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Huntress: Chapter 1

”First Suspect”  

I went down on my knees and felt the cold breeze surrounding the silence. She’s Chanel Cruz, my 4-years younger half-sister who died 4 years ago and hadn’t given a fair justice.
I was in States nang maka-received ako ng small package containing pictures and documents. Geez, hella stunned after I read at all the letter of the strange witness whom happened to hide his identity. Stated that he knew the 5 persons who hit my sister after the night she went from a coffee shop. He witnessed these five men got off the car to check if my sister still alive. Probably, the witness was studying at the same school where he was but rather kept silence because he knew these men where high profile and can ditch a life.
I put BLUE ROSES down her grave.
I felt warmth in my eyes and I couldn’t hold back tears starting to burst out.
Anyone blames me if I'm a spoiled brat back in States? Ex-lover of a gang leader and involved to countless bitch stuff.  I know I'm funk, adventurous, fearful, witty, feisty and vengeful which Ulysses always describe me!  Would he blame me when he taught me everything? Mastered in martial arts, taekwondo, soft gun, sharp-shooting, kick-boxing, horseback-riding and other his activities.Life’s hella fun and crazy! We were like action figures chasing by cops. Kaya eto ko ngayon, pinatapon sa Pinas. Kung bakit ba kase, nadadawit pa ‘ko sa drug case ng ex ko. Tss, my mom and dad who’s based there dumped me here.

My tears rolled down my face. I wiped it.
‘’Rotten coward brat! Did he just swallow his tongue? After 4 years, ngayon lang sya nagsalita? What would I fvckin do to these pictures and profiles? Mom and Dad wouldn’t bother to file a case yet they’ll just think it a crap. ’’ Galit si mom sa lahat ng involved sa other woman ni Dad kaya tsak hindi nyako papaboran. And about dad, matagal na nyang tinalikuran yung past nya since ayaw na nyang pagsimulan pa ng galit between them.
‘’I’m really pissed off! No cars, no gangs, no chasing cops, no malicious stuff.. Ahhh…. Gusto kong bumalik sa States!!!’’ I whined. Sorry sa peaceful spirits dito sa Manila Cathedral. Thankful, walang tao. Binuksan ko ulet yung envelop na galing sa Mr.Witness.
Pictures and profiles are here.
1. Atom Trey- Celebrity, Commercial Model, Trey Telecom Ambassador..
2. Wess Chan – Filipino-Chinese son of great investors of chain restaurants in Asia. (Taekwondo, Fencing, )
3. Lydon Yap- CEO son of Taipei International Bank. 3-Time MVP, Starplayer, Sharpshooting, Extreme Sports..
4. Edge Bang - Sports Car Enthusiast, International Racing Competitor
5. Kyx Lloyd – COO son of Oil Mining Company in Dubai, 
All these men are son of politicians. High-profile, school’s celebrity, intimidating, spoiled, wealthy. Hell holy crap.. Kill the @sses of these murderers? I can’t be like that. Am I not that powerful to send them in jail yet I should have been a daughter also of a politician. Sorry to say, laws in the Philippines are being messed up.
If only I could invite them Mafia Venomous here in Pinas, chasing these five people was like as playing RPG Games.
No wonder as easy as escaping NYPD. Tracing serial codes, encrypt messages. Bruising eyes during gangfights of different nationalities-Germans, Mexicans, Hawaiians. Even operating in CCTV room. Geez! I was not in my home! I miss you New Hudson!
‘’Anyway, para san pa natutunan kong kalokohan,hehe.. Mom and Dad are losers! A brat is still a brat! No matter where I go. I brag it in vengeance alone.’’ I whispered through gritted teeth. Para ko na ring sinabing, I’m not that worth it to be a member, if I couldn’t stand by myself alone. I stood up gracefully.
‘’Good bye, ate. Hindi ko alam kung anong kaya kong gawin. I’m not an assassin. I’m not powerful. If only I could put in my hand the justice you should have. Pero susubukan ko pa rin..’’ Sumakay nako sa’king newly bought black Ducati 848 EVO. Maraming gumugulo sa isip ko. Sinuot ko na yung helmet at patuloy sa pag-iisip. Inistart ko na yung engine. Should I do the same stuff I left in States?

I drove fast. Fvck off!! Traffic sucks! A billboard of well-known clothing line just caught up my attention. Atom Trey?
Wait. He resembles the guy in the documents and even sounding his name alike. Could it be-? While the traffic light is still in red, I open up the folder.

