Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stranger in the Night [POEM]

Stranger in the Night
By: Shinaya Waara

I don't know his name
I don't know his voice
I don't know who he is
But my heart beats a thousand noise

He come to me and said "Hello"
He hold my hand and touch my nose
I feel like I'm an ice that melts
Under the sunshine that's what I felt.

He care for me like no one do
He makes me smile when I'm feeling blue
He always there when I need him
I don't know what to think 'coz he said nothing

Now that he walk out in my life
It's so fast like a blink of an eye
Does anybody hear me cry?
'Coz I'm falling in love with the stranger in the night.


  1. moral lesson? never fall for a stranger in a night! it'll just break your heart! T__T



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