Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Random Share : Aegyo's Pet

Cola Gives No Five
So here's our two year old shih-poo named Cola. On the video, my younger sister is playing with her on the couch. I ask my sister to show us one of Cola's best trick "Give Me Five/High-Five" but she did something else (cuter) that made us all laugh!

Coca Cola is such a spoiled dog =___=


  1. cuteee!!! she is so adorable!!!

    galing nman..

  2. Ginagawa rin yung ng aso ko sakin. :D Palagi siyang nagpapacute kapag nilalambing ko siya. :D


  3. aNg cuTe ni coCa coLa,,, gUstO q riN ng dOg,,, hwAhehe,,,


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