Atom Trey - 23, son of CEO parents owning numerous chains of restaurants. Commercial model (magazines/billboards)/ actor/appeared cameo roles in the big screen. He’s turned off with gays.
Beep!! Beep!! Beep!!
‘’Hoy! bulag ka ba? Kanina pa green light!’’ sigaw nung matandang driver ng van sa likod ko.
Beep!! Beep!!
I’m thinking about this photo. Was that billboard guy (AtomTrey) the one I seated beside in the plane? The freaking he was!
Beep!! Beep!!
I came back into my senses. I turned my head back to the old man who keeps blowing horn. I’ve thrown an evil look to this dirty old man.
‘’Fcuk you! ** dirty finger** Sindihan mo na van mo old man!’’
Vrooom!! Vroom!! Vroooooooommmm!!! I hit my wheels fast. Wait? The guy in the billboard was the perv na nakatabi ko sa eroplano ah!
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard Flight CA7 with service from USA to Philippines. We are currently third in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air approximately seven minutes time. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments. We also ask that your seats and table trays are in the upright position for take-off. Please turn off all personal electronic devices, including laptops and cell phones. Smoking is prohibited for the duration of the flight. Thank you for choosing Scmidtz Airlines. Enjoy your flight." FA said. So finally, I’m back to my land.

‘’What’s your drink ma’am and sir?’’ Stewardess offered. The guy wearing shades and tight black coat who’s sitting beside me scanned this sexy stewardess from head to feet. I’m sitting near the window while reading the April issue Vogue mag.
‘’Have me a glass of red wine please.’’ He slid down his shades and winked to this woman. I could probably read what the hell this man was thinking because his eyes pinned on the stewardess huge tits. Kulang na lang hawakan nya kung wala lang tao.

‘’Hey, can I ask you one thing?’’ Nag hand gesture yung guy para ilapit ng stewardess yung tenga nya sa guy.
‘’Don’t be loud later at the back door, babe.’’ And smooch. He stole a kiss on her cheek. Doing a scenario? Duh. I thought making out in the plane of a passenger and a stewardess was only common in States. But hearing this male passenger right going to Philippines was quite not typical. Filipinos can’t be like that. Oh, I might be wrong, he looks foreign? British? German? Tourist only perhaps?

Manslut and a whore in the plane. Aren’t they feeling ashamed to some passengers flying back to Philippines? What if they caught? I still have the blood of Filipino and almost adjusted in New Hudson citizens but going back to my land is another story and I know what a Filipina mannerisms should I keep intact. Kahit slight conservative lang.
‘’Maniac!’’ I whispered as I covered my face this Vogue magazine. Keeping myself busy, I feel like I’ll throw up.
‘’Excuse me?’’ He said. Oh, oh. narinig yata ko. Umalis na yung stewardess. Ibinaba nya yung magazine na naka-cover sa muka ko. He looked at me closely. Naka-shades sya. His facial features are quite perfect for a Greek god. Filipino kaya toh? I bet not. Thick eyebrows, towering nose, luscious lips and sexy jaw-lines tas may newly grown beard sya but still maniac.
‘’Better keep drooling. Stupid virgin.’’ He whispered and sipped the red wine. What the? What did he just call me?
’’Excuse me, aren’t that kinda behaviour supposed to be done off work?’’ I said. Continue sipping.
‘’Hindi to, hotel’’ I whispered, hindi naman nya maiintindihan. Foreigner eh. He slid out his glass and fell off my lap. Arghhhh.. What the fcuk! My Prada coat! Stupid @sshole!
‘’What the hell you just did!’’ I quickly wiped my coat bago pa tuluyang mag-absorb yung wine.
‘’Don’t meddle like a mother to a child! Go wipe it!’’ inabot nya yung hankie.
‘’Suck it up!’’ ibinato ko sa muka nya yung panyo. Holy Crap! That @sshole! Nagtiginan yung ibang passengers and before the stewardess cared to reach us, eh  dumiretso nako sa cr para linisin toh. How unlucky I was sitting with him! Fcuk off! Pinunasan ko yung coat ko. Pagbalik ko,I brought a glass of lemon juice. There you go. Ibinuhos ko sa dibdib nya.
‘’Man. We’re even now!’’ I fearlessly said while still standing.
‘’Holy shit! My coat!’’ He stood and took off his shades.
‘’Excuse me, ma’am and sir, any problem?’’ Stewardess asked. Passengers were eyeing on us and they recognized who’s I’m with this freak guy.
‘’Is he Atom Trey, the one whose billboard in EDSA?’’ Girl 1 said.
‘’Oh yeah! Lucky to be in the same flight!’’ Girl 2 said.
‘’Oh, could it be her rumoured girlfriend sitting beside him?’’ Girl 3 said. Freak  gossipers! Bakit ba nila kame pinagbubulungan? Kung wala lang kami sa plane baka binalian ko na ng braso tong manslut nato. 
‘’Nope, a matter of lovers’ quarrel only.’’ He answered the stewardess and he wore back his shades. Inakbayan nya ko paupo at sa bigla ko, I pulled off his right arm  para i-twist pero na out of balance ako at napaupo sa lap nya, bridal style. Fcuk, what’s this hard thing?!  Argh!!
‘’Pervert jerk!’’ Tinakpan nya yung bibig ko.
‘’Dammit! Wag ka ngang gumawa ng eskandalo dito!’’ he whispered habang takip pa rin yung bibig ko. Nagtatagalog pala.
‘’I am adfwmnfewasd !’’ Takip nya yung bibig ko. Dammit!
‘’Pinagtitinginan na tayo ng mga tao.’’ He said. I came back to my seat. Tinanggal nya yung coat nyang nabasa. Naka-white tight t-shirt sya and I could see how his toned chest and perfect abs na medyo natapunan ng lemon juice. Model-figure nga, bastos naman!
‘’And who’s maniac between us now?’’ He grinned.
‘’Jesus. Don’t be conceited. It’s just a quick look. Stupid manwhore.’’ I quickly averted my eyes off him. Napatingin lang kaya ako.

