Friday, March 23, 2012

The Old Days [POEM]

 The Old Days
by Ririe

I miss the old days
days we spent togehter with all those laughter's
crazy joke of yours that make me burst in laughter
how you make me smile when i'm down

 I miss the days when you sing my song 
when i need to hear it most
the way you steal a glance from me and
and tell me that i'm pretty enough to make your world stop
the way we dance together
with all those stupid steps

I miss the sleepless nights, we talked in the phone
just because you wanted to hear my voice
I miss the way you blush because of me
the way you make my ordinary days special
and above all


i miss the old days

when there was still YOU and ME.

A/N : i actually wrote this poem because i miss my friends but obviously it turned out like a love poem? so i hope you'd enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. xx


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    1. *O* uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! haha XD ate hindi ko po mabuksan yung link niyo *pout XD

    2. ah kasi pala bawal iright click eh... churi! anyway, napuntahan mo naman yung link dahil nakita ko na yung comemnt mo... pero saareh pa rin! T^T

  2. this makes me think of the past! nice poem!


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