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My First Kiss at the Eiffel Tower: Episode 3 (Part 1)

Episode 3

(Zev's POV)

I couldn’t wait for the weekend. 

I already agreed to Mischa that we'll have our lunch together at Le Jules Verne.

*Le Jules Verne is a one-star Michelin restaurant that is located on the second level of the most famous monument in France, the Eiffel Tower and as you can no doubt imagine, the views from this restaurant are spectacular.
The fine food is gourmet style and traditional French cuisine, yet it surely is not easy for any chef to cook such fabulous contemporary French food when being so high up and unable to cook with gas within the Eiffel Tower, but somehow Ducasse manages this feat every time.

Info from:*

Today's Thursday and I'm here again in my music room. Lying here in my bed...thinking...reminiscing. I placed my left arm under my head just to feel relaxed. Then I turned on my Ipod and put on my head phone.

Now Playing:

In A Perfect World by Simple Plan
I never could’ve seen this far
I never could’ve seen this coming
Seems like my world’s falling apart


"One Message Received!" Then vibrate.

It's my phone.
Opening SMS.

From: Dad

Reading SMS.

Hey! Comment va votre entreprise là-bas? Est-il bien faire? (Hey! How's your business out there? Is it doing good?)

(Sighed!) Again!!!

Compose message...

Ouais! Ne vous inquiétez pas papa. (Yeah! Don't worry dad.)

Then send.

I felt a bit sleepy and liked to take a nap. But then my phone beeped again.

"One Message Received!" And there goes the vibration. It started to pester me.

I opened my inbox and yeah! It's from dad.

Que diriez-vous vos études? Éviter les absences et le suivi de vos qualités. Votre professeur m'a toujours demandé pourquoi êtes-vous toujours à sauter de classe. J'ai vu vos dossiers, vous avez presque échouer dans certains de vos sujets majeurs! (How about your studies? Avoid absences and follow up your grades. Your professor always asked me why are you always skipping class. I saw your records, you almost fail in some of your major subjects!)

Why is everything so hard
I don’t think I can deal with the things you said
It just won’t go away  

SMS Deleted!
I took a deep breath. I really hate this kind of conversation. The thing that he still treat me like a high school kid or whatsoever really s*cks!!! Arrrggghhhh!!!

I closed my eyes. I decided to sleep but then Mischa's images inserted my disturbed thoughts. And now my thoughts become more disturbed!

I could still remember the sound of her laugh, the smell of her skin, the sparks in her eyes...

Oh come on Zev! "Stop!!!"

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces
But to you
This means nothing
Nothing at all

I used to think that I was strong
Until the day it all went wrong
I think I need a miracle to make it through


"Why I just can't get you out of my mind???"
Then I screamed as loud as I could. "Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH MISCHA!!!"

I got up from bed. Got my sticks and sat in front of my drum set. I did rolls! Rolls! And rolls!!!

"Whoahhh!" I'm sweating now and suddenly I felt a little relief.

My eyes then took a glance at my mini Mischa's photo which I put inside a frame with Spongebob design beside my laptop... She loved Spongebob! ^_^ I could still recall how cute she was begging to me to buy a Spongebob stuff toy at   Ave des Champs-Elysées . Tsk! This girl is really driving me crazy!

This was where we went shopping together.
Ave des Champs-Elysées is the most well known shopping street in Paris, although it is now mainly restaurants, cafes, fast food chains, banks, offices and cinemas. However, it is still a place to go with some big store chains and the big Virgin Megastore.
Info from:

I wish that I could bring you back
I wish that I could turn back time
Cuz I can’t let go
I just can’t find my way
Without you I just can’t find my way

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces
But to you
This means nothing
Nothing at all

I don’t know what I should do now
I don’t know where I should go
I’m still here waiting for you
I’m lost when you’re not around
I need to hold on to you
I just can’t let you go


I stood up and walked towards my table. I held the frame. Stared intimately at her photo.
"God! I missed this girl so badly!" Then I closed my eyes.

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces
But to you
This means nothing
Nothing at all
You feel nothing, nothing at all
Nothing at all

(Cassy's POV)

"Si Andrew na naman!" Aba si yaya Abby kung umasta daig pa ang nanay ko ah!
Oo. Tama ang narining Andrew nga. Bakit ba kasi mas lalo syang guma-gwapo this past two weeks? Nagkaka-crush na ba ako sa kanya? Grrrrrrr!!!

No Cassy! Delete! Delete!

Ay hindi.
Wala namang masama mag-view ng pictures sa FB nya di ba? Nyahahaha. Friends na agad kami?

Echusera din kasi itong si yaya eh. Sumusulpot bigla sa likod ko. Di marunong kumatok. Naiinis talaga ako pag ginagawa nya 'to.

"Yaya! Ayan ka na naman eh! Sumusulpot bigla! Bakit di ka kumatok?" Sabi ko habang nagsco-scroll down pah.
"Ayoko ko ngang kumatok. Hmf! Ikaw ha...may crush ka na sa school nyo. Ibig ba sabihin nyan magkaka-bf kana? Uyy Cassy..." Tapos kiniliti ako ni yaya. Nak ng tinapa naman oh! Di ko alam kung maiinis ba ako sa kanya o matutuwa. Ewan!
Kung may crush ba magkaka-bf na kaagad? Di ba pwedeng crush lang muna?
Aww wait! Crush nga ba??? No. No. No...

"Yaya stop! Nakikiliti ako eh." Hahaha. Tawanan lang kami. Hay naku! Di ko feel. Waaaah! Ang weird ko talaga.

"Yaya labas kana nga..." Hmmf.

Napansin naman ni yaya na medyo nainis na ako kaya
"Oki payn! Lalabas na ako. Baba ka mamaya para mag-meryenda ah?" Kaya lumabas na sya then she closed the door. Ang sweet ni yaya Abyang. XD

Tsk! Maka-log out na nga! Kakainis na 'tong imaginations ko kay Andrew! Kakainis na talaga!

I don't want to like him! Bakit? Kasi ayoko lang talaga. Hayyyzzzt! Ewan. Basta wag muna.

[AN: Nasasabik na ako sa next episode but busy pa ako eh...Dami reports sa school. Grabehh nakaka-nosebleed talaga ang French! Ahmm abangan nyo, malapit na magkita sina Zev at Cassy ^______^ Wheeeewww...]

AN: ---------->>> Kk, update na 'to :))

(Zev's POV)


11:45 a.m.

I'm here at the second level of Eiffel Tower at Champ de Mars. Though it's not yet sunset or night time, the scenery just look totally magnificent as you watched the city below.

*Named for the Roman God of War, Champ de Mars is a long stretch of grass bordered by laid-out gardens. Located between the École Militaire and the Seine River, the open area offers a magnificent, uninterrupted view of the Eiffel Tower.
Info from:

The view I'm currently watching. 

11:55 a.m.

I'm still waiting for Mischa.

"Where the heck is she?" I whispered to myself, feeling a little bit irritated. But I must wait...

12: 15 p.m.

There she is!

Excitement filled my entire being as she walked towards me. I couldn't wait to hug her!
Wow! She's smiling...still looking so gorgeous.

But oh!


Who's that guy following her???

And then...what the!!! 0_0




“Je suis désolé mais je Mish dois y aller. S'il vous plaît profiter de votre déjeuner ...” (I’m sorry Mish but I have to go. Please enjoy your lunch…) I walked away immediately. I went down through the elevator then I drove home.

Oh not in Dad’s house but in my store…


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