‘’Anyway, I know that girl(stewardess) personally, it’s just that I can’t--’’ He said.
‘’Shut the fvck up! Wala kong planong makinig sayo kung sino ka man. Stupid stranger’’ I said.
‘’Fine,  ang boring mo kasing katabe.’’ He smirked. Boring? Did I even know him?
‘’What the hell, are you expecting every passenger you’ve seated beside will entertain you, like hello? What do you think of yourself?’’ I said in annoyance.
‘’I’m thinking every girl passenger dies to sit beside me.’’ He said while gesturing me to look those girl passengers. Andaming girls.
‘’See? Unfortunately, today I was unlucky seated beside a boring blonde girl engrossed on that Vogue mag.’’ He bragged smiling. True, I can see those flirt girls eyeing on us. They keep murmuring on us. He’s probably a celebrity siguro in the Philippines? But why he called me boredom? He pisses me off! I clenched my fist.
‘’Damn you! bast@rd!’’ Di nako nakapagpigil, susuntukin ko na sana pero--
‘’HEY, NOT MY FACE! BLONDE!’’ Nasalo ng jerk na to yung fist ko and slowly moved down and gusto yatang i-handshake. I can’t yank off my hand, ang lakas ng arm nya. Hawak pa nya rin left hand ko. He took off his shades. Whew! Gwapong bwiset. Nagpupumiglas ako.
‘’I’m Atom Trey, 23, Manila.’’ He kissed my hand. What the? Bigla ko na lang naalala yung name. Parang kasama sa lists yung name na yun ah, And I heard lately sa mga passengers, billboard? Model? Di pa rin nya binibitawan yung kamay kong kanina lang hinalikan nya, hawak nya pa rin near his lips.. He might be thinking I was charmed sa ginawa nyang pag-iintroduce.  
I pressed his hand. I smiled the sweetest. I looked into his brown eyes. I raised my left eyebrow and--
‘’Talk to the hand’’ I said. Ouch.
‘’Acckk! Marr mawwt! @%&!!!’’ Cupping his mouth. Oh, blood?
‘’Are you okay sir?’’ Stewardess dashed quickly to our seat. I quickly wore my shades and headset on. Tumagilid ako facing the window. Accckk!! It fvckin hurts too!!
**End of Flashback**

‘’Sorry ah, nadoble yata ng  milligrams ng sleeping capsule sa tequila mo. ’’ I said laughing off the face of sleeping Atom Trey. Flashforward, naka-check in kami sa hotel with my frend and this pervert Atom Trey.
I can still remember how devilish those looks at the first time we’ve met in plane and now I’m closer to look this face feeling his smooth skin, long eyelashes, towering nose and thick eyebrows. So , I am that lucky pa pala, na-take out ko yung isa sa pinakasikat na grupo sa Manhattan University.
 I and  my Brazilian friend Granaia laid down Atom Trey in the bed. Granaia unbuttoned his white polo. Oh, oh. *drools* Toned chest, eight pack abs. My eyes were burning hot! When was the last time I’ve touched like those? I missed my babe Uly..

