Friday, March 30, 2012

Dare to Play a Game Called Love? - Prologue


People always say that

You will never know true happiness 

until you have truly loved

And you will never understand

what pain really is

until you have lost that loved one


causes the eyes to shimmer

Cheeks to glow

Lips to pucker

Brain to malfunction

heart to jump off your chest

and Lastly, 

 Love is a game no one can master to play

And if you do play with it, will this game end?

Ako nga pala si Kryshll Xyz Ruiz.  Pronounced as “Kryshyll Saizy”.  17 years old. 5’4 ang height, fair skinned, eyes covered with two round glasses, clever, true friend, NERD  and average girl.
Broken family kame. Si Mama at si kuya nalang ang kasama ko. Wala na akong ibang mahal kundi sila lang dalawa. Valedictorian ako nung gradeschool at pati nung high school ako. Kaya masuwerte ako dahil nakapasok ako sa isang prestigious school bilang isang scholar. The school’s name is Torralba University. A well known school.

 Ang school kung saan may-ari ang magulang ng unang taong pumukaw sa puso ko. The guy whom I loved so much. The first guy who brought me so much happiness, the guy who gave me hope, the guy who spiced up my boring life, and the guy who CHANGED me. A LOT. 

His name is Ethan Duane Torralba. 5’9, fair skinned, 18 years old, red lips, glimmering eyes, great body figure, athletic, intelligent, famous, heartthrob, cassanova and lastly, he’s so rich. He’s the one who showed me the real world beyond what’s in my imagination.  The guy who made me feel so special and loved. 

But a nightmare happened. It’s just a game. He tricked me. And now, I’m back with my new me. Ready to face the rematch of the game he did before. Ready to make him kneel down before me and cry like what I did before. And lastly, let him experience the pain I felt since the day he left me.

In this story, you’ll read about love, pain, hatred and vengeance.

Let the games begin!


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