Sunday, October 14, 2012

Don't Say Goodbye [FTV]

Disclaimer: This is a short story based on a music video. The characters and the plot are just an adaptation from the song's MV and/or are used as it is. Photos and some of the song's lyrics are also used in some parts of the story. (Bold-Italic type is used if the line is from the lyrics of the song) No copyright infringement intended!!!
Meanwhile, the whole script/dialog is from the author's pure imagination.

“Don't Say Goodbye”
by: DaVichi
Fictional Tagalog Version Written by:


Coco Alvarez
Hazel Lestrange
Regine Ravenclaw

A/N:May nahanap na akong bagong music video,haha! Dahil sa Animax na inspired ako. Jpop sana siya e kaso Kpop ang nahanap ko. Kahit di ko kilala ang singer gawan ko parin ito ng story ang ganda ng video eh. Sana magustuhan niyo.

"I meet you unexpectedly
I love you suddenly
But please don't say goodbye."

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