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Now that I Found You

Now that I Found You
By: WisdomDeath

Sometimes, when we lose someone, we feel that our world is crushed into pieces but when someone new comes along, it’ll be a new beginning for your new world.

            Shivani is walking at the hotel lobby—crying. Her heart was never broken. It was the first time. As she continued to make her way out of that dark place, a guy bumped into her and noticed she was crying. The guy handed her a handkerchief. She took a glance on the guy’s face and then grabbed the handkerchief from the guy’s hands. The moment she grabbed the handkerchief, a familiar voice called her name—the moment she heard it, she ran fast with the guy’s handkerchief and left the hotel and also the guy—curious and confused.

            When Shivani reached home—she’s fixing her things then she saw the handkerchief and then she picked it up and examined it and saw a stitched name: ‘JungMin.’

            “His name might be JungMin.” Thought Shivani as she examined the stitch on that handkerchief.

            The next day, a guy visited Shivani. It was her ex-boyfriend’s brother, KyuJong.

            “This is all your fault Shivani!” shouted KyuJong.
“Did you visited me to blame me for HyunJoong’s death?” asked Shivani—looking a little annoyed.
“One of it.” Said KyuJong—looking a little nervous.
“One of it? What’s the other one?” asked Shivani.
“I want to ask you if I can court you.” Said KyuJong then closed his eyes to prevent seeing Shivani’s unlikely expression of disagreement.
“What?!” she exclaimed.
“I like you. Ever since you and HyunJoong dated.” Replied KyuJong.
“HyunJoong will be so disappointed if he finds this out.” Said Shivani.
“Well, too bad! He won’t! He’s dead already! And it’s your fault!” KyuJong kept on blaming Shivani for HyunJoong’s death.
“It wasn’t my fault! Not because I am with him the time he died, it’s my fault already!” shouted Shivani—getting annoyed and also getting very dramatic about HyunJoong’s death that made her eyes a little teary.
“Well, you did a good job though. Now that he’s gone, I can have you for myself.” He said.
“Do you think I would even let you court me?!” exclaimed Shivani then pushed KyuJong out of her house.

            The following days after KyuJong’s visitation, he courted Shivani even if the girl doesn’t want him to do so. Shivani asked KyuJong to stop but he just won’t.

            One day, Shivani is sitting on a park bench, waiting for a miracle to happen. Maybe she wants HyunJoong back or she wants KyuJong to stop.

“I want HyunJoong back. I don’t like KyuJong.” She thought; then someone sat beside her. He looked familiar, Shivani took the handkerchief out of her bag and then looked at the guy again. Then it all flashed back! He was the guy at the hotel. Shivani stared at the guy then asked: “Are you following me?”
“Nope.” The guy answered.
“Why are you here?” she asked—again.
“I sit here whenever I am bored or when I am troubled.” Said the guy.
“Ohh.” Replied Shivani.
“I am JungMin. Park JungMin.” The guy introduced then smiled.
“I am Shivani. Shivani Singh.” She introduced then forced a smile.
“Oh. I know.” He said.
“How?” she asked; staring like a child.
“When that other guy at the hotel called you.” Replied JungMin.
“Oh. KyuJong.” Said Shivani then looked down.
“Why? Do you have a problem?” asked JungMin.
“Well…” she paused, looked at JungMin then sighed. "Yes, I do have a problem.” She continued.
“Tell me. What is it? Maybe I can help.” Answered JungMin as he moved closer to Shivani.

            Shivani told everything to JungMin. Literally everything. HyunJoong’s death and about KyuJong—courting her. JungMin wasn’t shocked at all when Shivani cried after she told JungMin the real story about the death of the love of her life. JungMin was a little annoyed when Shivani told the story about KyuJong.

“I don’t know what to do!” exclaimed Shivani then covered her face with her hands.
“I do.” He briefly said.
“Huh?” she confusedly asked.
“I know what to do.” He answered.
“What?” she asked – looking so confused.
“Date someone! I’ll help you! I am working on a dating agency.” He answered.
“Really?! But HyunJoong.” She said then looked down.
“It’s time to move on. I know it still hurts but you have to or else you’ll end up dating Mr. It’s-Your-Fault.” Said JungMin.

