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The Girl in the Mirror [One-shot]

 The Girl in the Mirror
By: WisdomDeath

What is the usual key to break a curse? Love. It does break a curse but sometimes love’s just a lie. The guy or the girl will say ‘I love you’ then the curse s broken. What if the solution for this curse is marriage? A marriage that both of them reject on doing but they have to or else she’ll forever be THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR.

I am Winter Rose Stewart. Back when I was a fifteen years old girl, I was cursed by Lady Anastasia because she accused me of stealing her precious book of spells. Seriously, I have no idea what that is. I don’t care about those books, okay? Starting that day that I was cursed and put into this mirror—September 25, 2008 until now, September 25, 2011, I have no idea how to break the curse.

I will turn nineteen this coming December 13. How did I know the dates? I made my own calendar here inside this mirror. Inside this mirror is not a dark abyss instead it’s a big green field. There are few animals like birds and a dog—I named him Carter.
I don’t get lonely here, there’s food, clothes, and shelter. Yes, that’s right; there is a small hut here where I can stay temporarily. The house where this prison of mine is has been unoccupied ever since I was cursed.

I walked slowly in this green field to the hut where I stay. I looked around; the dry air is making me so irritated. I ran outside; wearing only a thin white shirt and shorts. I walked towards the lake until my head is underwater. I swim around and thoughts flooded my mind. What if I don’t get to live in the real world anymore? What if I have to live inside this mirror forever? Is this really how I’ll end up? Just a girl inside this mirror.

The sky is turning to red orange now—sunset. I sat on a rock—Carter sat beside me; we watched the sunset. The birds chirping and the cold wind blowing through my hair made me miss home. Yes, I am still home but inside a furniture. I feel isolated.

The sky turned dark and I decided to sleep, I’ll skip dinner, I am not in the mood to eat. Like my first nights here, I cried. There’s nothing else I can think of to do.

The next day I heard boxes being dropped on the floor. I ran back to the mirror and saw a couple; fixing the whole house. I need to call out Lady Anastasia, the curse could be broken. I jumped up and down and cheered. I would be able to live normally again. “Baby, I’ll fix the kitchen.” Said the guy. “I’ll mange it baby. Fix the rooms.” Said the girl.

They look so good together. I am about to approach the girl when she was in front of the mirror but I guess it’s better if I let them finish unpacking and fixing the whole house.  I waited for a week then I saw that they had fixed the whole place. It’s wonderful.

The guy was standing in front of the mirror when his eyes widened, he must have seen me. I pulled him inside the mirror. “What am I doing here?!” he shouted. “I just need to use you as bait, okay?” I said. “Bait? What?” he exclaimed. “Shut up or else I will keep you as a prisoner.” He kept quiet. “Good, you know how to keep quiet.” I said to him. “Lady Anastasia!” I shouted a couple more times as I walk around the field. “Who are you calling to and whoa!” he said as he looks around the whole place. “I am looking for the one who cursed me.” I said. “What is this place? You just pulled me from that mirror—whoa!” he said.  “I’ll explain everything later, okay?” I said annoyingly.

In a while, Lady Anastasia decided to show up. “What is it you thief?” she said to me. “I found someone who can help. How can the curse break?” I asked. “Before I tell you that, he should stay in this place for a week.” After that statement from Lady Anastasia’s cold lips, “What?! A week?!” shouted the guy. “I really need your help, please. You can tell your girlfriend or wife that you have a business trip or something.” I suggested. “That’s why I am shocked. I am going on a business trip for a week. She is my fiancée.” He said. “Whatever. I just need your help.” I said. “I’ll just tell them there’s an emergency. Let’s get this thing over. You have a lot of explaining to do to me…” he paused not knowing what to call me. “My name is Winter Rose.” I introduced. “…Winter.” He finished. “I know.” Lady Anastasia left the fields and I ran back to the lake. He sat beside me, and as I promised, I explained every single thing to him.

“So, you were just accused but you really didn’t steal that spell book?” he asked. “I never did. I never wanted to.” I answered. “Well, we’ll get you out of this situation, okay?” he spoke to me like we knew each other completely. “Okay. Thanks.” That’s the only thing I can think of to say. “Sleep now.” I told him. “How about you?” he asked. “I’ll stay here.” He stared at me with that charming worried face. “I haven’t asked your name yet. Can I know it?” I asked. “It’s William Jensen.” He said. “Okay. I’ll stay here. Sleep in the hut.” I said. “You need rest too.” Said William. I gave him an assuring smile, “I will be fine.” I said. He walked inside the hut and I stayed near the lake. Yes, I didn’t sleep. 

