Sunday, July 28, 2013

Close to Goodbye [POEM]

"Close To Goodbye"
By AegyoDayDreamer

Cold sweat, feeling upset.
Losing ground,
On being crowned.
Smiling, an acting pose,
Ending is coming close.

Today's astray, gold turning grey
Out and away, and there I stay.

Goodbye I imply
Outcry till I die
Oddly enough
Done with a bluff.
Broken to the core.
Yesterday's amour,
Endless no more.

This past few days, I am feeling restless and unhappy. So depressed and lonely. Thoughts of goodbye are haunting me and so I decided to write a poem about it.  //Feeling emo si Aegyo


  1. your so great. your one of my fave authors esp. at wattpad -yanna (kaname ko po yung sa wizards tale niu po)

  2. aNg gaLing Mu guMwa ng pOem atEy,,,


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