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Love Upon A Star

A/N : This is my first fairy tale. It's very gay but I hope you all like it! ^__^

“Love Upon a Star”

Once upon a time, there shine a beautiful star named Stella who dwells at the night sky with the other lovely stars. They sparkled together so brightly that can be clearly seen when the sun doesn’t share its light during the dark.

“The time has come for you stars to fall from the sky and grant one mortal’s wish,” the Goddess of the Night Sky muttered. “But be not weary my dear twinkling stars for once you’re done with a mission to make a wish come true, then you shall return to this place with me and carry on as a much greater star that gleams without an end.”

Then the Earth witnessed a shower of stars and they fell to different parts of the world, inflamed to yield one wish of their chosen mortal.

Stella, who was believed to be the brightest among those stars that were sent forth to this year’s epical mission, fell down to someone’s backyard. No one saw her light as she shooted from heaven down to earth, which only meant that she had no mortal to fulfill its wish.

“Blessed Goddess of the Night Sky, no man had seen my light while I rocketed down to this place, thus no one was able to wish upon me. Does this mean I am doomed to stay here for I have failed my mission?”

The Goddess heard her plea; hence she revealed her light and saw through that one anxious star. “Dear Stella, be free from fear for things like this happened for a reason. For this condition a star like you shall continue your mission but only this time, you do it in human form.”

By the power vested to me during the first nightfall, you’re given a chance to live like them as you search for that one special mortal. But this you shall remember that you are about to experience all the mysteries of being a human. You may smile and you may frown. It’s not always happiness for you may also feel sadness. There are ups, downs and turns, diverse possible feelings of being a mortal. Are you ready for this uphill challenge, Stella?”

“It is my sacred calling as a star to accomplish that mission, so yes. I do accept.”

“Very well Stella.”  The Goddess waved her hand up and sprinkled some heavenly dust to Stella that enchantingly turned her into a beautiful young lady. But before their conversation ended, the Goddess had to warn her with one important thing. “And remember you must be quick, for your glow shall start to fade if you stay longer in human form.”

That was the last words of the Goddess as she soared up high and disappeared in the night sky.

Stella was left astonished at how strange it felt like to become a human but she didn’t allowed herself to lose focus on her real task here on Earth. She wasted no time and wandered around the place, hopeful she could soon find a worthy mortal.

It wasn’t that long when she finally grasp sight of that one person she was looking for. “What are you?” he asked. “I saw from the window that something fell from the sky and the next thing I knew, you were standing there. Are you an alien or something?”

She almost laughed at what he said. He was a young fine good-looking man and she could feel that he bears no wicked heart. “I’m Stella, a star from the night sky. I came here in peace and I’m here to endow you one wish.”

The man whose name was still unknown, at first didn’t believe at what Stella said. But it wasn’t that long before he noticed that the beautiful girl standing in front of him was actually glowing brightly like a star in the dark, just as she exactly said.

He let her in and treated her as his guest. He offered her water to drink and food to eat. But she didn’t accept any of those offerings for all she wanted was to hear his wish and grant it.

“Should I wish for money? Or fame? Or all the treasures in the world? What if I wish to become a King? Or the ruler of this world! If I wish for power or to have an eternal life, would you grant it?”

“You can wish for anything because I’m a star. But…” Stella blinked and muttered with bit sadness in her voice. She didn’t expected that the man whom she thought possesses a gentle heart would actually think of something so mundane. “You only got one wish and you must wish for no evil. Wish for something that your heart truly desires and where you set your hopes upon it.”

“If that’s the case, then I shall need more time to think.” The man stopped before looking at Stella in the eyes. “But for the meantime, I hope you enjoy your stay here.” The man smiled and once again offered the food, which now Stella happily took.

“By the way, what name shall I call you?”

“Marion. Call me Marion.”

At the beginning, it was difficult for Stella to live oddly as a human. But as the days and nights went by, she was able to adjust gradually. Stella actually enjoyed Marion’s company and it wasn’t that long when they became good friends.

More days flashed past, and now Stella has been a human for a month now. But Marion haven’t decided on his wish yet that’s why Stella couldn’t go back to the night sky.

Then one night while the two are enjoying their tea, Marion discerned something offbeat. “Stella, why is it that you’re no longer shining as brightly as the first time I saw you? I’ve noticed that each passing night, your spark slowly weakens in the dark. Are you sure you’re fine?”

“I’m… I’m fine,” Stella muttered without looking at Marion. “Stars do sometimes fade its light.”

“I can feel that there’s something you are not telling me?”

She didn’t want him to know the truth. But she cannot lie either so Stella had no choice but to tell him the truth. She added, “A star that no longer shines is a star with no life.”