            The two of them giggled on what JungMin called KyuJong. Shivani nodded ‘yes’ as a sign of agreeing on JungMin’s suggestion.

            The following days, JungMin set-upped blind dates for Shivani according to her ideal type but she hasn’t chose..EVEN ONE!

            Those days when Shivani was having those blind dates, KyuJong was following her.

That night, Shivani received a call from JungMin.


            “Why did you call? Any problem?”
            “Ahmm…None. I just want to tell you that you have a schedule tomorrow. Same place and time.”
            “Okay. Is that all?”
            “Okay then. Bye.”

~End of Phone Conversation~

“How can I tell JungMin that I want to stop this blind dating because I am falling for him?” she thought.
“How can I tell Shivani that am starting to fall for her? Aissh! JungMin! Wake up! She doesn’t like you and she never will!” JungMin thought as he hit himself continuously.

            The next day, Shivani went to the restaurant—which is the usual place for her blind date schedule but when she arrived there, JungMin wasn’t there. She was curious since JungMin was always there to check if the date will go well. Shivani was so worried, so she visited JungMin and even brought soup; which she cooked herself. When she arrived here, JungMin was shocked.

            “Was the date not fine?” asked JungMin as he lead Shivani to the living room.
“Why weren’t you there?” she asked back as she sat down and looked at JungMin.
“Is that what you want to ask? That’s why you went here?” replied JungMin.
“Why are you being so cold? Is there a problem? Tell me!” exclaimed Shivani; getting annoyed at JungMin’s change of attitude towards her.
“I have no problem.” Answered JungMin.
“Then why are you being like this? Being so cold?” asked Shivani—with teary eyes.
“Because I want to avoid you.” He briefly said.
“Why? Did I do something wrong?” Shivani is so confused.
“Because I am falling for you and I am afraid that you might not feel the same.” He answered.
“Don’t be. Because I like you back.” She answered.

            JungMin was shocked to know it. He hugged Shivani then kissed her on her lips. At first, Shivani was startled by the sweet lips that touched hers yet enjoyed that moment and kissed him back. After that sweet kiss they shared, they talked for a while and when it’s getting late already, Shivani left.

            One afternoon, Shivani went to the park and sat on the same park bench she sat on when she and JungMin officially met. She was thinking about that last night—since it’s been two weeks without any news about JungMin, that JungMin kissed her. She was staring at the mid-air when someone kissed her cheeks. She was startled then looked at the guy’s face.

            “KyuJong?!” she exclaimed.
“Hey! How are you?” KyuJong asked as he sat beside the girl.
“Why are you here?” she asked back.
“Two weeks passed already. Have you decided if you want to be with me?” He replied.
“No! I still don’t!” She shouted.

            KyuJong kept on pulling her to his car. Shivani is struggling for KyuJong is holding her wrist so tight! The struggling ended when someone grabbed her other wrist.

            Shivani was stunned to see who it was. It was…JungMin!

“Who are you?!” exclaimed KyuJong.
“I am her boyfriend, Park JungMin.” He replied.
“What?! No you’re not!” KyuJong shouted while continuing to pull Shivani to his car.
“Yes I am!” JungMin shouted back.
“Shivani! Tell him! Tell him that he’s not your boyfriend!” he kept on shouting ‘No.’
“How? He is my boyfriend.” She stated.
“What?!” KyuJong exclaimed.
“So, if I were you, don’t ever touch my girlfriend. I get jealous easily especially when she’s with those who like her.”JungMin explained.

            KyuJong got mad and went inside his car. The two smiled at each other then shared a very warm hug.
“I love you.” Said JungMin.
“I love you too.” Replied Shivani.
“I don’t need anything in this world NOW THAT I FOUND YOU.” Shivani thought as she and JungMin walk at the park—holding hands..then JungMin kissed her.


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  2. kiligmats nman! npka-gwapo ni jungmin! wer can i find his dating agency?

    1. Hindi ko nga alam kung nasaan dating agency niya eh. Mahanap nga.

  3. kht maikli lng, nkkkilig cla! buti nga kei kyujong! mas bgay tlga si shivani kei jungmin noh!


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