Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Press the Reset, Press Press the Reset [POEM]

Is there any button here?
To turn back the time?
          If there is any?
Can I press that one particular button?

Can I press the reset button?
If it is the possibility
That I could go back to the old times
And change the wrong decisions that I have done

I know everything is possible
But time can never be changed
And we can never be back again
Still, I want to reset the time

I did wrong but can you give me another chance?
Do I still have a second chance?
To reset the time
And make the bad past to a good one?

If I can’t reset the time
To go back to my past life
Could it be possible?
To make things better now instead of searching for reset button?

Ah. Yes, one thing that’s possible
Forget that reset button; forget my past
Consider it’s the lesson of my life
And I must be learned from it

Fortunately, I found another reset button
But it can’t change time
I just found that within from myself
That reset button to do some changes in my life

Ah, yeah maybe that’s the real button
That I’ve been searching for
So, can I now press this button?
To reset, and change myself to a better one?


Did I make sense? HAHAHAHA

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