Upon knowing the truth, sadness filled Marion’s heart. “I’m sorry I had no idea that keeping you here would cost your existence as a star.”

“But it wasn’t your fault.”

“Then why haven’t you said anything?”

“Because you became so dear to me, Marion.” Stella loved him more fondly. She told him that during those times that they were together, she felt human happiness. She felt that kind of happiness that gave out a different yet wonderful joy to her heart.

Marion managed to pull a smile on his face and straightened himself out. “But I don’t want to lose you forever, Stella. I don’t want you to die.” He said he loved her too with all his heart. “I have long been wishing for someone like you into my life, but you must return to the sky for I don’t want you to die, a star with no shine at all. And now I know what I must wish for.”

Stella felt so pleased upon knowing that they both shared the same feelings for each other. Yet this day has to come where she had no choice but to fulfill his wish and leave him forever.

“I wish you continue to shine for me,” He took her hand and held it tightly. “That whenever I look up in the night sky, I’ll be able to see your light to remind me those moments that we’re together.”

Stella closed her eyes and whispered, “As you wish, so mote it be.” At these words, a very bright light filled the whole room and Stella disappeared in an instant.

Marion went outside to look up at the stars and found a million of them. But he found no star with a light that reminds him of Stella. Did his wish come true? He asked himself.

Back in the night sky fortress, Stella was indeed a star once again. But she reached the sky with tears due to her broken heart, thus she can’t shine like the way she used to be. She just wept for a long time, feeling lifeless and weak.

The Goddess of the Night Sky, who has seen everything from above, approached Stella to mend her sufferings. “My dear Stella, I quite understand that you are throbbing when you left him.”

“Then what must I do my blessed Goddess?”

“Do you still remember what I always say unto you? A star that no longer shines is a star with no life. You certainly come back as star across the night sky, but you are so lonely that you can no longer sheen. And for that reason, Marion wasn’t able to find your light since then.”

“Then, I have failed to fulfill his wish?”

“Yes you have failed, which could only mean that you have to go back to him, and grant him another wish.”

Stella was taken by surprise, but she was thrilled as well. But before leaving, the Goddess of the Night Sky told her kindly as always. “Tell your mortal this time that he should wish what his true heart’s desire.”

Shortly after, Stella and Marion were once again back together. They hugged tightly, weeping in tears of joy and kissed each other’s lips. And this time, Marion knows what he really longs for.

“Without further thought, I wish for you to stay by my side. Please be my wife, and love each other for the rest of our lives.”

To their bewilderment, Stella had finally become a real human. They are both in loved and from that day with the following night on, they lived happily ever after.

~The End~


  1. goguma couple! i rily luv it ate aegyo! ang gnda! feeling q nblik aq s pgkbta habng ngbbsa! enjoy tlga aq pag fairytales kc nde aq nttkot s ending! happy!!! gling tlga!

  2. huhu.....clap clap.... ang ganda>...<

  3. very touching and inspiring!
    i love how this story ends.
    really good!

  4. ahaha! kahit nose bleed ako! ito ang pinakamaganda na story na nabasa ko! Sis,gawa kapa ng marami na katulad nito..nakaka inspired!

    1. nosebleed din ako dito. ang hirap kasi mag-isip ng fairytale. ahahaha... XD

  5. Wahaha! di naman masyado..fav ko kasi fairytale kaya madali sa akin.. pero wag lang english ang language..dudugo ang ilong na wala sa oras..

    Sana gawa ka ulit ng gnito

    at ung Wizard's Tale.. sis update muna.. super excited na ako sa sususnod na kaganapan! char!

    1. ahahahaha XD

      ung sa wizard's tale, hindi na muna. tatapusin ko na muna talaga yung my nephew-in-law. konti na lang yun eh.

  6. ngAun q Lng nbSa itOng oneSHot n tO,,, itS reALLy beAutifuL,,,

  7. What shall I comment? XD OMG! Nosebleed ako! Ang lalalim ng mga English! At mas lalong OMG kasi naintindihan ko siya! AT pinaka OMG talaga eh... GOGUMA COUPLE ITO! YongSeo! Seohyun! At FANTASY pa!!! Ang ganda... tungkol sa Star, Wish and Love! Waaaaah! Ang galing nung pagkakagawa nito... yung wish ni Marion nung una sarap sapakain eh! Hhahaha. Pero... yung first wish niya, na mag shine bright like a diamond si Stella, na-broken ako nun!!! Akala ko hindi sila magkakatuluyan eh! Mabuti nalang at si Blessed Goddess ay nandyan! Edi nag they live happily ever after sila! <3 ang galing galing galing galing mo talaga! Yay! Goguma~


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