Sunday, October 28, 2012

Unbreakable Spell: RACES

:R A C E S:
Anime Version

                    Holding unlimited potential, Newtar are similar to humans, but truly a different race. They can be found all across the world, and are known for continuing to look young. They were once great figures in history, but their origins elude us

                    Cognite prefer not to intermingle with the other races, and enjoy Alchemy and Ancient History. It's been said that they draw the attention of corrupt shopkeepers with their good looks. The Cognite possess great passion and beautiful voices, fascinating many who watch them dance.

                   Officially known as Elcapmonia, they are commonly referred to as Elmony. They prefer quiet places like Forests and Rivers and are known to be a gentle and cheerful race. They seem to be hiding some supernatural abilities, but no one is certain.

                 Contrary to their courageous appearance, they are tender hearted and prefer not to fight. However, occasionally, when their emotions explode, the demonstrate an unstoppable ferocity. Because of memories of the war between races long ago, they seem to be afraid of Elmony.

                 In addition to these, many other races exist: from the descendants of the ancients, the Mora Clan; the race of fish people who rule over the caverns of water, the Ixion Tribe; and other original clans to the well-known races like Humans, Ogres, Dwarfs, and Elves.

NOTE: I was inspired by a game so i used these races on my story.


  1. familiar saakin ung anime, hindi ko maalala ko kung saan. pero naalala ko sa QTV ko nakita yan. hahaha!!!


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