Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Started A Dream [POEM]

"I Started A Dream"
In celebration of our blog's 1st year Anniversary
Written by : AegyoDayDreamer

I started a dream in one corner
My mind is flying with no border
My thoughts tied in a series of ropes
A joy filled an empty room of hopes.

Then I began to gather some words
A choice to live in different worlds
Story to make, ideas to share
Something to find out if you should dare.

To my surprise, the least expected
Love and attention now extended
Never thought that this wish can come true
But wait for more 'coz I'm not yet through

Because to live like a daydreamer
Is what I will always remember
For when in dreaming, I always strive
And when I strive, my dreams are alive.


  1. Bravo, magnifico!!!!

    Ang galing ng espren ko!!! Aylabyu espren... Aymishu so much na!!!

  2. iTs sO bEauTifuL,,,

  3. happy one year! ang ganda nga ng new blog! i like it!

  4. and with your dream, our dreams came true too!

  5. MORE POWER SA BLOG, SIS A! ^___^ <3

  6. Grabe ikaw na ang idol ko sa pagra-Rhyme Miss Aegyo . :)

  7. ang ganda po:)

  8. ang ganda po:)

  9. Unnie pwede po ba makahingi ng copy nito gagamitin ko po sana para doon sa school project namin. Pwede po ba?

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