The next day, I told him every single detail about the place. Once the mirror outside gets broken, I will be stuck here forever. I have to live in that hut and I will grow old alone with no one beside me to take care of me. “You know, my fiancée might be looking for me now.” He said. I nodded, “Yes, she must be worried too. I am sorry if I put you to this situation Will.” I said. “It is fine but I really want to know what could break your curse.” He said. “Whatever it is, if you don’t like it—back off, I’ll handle it myself.” I said. I don’t know if I am feeling this just because after all those years that I was trapped inside this mirror, it’s my first time to be able to talk to someone—someone who might be the key to break this curse. He closed his eyes with his chin up as if looking at the sky. He sighed. I looked at his angelic face as he mouths words that I can’t make up. “I always thought I will be stuck inside this mirror forever.” I said. “I never thought that a happy couple would come in this house and I will be able to pull you in.” I added. “If you are able to pull me in, why not try to jump out.” He suggested—still closing his eyes and his chin lifted up.

I stood up and ran towards the tree where I hang the mirror. I breathed heavily then jumped off. I am standing on a tile floor but then the floor seems shaking. An invisible force pushed me back into the mirror. I grunted as I stand up and walk back to him. “I can’t. A force pushed me back.” I said. “Then let’s finish this week then we’ll know exactly what to do.” He said. I finally had hope again. I am not going to lose the hope I am hanging to.  I just have to know how to. Lady Anastasia is a cruel old lady with that gray hair and her black floor-length dress.

The whole day passed quickly. The next day, I woke up lying down on the green field—hugging myself for warmth. William carried me to the hut. “You have fever.” He said. I coughed then faced the wall. “I’ll get something to cool you.” He said. I heard metal clanking then he saw the metal basin and pour water then grabbed a towel. He soaked the towel into the water in the basin then damped it on my forehead. “You are burning up. What happened to you?” he asked. I only sighed. “I don’t know.” He took care of me the following days.

On the last day of the deal, Lady Anastasia arrived. “Now, am I going to be free?” I asked. She shook her head, “No.” she said. “Why?” I asked. I walked towards her; I can feel tears at the corner of my eyes. “The deal hasn’t been done by thee yet.” She said. “What deal?” William asked. “A marriage.” She said. “N-No. That can’t be. I am going to get married tomorrow to Stefani.” William said. He is getting married and if helping me means ruining a relationship then I can’t. “I’ll be waiting for your answer. I will be back this midnight.” Lady Anastasia said as she floated and disappeared in a shimmer.

“Winter…” I didn’t let him finish. “The book she accused me of stealing is not a spell book. It was her diary. It was full of her stories and experiences. I know it is a big deal for her. It’s her life. Her deal for me to be free is marriage. You are getting married. I don’t want to ruin your life. Let me be. Get married with your fiancée. It’s fine. I can wait to be free.” I said as I start to cry. “Winter, I am sorry.” He said. “William, it is just fine. I will be okay.” I said. He walks closer to me and is about to wipe my tears but I walked away and when I looked back and saw he wasn’t following, I ran to the woods.

The cold wind blowing through my hair, the smell of pine, the birds chirping. Carter ran towards me. “Hey boy.” I said as I wipe my tears dry. He barked, “If you were human, you might be able to set me free from this mirror.” I heard a twig snapped and I turned and saw the least person I wanted to see right now—William. “I am here. I am a human. I can set you free from this mirror.” He said. As much as I want to be free and live a normal life again, I can’t pull him away from his life. “You can’t. You have Stefani.” I said. “Winter, the first night we have been together, I felt something, something extremely different.” He said as we walks closer and closer to me that I feel butterflies on my stomach. “Infatuation maybe.” I said.  “No, it’s not Winter. It’s love.” He said then held my hand. “It’s never love William. We know each other for a week! A week!” I exclaimed then stood up and ran off to the hut. “Winter!” he shouted. I ignored him and closed the hut’s door. I sat on the floor with the back on the door. I started weeping. “Winter, are you there?” he asked while knocking the door. “Leave me alone.” I muttered; he knocked more. “Leave me alone!” I shouted.

