Friday, August 24, 2012



By: H-Jae

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[This poem was written last May 23, 2011]

The stars ain't shining when you left;
dark clouds covered it and the black sky wept.
The chaotic atmosphere seemed to asphyxiate me,
as I gazed up above so vexed and my eyes became watery.

I've never been so glum in my whole life,
it's like the feeling being stabbed with hundreds of knives.
How wintry our destiny could be!
It stole the life you've given to me.

Now I feel lost even inside these undefined walls.
All the loneliness inside me only controls.
To have you here with me now is my only wish,
imagining you could wrap me around your arms in solace...

[ Note: Dahil uso ang emo2x noon, emo din ang dating ng mga poems na sinusulat ko =) ]

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  1. uso pa rin naman ang emo ngayon. hahaha..
    ganda talaga ang isang poem kung may pinanghuhugutan!


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