She unzipped his jeans and take off what’s inside.  Alam mo na, she can make it out alone working. Ayoko ng ikwento pa yung ibang details baka hindi ako makapagpigil ako na gumawa. I was setting everything inside this hotel room of ours while she’s busy making out with the sleepyhead. Bahala na sya sa gusto nya. She can’t even talk to me ‘cause her mouth is full.
 “Quite cool Nana, taking this billboard guy to your place where you can make horrible things clean.’’ She chuckled as she kept sucking his manhood, biting the tip like a hunger baby sucks milk.
‘’What’s for being the heiress of our hotel when I can’t manage it on my own?’’ I went in the bathroom and set the horrible plan. Before we came up here. Dumiretso nako sa security room, sa information desk, yung checking in and the relativity of myself para hindi ako makilalang heiress nito.
‘’What’s for being the heiress of our hotel when I can’t manage it on my own?’’ I went in the bathroom and set the horrible plan. Before we came up here. Dumiretso nako sa security room, sa information desk, yung checking in and the relativity of myself para hindi ako makilalang heiress nito. She’s busy playing around his b@lls. Gift ko na lang yun sa friend ko since successful yung favour ko sa kanya.
40 minutes ago.. 
We followed him until we ended up in an exclusive bar. Most probably, high profiles yung pumupunta dun saka rich. I asked Granaia na lapitan si Atom sa wine cellar, entertain him, flirt him and secretly put the sleeping capsule sa drinks.
‘’Hadn’t you reached climax? ’’ I smiled evilly to Granaia while I was in the bathroom,may hinahanap kasi ako.
‘’Ooooohhh… I’m…I’m cumminnnnnnngggggggggggg’’ Granaia teasingly moaned.
 ‘’Gross, take your time.’’ I said. Kahapon sa school, sa parking lot,walang katao-tao, habang pinapark ko yung black Ducati 848 EVO ko nakita ko yung 2 magkasunod na kotse.

Beep beep! Beep beep!
‘’Fvck off! Hindi ka ba sanay magpark at nagde-dekotse ka pa?’’ Atom habang binubusinahan yung nagda-drive na guy sa unahan.
‘’Hayaan mo na sya babe, ganyan talga kaarte magdrive yung mga juding.’’ Girl na katabi nya.
‘’What? ju-ding?’’ Atom asked.

‘’Gay.’’ Girl said. Mabagal talaga magpark yung gay na parang first time pa lang, freshman lang yata. sa galit ni Atom, lumabas sya sa Black Matte Hummer nya at kung anu-anong insulto ang sinabi nya sa gay.
‘’Stupid Gay Driver! Easy parking you can’t? Anu bang alam nyo lang gawin? Magkulot? Makipagsex? Magmakeup?’’ Atom madly said habang sinisipa yung tire ng kotse.
‘’Pasensya na po Mr.Trey, hindi na mauulit.’’ Gay terribly said. Takot na takot na hindi makatingin kay Atom. Lahat ng nag-i-study sa Manhattan kilala ang all male group nila Atom as the leader, lima sila pero nasa abroad yung isa. So the group is composed of Atom, Wess, Edge and Lydon. All attentions nakukuha nila, parang nabuhay ang legendary F4 sa personality nila. They got it all, looks, wealth, power,women and rights.

‘’Hindi na talaga mauulit dahil lilipat ka na ng school.’’ Atom said in a cold tone.
’Pero, po--’’ Takot na takot niyang sagot.
‘’No more buts, this is not a school of gaysluts. O baka gusto mong ako pa umubos dyan sa kilay mo.’’ Dinuro ni Atom yung kilay nung gay na halos mapatingala na. Naka-align yung kilay ng gay na  parang babae saka nilagyan ng eyebrow pencil.
Nagtago lang ako sa Porsche na nakapark at pinakinggan yung eksenang yun. Ganito pala kasama tong Atom nato. Masama nga talaga ugali nya, sa pasilip-silip kitang kita ko kung pano nya pinahiya yung walang kalaban labang gay freshman. Mahal ko pa naman ang mga gay community, mas maloko nga lang sila at saksakan ng horny kaya ako natuto ng kagaguhan sa States. 
Nagkataon lang na mas pinili ko na lang tumahimik dito sa sulok. After 3 days, bihira ko ng makita yung gay na yun. Nalaman ko na lang na nagfile na ng dropping form yun. Tsk, napakahinang bata.Nagi-guilty ako, wala akong nagawa.
**End of Flashback**

‘’I’m finished!’’ Granaia yelled like an elementary student done seatwork. She wore back her undies and dress.
‘’Oh, tawagin mo na yung kambal mo.’’ I said with an evil grin at my face. I’m so naughty tonight.
‘’Christopher, it’s your turn baby!’’ Granaia said.

