Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Dark Fairytale: Prologue

Author's Note:
Avid fan po ako ng Peter Pan movie when I was still 13 and even until now...ehemm 9 years ago na pala. ^_^ But then, I thought that it would be interesting to write something else different and that movie is my inspiration. I've changed the characters' name for more originality. But still, sila pa rin po ang cast. Hope you'll like it!
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I read the characters which are tattooed on his body particularly at his left side...

"To die would be a great adventure..."

What does this mean?

"Sino ka nga ba talaga?" Tanong ko sana 'to sa kanya pero hanggang ngayon, wala pa rin syang malay.

Saan sya nanggaling?

Why does he look so grimy?

Magulo ang buhok, walang pantaas na damit, ang dumi ng mga paa at kamay.

May mga pasa din sya in some parts of his body.

Sa ibang bahagi naman, mayroong mga scratches and small wounds.

May nakaaway kaya sya?

But the question that really bothers me is that...

how did he get in here in my room?!

AN: Matatagalan po siguro bago mag-update ♥

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