She was crying too much that she can’t even speak. Louis asked their King to turn him human because he found out that she was in love with him but why was he leaving her?
            Louis walked away from her and that was the moment that she woke up all of a sudden, crying. Right beside her was Louis, sleeping while hugging her.
            She can’t stop crying because the thought of Louis leaving her makes her cry even more. The nightmares before were no match for this new one. She can’t bear to think that Louis might leave her and she’ll be alone once again.
            She hugged Louis tightly as if making sure that he is still there and not just her hallucination.
            Louis’ eyes fluttered open and right in front of him was Athena, crying while hugging him tightly.
“Do you want me to die?” he asked.
            Athena was startled and broke the hug.
“Why are you crying?” Louis asked as he brushed away the few strands that were blocking his girlfriend’s pretty face.
“The nightmare?” he asked again.
“Y-Yes? Well, a new one.” She answered.
“A new one? What is it all about?” he asked.
“Y-You left me. Y-You told me you don’t love me then left me.” She stammered.
“I would never do that. Never.” He said then hugged her gently.
“Really?” she asked then pouted.
“Of course.” Louis said then smiled and gave her a peck on the lips.
            Louis never planned to hurt Athena. Leaving her is like committing suicide. No girl had made his heart beat unconditionally the way Athena did. He is not that handsome but he knew that he can give Athena all his love.
“L-Louis.” She stammered.
“Yes?” he asked then smiled.
            Louis was waiting for the following words. He was expecting to hear the enchanting words once again from her lips.
“I am sleepy.” She said.
            He was disappointed because it wasn’t the ones he was expecting.
“Ohh.” He said.
“I love you.” She added.
            She laughed as she saw Louis’ face that looked like the world fell on him.
“I love you more.” He said then hugged her.
            Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Weeks. Months. It all passed in a blur and they were happy with each other’s’ company. Athena finally lost the nightmare she had but there were nights wherein she had those nightmares again and sometimes, her nightmare were all about Louis leaving her.
            A year passed and Athena’s parents were getting weak. Jeremiah, Athena’s father asked Louis a favor.
“Louis, won’t you still get married?” he asked, making it sound like a joke.
“I have thought of it, sir. “ Louis answered.
“Then let there be a wedding, before I leave this world.” He said.
When the doctor permitted him to leave, the wedding went on. Actually, there were two weddings. One in the mortal world, and one in the Shadow Realm.
In the Shadow Real, Athena saw how everything was plain. It was fine to her. It was one of the reasons why Louis appreciates even the littlest things, he didn’t have that much when he was growing up. There were no colors.  There was just darkness.
“I will continue painting colors in your world, I wouldn’t let it be black and white for you. I’ll be here for you the way you did but not because I feel the need to return the favor but because I love you. I love you forever, Louis.” It wasn’t much of a vow but it was what she could promise as of the moment.
“You would be safe with me. I won’t leave the way I did before. No matter how many times you push me away, I wouldn’t leave. I will stay because I love you. And we don’t leave the people we love.” That was Louis’.
They didn’t promise a lot to cover up a whole sheet of paper but it was enough to cover up the holes in their heart. More promises will be made along the way.
It was just the beginning of their happy ever after.


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