Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What you should know about FTV's

What is FTV?

F.T.V. stands for Fictional Tagalog Version or could also be called as Fanmade Tagalog Version. This idea and the term used is an original idea of this blog, so in case of any similarity to other blog ideas, it is entirely coincidental.

F.T.V.’s could be a short story or series based on a music video (TAGALOG MV’s not included). The characters and the plot itself are just an adaptation from the song’s MV. Credit goes to the rightful performer/owners of the said videos used.

F.T.V. stories posted in this site could also include some images (screenshots from the video) and some of the song’s lyrics. If a certain line from the song is used, it is on BOLD-ITALIC type. No copyright infringement intended!!!

Nevertheless, the whole script/dialog in Tagalog/English is from the author’s pure imagination.

What MV’s do we use when making an FTV?

Since FTV’s are using TAGALOG-English language, we base our interest on foreign music videos. More likely from American, Korean or Japanese MV’s.

Suggestion before reading FTV’s from this blog?

The music videos of FTV stories could be seen from various video-sharing websites like Youtube, Megaupload, Veoh, Myspace, etc.

If you have seen the video, good for you. But if not, I suggest you read the FTV’s chapters first, and watch the music video later when you’re done reading the fictional version.

Do we accept requests for making FTV’s?

It depends on the authors of this site and/or on the music video.


  1. wow!! ganda nito ah..gagawa din ako ng F.T.V. hehehe..

    1. ayiieh! malapit ko nang i-release yung first ftv dito! >___<

  2. sis di ko naintindihan..pakitranslate sa tagalog please...

    haha..thanks much *seryoso ako*

    1. gawa-gawang tagalog version ng isang music video ng mga kanta galing sa ibang bansa...

      abangan mo sis yung as a man...

      yun yung pinaka-unang ftv sa blog na 'to!

      ayus ba sa idea? ahahaha...

    2. ahhh...so you mean to say manonood tayo ng music video then gagawan natin siya ng story?? ganun ba?

    3. ahaha, kayo kung trip niyo rin gumawa ng story base sa isang mv...

      ako kasi nainspire lang akong mag-sulat ng sarili kong version ng music video eh... hehehe...

      wala lang, pandagdag story dito!

      at saka yun ang talagang masasabi kong original dito sa blog natin na dito lang makikita... wala pa naman yatang nakakagawa ng ganito sa iba eh... (i hope so!)

    4. wow! interesting .. matagl ko na rin gusto gumawa ng ganito ee.. haha!! gagaya din ako!!!!!

    5. hmm, parang gusto ko ding gumawa ng FTV ^___^


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