Saturday, January 19, 2013

I Found Him [One-Shot]

I Found Him

By: WisdomDeath (Four)

Crying, I realized how much it hurts to be left–again. I was broken–again. I am the girl who got her heart broken a dozen of times by different guys and just didn’t give up on love. I still believed what my mother had told me before, “There will be the right guy who would never leave you.” And just now, I was thinking of giving up.

My hand was clenched to the fist and my fingernails were digging to my skin and it hurt but not as much as what I was feeling. My eyes caught a glimpse of that heart figurine he gave me last Valentines’ Day–it was a red heart figurine with our names written in the perfect calligraphy I have never seen before. My hand was trembling as I ran my fingers to its perfect shape. I fell on my knees, crying. The tears were falling like a water­fall. No matter how hard I tried to stop the tears, I just can’t–I’m not strong enough.

I managed to stand up as I sob. I was standing in front of a mirror; I stared at my weak reflection. My shoulders were slumped to my side, my eyes were swollen with all the crying I was doing, my cheeks were wet with tears, my hands at my side were trembling, and my long, black hair was fixed in a messy bun.

I heard the door opened, I was still staring at the mirror and I saw you walk towards me. I thought I was hallucinating but when I turned, I saw you standing and I were frozen. My mouth shivered as I tried to use my words and say something to you.

You walked towards me and you welcomed my small, shivering body to your warm hug. I cried harder out of sadness or maybe happiness that you came back. “Y-You’re back.” my voice broke but I finally found the words I was longing to say from the moment I saw you on my doorway.

“I realized that I could be anywhere I want to but it’s better to be beside you.” he said as he rubbed his hand on my back.

A faint smile appeared on my lips. He pushed me gently and wiped my tears away. “Don’t cry.” he said “I will never leave you. Screw Australia. I’d rather be here, with the most beautiful girl in the world than in Australia with those kangaroos and koalas.” he said with a soft laugh.

I give up. And that’s only because I have found the guy who could be anywhere he wants to but chose to be with me instead.


  1. aWw, iTs so sWeet atEy,,, i LOve iT,,, at aNg gLing mu maG-eNgLish,,, wAhehE,,, d beSt!!!

  2. super likey ko to!!! feel na feel ko ang kadramahan nya!! hahaha,emotera kasi ako.. nice one!.. ngayon,nasasanay na ako.. hndi na ako masyadong nosebleed when it comes to your stories.. hahah..

    i mean,he's totally sweet!!!!


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