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Infinity for 1D : # 1

One-shot # 1

It starts with Friendship

The summer is over. It's time for school again.But I'm still jet lag. My summer is not enough because i didn't find any boyfriend to be tricked. I'm such a loser freak. I wanna lose again on our daring game. Me and my friends,Phoebe Casson and Shannia Hale had a deal before class ends. I must find a boyfriend and trick him as our agreement. I tried but no one dare to talk with me when I'm on beach vacation on almost one month. What a damn am i? It fall to an end. And the result still loser. My penalty is treat them to watch the Hunger Games. If ever I succeed this little crap stuff.Perhaps i have a one thousand dollar now.  Oh no! I hadn't much penny to pay them. And then they're calling Trixie Xiara  Barnes  from a distance. Actually, I'm in the hallway going to my vivid and dull room and meet again my monster like creatures classmates. I grimace when i heard them. I began to shiver. My feet was stuck as if i my mind and body went block out.

"Hey,Trixie. I doubt you failed again."Phoebe cried while approaching. She's the same. Nothings new. Still blonde hair and pale skin. Have a rough dull skin.Eww! I'm just kidding. But she was so slender now.

"What do you think?"I lift my eyebrow,tyring to be hypocrite.

Shannia giggles.

"What's funny?"I snarl.

"It not suit you to be like that. You look ridiculous."Shannia began to pissed me.

"I'm not joking this time. I'm start to mad. I didn't like our agreement. It made me moron. You to bitches stop tricking me."I said angrily.

They both wince. Seems they want to laugh but still snag it.

"Calm down sis. Were not here to tease you. We want to get your charge. Haha! We win again!"|Phoebe snifle as she smile.

"You both are treacherous .You trick me." I said then abruptly abandon them but before I take a steps. I accidentally bump to a person i didn't see because of that rapid event. As I manage to settle my self  I found my two big brother grimly gazing at me. I startled. What the heck is happening today? They were also studying in this university. Oh no! I will shut my dad. Im not free anymore. I wanna suicide. 

My brothers are Harry and Louis. They both on fourth year this high school. And I'm in second year. Harry is 15.Louis is 16. They both member of One direction. The popular teens singer today.However,the had many fan who always stalk with them that made me irritate sometimes. Actually.they are five,the others are Niall Horan,Liam Payne and Zayn Malik. Hmm.. I'm secretly crush him. 

I blink when my eye caught Zayn. It's unbelievable. The person i bumped is him. Oh my gosh! How i could apologize him.I start to faint. Oh,my heart had skipped a beat.  Now,I declare. After i mesmerize from his intoxicated gaze i'm  definitely in love with him. 

But how i could confessed it to him.Were not close. Even acquaintance. I'm still ashame with him.  Eventually,when my brother accompany me. I frankly confess my feelings with him. But they're response was only laugh. 

Fast forward.........

We're in my room.Having pajama party.I can't define the emotion of my two friends this night. Seems like they flirting my brothers. Seems they want my brothers. 

"Are you guys had a secret infatuation with my brothers?"I ask lifting my eyebrow. 

They hush automatically.

I heard Phoebe swallow the lump in her throat.

"Sis,I can't resist to hide this feeling anymore. First time i saw your brother,i feel in love with him. But can you keep it as a secret."she revealed in hush tone.

"I don't like secrets."I rebuke."Who's brother do you mean?"

"Louis."she answer shortly.

I giggle and pinch her cheeks. 

"Your not my friend anymore."

"huh? Why?"

"Because your my sister now.I hope you will confess it as soon as possible."

Phoebe's cheek flush with blood. It makes her beautiful. 

I turn my glance to Shannia. Even though,i didn't ask her. She start to blushed.I poke her side.

"Ouch!"she shrieked.

"Obviously, you're in love to with my bother Harry."I laugh. 

I'm very happy. I hope someday they we're  be my true sisters.

"And I hope you will confess you feelings to Zayn so we both merriest women in earth."Said Shannia as if reading my mind.

I grimace. then gasp. What will I do? 

After our love confession. I heard the soft voice of Zayn coming from below. My heart starts to pounds with shiver. I rush through my closet and rummage it to find my best dress. My two friend was surprised.Still sitting on my pink bed.

When I came back, there's something whisper at me to jump and yell. Indeed,i extremely do that. My friends were infected. We are now crazy which needs to confine on mental hospital.

"Trixie,Can you hush your voice?"my brother Harry came rushing on my door.

I abruptly stop. I gaze with my friends. Shannia was upset. As my brother leave the door. I went out to call him. Fortunately,i'm with my best dress. Simple but elegant evening dress. He ushered me to our living room. I suddenly forgot everything when i saw Zayn's angelic or maybe god like face. He is so handsome tonight. If ever I fall did he catch me? 

Harry introduce me to him. As he stretch it out his hand. I am little bit anxious. But a sudden flash gives strengths to me. Well,we shakes our hands.  I found out,Phoebe and Shannia was here taking us photo. I feel awkward. 

The night ends beautiful. My dreams fulfilled. Zayn is my friend now. I hope God give me a chance to be his mine someday. I smile before going to sleep.

One week later,Me and my friend were on studying mode. I'm still happy because Zayn is my friend. We like a couple now because we always together.  And he made me a beautiful poem that makes me insomnia at night.  My friend still hiding there feeling but always begging at me to give their secret letter to my brother. So sometimes, I ridicule them for being awkward person.

The performance day has arrived. It's time to show up my true feelings to Zayn by singing. I plan to confess it after our performance.When the nervousness chill up my bone i suffered mental block.Fortunately,I see him with my brother and the two other. I have a courage to perform. 

After i succeed my performance,I rush to Zayn to talk with him. But i shock when i saw him kissing with a girl. It tores my heart. I cry and walk away. Day after day,time pass away.But i'm still in my room. Suffering a heavy depression. 

Now i Knew because my friends reveal that Zayn had a secret girlfriend. They now upset with me. I am a gothic emotional girl now. I don't know what to do. I am loser freak forever.I thought I'd be happy eternally when it's start with friendship.

~the End~


  1. your story is nice but i think you should edit it again. you have to improve your english grammar because there are a lot of mistakes in this one-shot. but i'm glad you tried your best so congrats for that. i hope this you continue learning and posting your stories.

  2. Aww. </3 Ramdam ko yun. Erm.. Pwede po ba ko sumali sa One-shot na 'to? Ang tarush lang, gusto ko si Niall!!


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