Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My First Kiss at the Eiffel Tower: Episode 3 (Part 2)

(Cassy’s POV)

Gabi. Nandito kami sa bed ko.

“This song is perfect, anak!” Sabi sakin ni mama feeling soooo excited. Mas excited pa yata sya sakin eh, akala mo manonood talaga, di naman L.

Wheeeww!! I’m practicing kasi the song I’m going to perform tomorrow. Oh gosh!!! Tomorrow na nga pala!

“Eh, nak…Sino ba inspiration natin dyan, ha?” Aba aba! Isa pa ‘to si mama, echusera din talaga! Grr! At nag-grin pa! Hmp.

“Mama, wala po. Eh di naman pwedeng ikaw da ba? Sad song ‘to eh. Saka alam ko namang naaalala mo ako tuwing pasko eh!” Wahahah.

Saka kinurot nya ako.
“Aray naman!”

“And ma, no boyfriend since birth kaya ‘tong kausap mo!” I continued.

“Ay! Oo nga pala…” Umiling sya.

“Bakit di mo kaya subukang maging boyfriend si Andrew?” Sabi ni mama sabay smirk.


Whaaaaaaaaattt??? Si Andrew raw???? Langya talaga ‘to si yaya oh! Siguradong sya na naman may kagagawan nito!

“MA!!!” At lumakas na talaga boses ko.

“Bakit?? Di ba crush mo naman sya? Saka crush ka din nya. Ano bang masama dun?” Ewww si mama ba ‘tong kausap ko?

Hmp. Di na ako kumibo. Kinuha ko nalang ang guitar ko dun sa may sulok.

“Saka anak, you’re 18 na. Pwede ka ng mag-boyfriend.” Then inakbayan ako ni mama pagkaupo ko sa bed ko.

“Eh mama…di pa naman sya nanliligaw eh!” I said while strumming my guitar.

“WHAT?!” Gosh! Nagulat ako sa lakas ng boses nya!

“Bakit di pa sya nanliligaw?” Tanong nya with a face like 0_0!

“Ewan! Malay ko ba??” Saka strum na naman ako…

“Hayy naku Cassy! Basta sinasabi ko na sayo ha na pwede ka ng mag-boyfriend ngayon. PERO,” Ni-emphasize nya talaga ang PERO ano?

“…wag na wag masyado lumandi kundi lagot ka talaga sakin!”

Nyaaah!!! Anu akala ni mama sakin? Malanding babae? Nak ng tokneneng naman!

To end our conversation, tumango nalang ako. “Opo.” Saka yumuko. Grr! Kainis much.

Saka tumayo na sya at lumabas sa room ko. She locked the door and I put my guitar beside me while humiga ako.


Bukas, ano nga ba talaga ang mangyayari?
Aisshh! Bahala na nga. Ligawan man ako ni Andrew o hindi, it’s fine with me. Basta na-excite na ako ng over over sa Paris vacation namin ni mama. Kyaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Four days to go nalang!!! I’m screaming inside! Wooh! Super duper ever excited na talaga!

(Zev’s POV)

After I smashed my drum set and my guitar on the wall, I threw away Mischa’s photo frame with all my force.

Smashed!!! My music room is ruined. Everything is broken. My heart is broken as well.
I took a deep breath.


Who’s this guy following him???

“Bonjour Zev!” (Hello Zev!) Mischa gave me her sweetest smile.

“Salut…” (Hi…) I faked a smile. Seing her with someone else made my heart burst.

“Comment êtes-vous? Il a été longtemps le droit?” (How are you? It’s been a long time right?) She held my right hand…my shivering hand.

“Ouais ... ça a été une longue période. “ (Yeah…it’s been a long time.) I looked away. I didn’t want to look at her!

“Est-ce que ça va?” (Are you alright?) She asked curiously.

“Yeah.” I nodded and then smiled…trying my best to pretend that I’m fine.

She tapped my left shoulder.

“Soit dit en passant, ce n'est Daniel.” (By the way, this is Daniel.) I felt the excitement in her voice while she smiled.

I remained quiet.

“Bonjour Zev! Je suis son petit ami ...” (Hello Zev! I am her boyfriend…)

WHAAAT??? As fast as 2 months???

Daniel then lifted his right hand trying to shake it with me but I declined.

I looked at the two of them. They seemed so happy together. All in a sudden, I lost all my hopes…

Now. We’re inside Le Jules Verne. Mischa then ordered foods for the three of us.

This is so damn awkward you know? How can I eat in this kind of scenario???
I wasn't at ease.

I felt suffocated! Arrrgghh! This is f****ng b*llsh*t!

If she just knew how excited I was today! That I really waited for this day to come and confess to her that I still love her! But sh*t!


When the food was finally set, Mischa and Daniel started eating. They looked so sweet and it made me feel so…

So damn jealous!

Although the scene was quite uncomfortable to me, but my stomach starved so I ate a little.

Then an evil thought striked my mind suddenly!

“Mish…” I stared at her.

“Yes? Y at-il quelque chose de mal Zev ?” (Is there something wrong Zev?)

Should I tell her in front of her NEW boyfriend?

“Ahmm… puis-je vous parler pendant une minute? (can I talk to you for a minute?) I hope it’s fine with Daniel…” I never hesitated.

“Sure…no problem.” Daniel smiled at me.

Outside Le Jules Verne.

“Zev…” She started the conversation coz I remained silent for about 2 minutes. I did not know how to start.

“Je savais que vous attendiez pour cette journée ...” (I knew you’ve been waiting for this day…) She continued.

“I’m glad you knew…but Mischa…”

She suddenly hugged me. And when our bodies parted…

“I’m sorry Zev but… Je ne t'aime plus.” (I don’t love you anymore.”) A tear fell from her eyes.

“…est-il bien si nous allons être amis? Juste pour être amis?” ( …is it alright if we’ll be friends? Just friends?) I deeply knew the sincerity of her voice.



“Okay…” I said. Fortunately, I managed to hide my real expression.


Tears started to fall from my eyes…

I shook my head. Trying to keep calm.
Then I got my laptop.
I turned it on.

I typed Google.

Then: “Countries best for vacation” then I clicked Search.

Afterwards, I called dad.


Calling Dad…

On the other line. “Bonjour!” It’s dad…answering my call.

“Je vais le papa demain aux Philippines. Bye.” (I’m going to the Philippines tomorrow dad. Bye.)

“WHAT???” Dad’s voice was intelligible.

And call ended.

I decided to have a 3-day vacation in the Philippines. According to my research, people there are friendly and nice. The places are amazing too.

Then I booked tickets via online and printed it immediately. Luckily, I can pay it online too through credit card.

I packed my things up. But first, I have to hide my identity. 

So I got my bonnet and shades. I’ll wear them outdoors when I’ll arrive at the Philippines.

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