[Manhattan School]
The school of riches, luxury, powerful, elegance what more can I say. Sa pagka-high end ng building, maitutulad mo sa school sa States. Ang laki ng width and exclusive school for sons and daughters of riches.
Tama yung details sa witness document, connected lahat. The 5 suspects are studying here, iba’t iba sila ng interests at courses.  Kilalang grupo, kinatatakutan, tinuturing na gems ng school. Dito na rin ako nag-enrol, Business Administration course ko.
Oh, by the way hindi niya pala  ako mamumukaan ng Atom na yun, nagpa-extension ako ng buhok hanggang waist and dyed it black. Yung sa plane kasi, hanggang nape lang with bangs at blonde. Meron pang pink highlights. Yeah, funk rebel talaga ang look.
I’m living with my cousin Wynwyn whose taking BS Computer Science 3rd year. Ayoko dun sa hotel namin.

‘’Wynwyn, remember CS Bldg Room 333, Press the black and green button then press pause. Unplug the yellow cable tas palitan mo ng green.’’ I said habang nasa rooftop.
‘’I got it! Kinakabahan ako sa pinapagawa mo saken, panu kung hindi sya lumabas sandale?’’ Wynwyn said on the next line.
‘’Chill, bago nya pirmahan yang memorandum na iaabot mo, babasahin pa nya yan and that’s the time I’ll make up a phonecall. Got it?’’ I said.
‘’Pati number nya nalaman mo?’’ Wynwyn asked.
‘’Wag ka ng matanong.’’ I said.
‘’Ok, okay! Basta ibigay mo saken yung nude shower video ng crush ko ah!’’ Wynwyn laughed.
‘’Sure.’’ I said. Pareho nga lang pala ng standards yung monitoring machine sa school at yung sa hotel kaya kabisado ko. And when Wynwyn made it, that’s the cue to get inside the faculty room of computer science department. Since naka-CCTV cam sila, hindi sila aware sa  kung sinumang intruder ang papasok dun.
 Nasa locked glass cabinet yung lists of usernames and passwords at iba pang security codes. Swerte ko lang, nasa table lang nakalagay at nakahalang. I took photos of them and left. And voila! No less than a minute. 
 8am ang start ng class sa Computer Science Bldg 3rd floor room 333, dito nagkaklase yung ugok na Atom na yun Monday and Thursday 8-10am and 1-3pm And sa Thursday, masusurprise ka baby boy!


Teka nasan ako? Ang sakit ng ulo ko, wala kong maalalang nagpunta ko sa kwartong to. Nasan na yung Braziliang cap D, ni hindi ko man lang natikman, peste.
Naka-topless lang ako, jeans at ano tong BLUE ROSE na nakaipit sa zipper ng jeans ko?
Wala naman akong matandaang binigyan ng BLUE ROSE ah?
Anu bang katar@ntaduhan to?
Blue rose??
Fcvk! Bumangon ako, tinapon ko yung blue rose na yun.
Nagriring yung phone ko.
 Pagtingin ko sa phone,
Christopher Babes Calling……
 Shit! Anung wallpaper to!  Naitapon ko bigla yung iPhone 5 ko.
T@nginang wallpaper yan! Nakakadiri! Sino bang nagsetup sakin dito?
Bakit may picture akong kahalikan yang foreigner na yan!
Teka, yung Brazilian babe sa bar at yung bakla sa wallpaper ay--

Punyet@! Sya siguro yung nagdala sakin dito!
Bakla ampota.
Pagtingin ko sa mirror, may lipstains
“U’ve fcvked my behind the deepest! *kisses* Lovelots, Xtofer‘’
Put@ngina talaga! Kadire! Sa galit ko sinuntok ko yung salamin. Malaman ko lang kung sino kang bakla ka, paduduguin ko talaga nguso mo.
Tiningnan ko yung reflection ko sa basag na salamin.
 Nag-iinit talaga dugo ko!


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