Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye, then Lullabies [POEM]

In solitary,
need not to worry.
If he left your heart worn,
need not to mourn.

When your world is down,
need not to frown.
My arms are ready,
I'll carry you so gently.

Take a few steps away from the falling debris,
knowing the weigh is heavy as it is.
I'll be waiting on the shades of light,
and share with you the tomorrow that's so bright.

Need not to speak;
Need not to tell;
Need not to read;
Need not to think.

All we need is to feel.
Do this heart is for real?
All we need is to give.
Do this life is what we want to live?

Love from heart and not from eyes.
Love that doesn't compromise.

I can wait...
Until you are ready to hear,
the lullabies that rhymes for your ears.

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