Friday, April 5, 2013

Pretty? She's a Gang Leader - Prologue

a/n ;First of all ,ang story po na ito ay hindi akin. Ipopost ko lang dito ^_^ .It's my bestfriend story! Super love ko tong story na to kay iseshare ko sa inyo. Yun lamang po! Comment ha! : 


I was just a simple but terrifying girl back then, until I was chosen to lead a Gang. Even though it’s none of my business I accepted it. Did I even have a choice?

I can’t leave the gang alone. I know how they rumbled on sheets of beds at the gang house. How can I even leave these kids? But…… I need to have a life.

Our Gang is under the incorporation of Midnight Express. They guide us. They set battles for the gangs. They benefit us together with the disadvantages. 

At the campus, I am known to be the Fierce Girl. Well our family owns the school anyway.  I am the rule. I am followed. I will never be punished unless----


Well, that’s my grandpa. I don’t know why he always blames that stuff on me. -.- Pag nagresign ako kagad? Tss. It wasn’t my fault why teachers leave.  Wasn’t I? Or Was I?

Mataray ako. Matapang ako. Hinde man ako pala-mura pero nag-mumura den naman ako. I’m the type of person you don’t want to mess up with.

I’m good at racing. I’m not that good in fighting but I know how to, well Gang Fights include Brain, and I have it. Mautak ako.>:D

I am Rank 3. Because I’m Pretty, I am secretly the Gang Leader. ;)

 I  am enjoying life then suddenly

“You are going to meet your fiancée soon.”

Oh wait, did I mention that my fiancée is Rank 1?

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