One…Two…Three hours passed and I finally feel relieved. To be honest, I think I am in love with William. He is an awesome guy. He acts bizarre sometimes but I can definitely say that he is a great man. Greater than anyone I can think of. Of course, my dad is the greatest man.

I opened the door and saw William sitting beside the nearest tree. He looked at me with those swelling eyes. He walked towards me then hugged me. “Are you okay, Winter?” he asked as he brush my hair away from my face then cupped my cheeks. “Go back to the real world, Will. I can wait here for someone else. You really don’t have to do it. Go on.” I said then removed his hands away from my face and kissed him on his cheek. “Winter, please.” He pleaded. “Please. If you do love me, let me go.” I said. I held his wrist and pulled him close to the mirror. “Goodbye William.” I said to him. His mouth opened but I can’t hear anything. He slipped in to the mirror and he is now back in the real world. “I’m home.” He weakly said as he walks to the kitchen. Stefani hugged him; smiling. They’re happy. I shouldn’t have pulled him in here.

A squawk. I look at the sky and see crows. I look around the green field as it wither and turn to brown. Dead—like my heart. No one really cared for me the way William did. We may have met just a week ago but I have strong feelings for him. I don’t have to think if it is positive or negative because I know my feelings for him are positively strong.

At midnight, Lady Anastasia come in and walks towards me. “I am willing to wait more.” I said glumly. She disappeared in a shimmer with the moon shining down on me. I hear shouts. I walk towards the mirror and saw Stefani and William fighting—William’s eyes are swelling from crying and Stefani looks so angry. “You love a girl from this mirror?” she exclaimed as she points the mirror. She looks at the mirror and I walk closer. I see her face—startled, probably seeing me. “W-Who is she?” Stefani asked. “Her name is Winter Rose.” William said then smiles. “So, you are in love with her?” Stefani exclaimed. William nodded. “No way!” Stefani shouted then climbed up the stairs swiftly. “Winter.” William said. “Leave me William, let me go.” I said. A tear escaped my eyes and falls through my cheek. “I can’t let you go. I love you.” He said. All the pain in my heart bursts into tears. “I love you so much Winter Rose.” He said. “I love you too William.” I muttered. I didn’t expect him to hear that but he did. “Y-You love me?” he stammered. I nod and he smiles. “I knew you do.” He said. “Now, go on. Prepare for your wedding. I wish you all the best.” I replied. The wonderful smile on his face faded into a sad look. He sighs and leaves.

I woke up at sunrise. I hear people preparing and a lot of talking. I opened my cabinet and saw a wonderful wedding dress. I put it on—remembering the first wedding I attended in the real world. I wanted to have my own wedding—the best wedding I will be able to attend. I walk closer to the mirror but the view is not the house anymore—it is the lake near the house, but why?

“You ruined everything mirror girl. And now, for William to completely forget you, you have to disappear from his life—from our lives.” Stefani said. “Stefani, don’t!” William shouted as he runs towards Stefani and pushed her down—the rock she is holding dropped on the floor and rolled near to the mirror—it cracked a little. “No! Winter!” William shouted—tears shaking at the corner of his eyes. The mirror rolled into the lake and the water forcefully entered the mirror.

The last thing I know was I was drowning then the next thing I know, I am alive and I am in the hut. “Winter.” A familiar voice said. “William?” my eyes come to focus and see William right in front of me. “William!” I shouted and hug him tightly. He hugs me back, “Winter, please.” He said. “What?” I look at him skeptically. He kneels down and holds out a diamond ring, “Winter Rose Stewart, will you marry me?” he asks. I nodded and one tear escaped my eyes, “Yes.” I replied.

Lady Anastasia appears in a cloud of sparkle. “Seems like the two of you agrees to the deal.” We both nodded. She waved her hand and we are in a different place.

Yes, we got married.

“I love you.” William said.

“I love you too.” I said.

                He kissed me and I am happy to return it.
                “May the two of you live happily in the real world.” Said Lady Anastasia and holds out the diary that she accused me of stealing. I smile at her and she smiled back.

                Me and William live now in the real world where the two of us are married—kids, not yet thinking about it though.

“I will be with you forever.” He said. “..And ever and ever and ever.” I added; we both laughed.

                My name is Winter Rose Jensen, I was cursed by Lady Anastasia and I stayed inside an antique mirror for a few years. The only thing that can break the curse is to get married to guy I have been with for a week. We fell in love with each other and got married. He left his fiancée and got married to me instead. I love him. He loves me. Nothing could go wrong—I hope so.


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