Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things I Want To Do [POEM]

"Things I Want To Do"
By AegyoDayDreamer

I want to turn your tears into a smile,
See you feeling happy in your own style.
I want to give peace when you're in a war,
To make you look up and reach for that star.

I want to see all your dreams coming true,
And change your mood when you are feeling blue.
I want you to know this feelings of mine,
Feel what I feel in every single line.

I want to believe that there's you and me,
Stay close together 'coz we're meant to be.
These are all the things that I want to do,
'Coz for me you're perfect, and I love you.


  1. Replies
    1. ahaha, i love you more! lels~
      mga inlove eh noh?

    2. in-love din ako ngaun idol kaya naka-ud ako .. haha!!

  2. mabEnta pO aNg i LOve yOu kYa mkiKi-i LoVe yOu tOo diN aq atEy,,, hwAhihi,,,

  3. I love you po! hehehe ^_^ Ang galing galing galing galing galing nyo po talaga Ms. Author!
    Ang ganda ganda ganda po ng Wizards Tale *O* I'm the happiest reader after all, Yipey!
    Sana may Wizards Tale 4 :D


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