Thursday, October 4, 2012

You Are My Life : Prologue

Author's Note:

HAHA!! Di pa rin talaga 'to maiiwasan. XD Oh well. Book 2 po ito ng MyBorrowedLove. Haha! May nagrequest eh. XD Tsaha gusto ko rin. Hehe. 


GENRE : Romance, Action, Adventure, Humor, Reincarnation, Newlife

P R O L O G U E :

Whenever you cry for someone, it symbolizes love. 

Love that even the most fearless guy gets afraid whenever his girl left him for awhile.

This Girl will be Loved.

This Guy will be Loved.

 They Love each other.

But What if... 

What if someone's trying to obstruct their romance?

Someone that will never stop ruining their relationship unless there's a big reason for this someone not to tamper their relationship AGAIN.

Will this Someone stop after knowing the Big Reason? What if he will not stop even if he already know the Reason?

~~ More Matured Scenes, More Thrills, More Conflicts. Etc. ~~



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  1. ~angel is luv~

    what! bakit may reincarnation sa genre? don't tell me mabubuhay si mathhew!! paano na si martin? exciting ito author!


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