Saturday, January 14, 2012

Super Couple

Title:    Super Couple
Author:      AegyoDayDreamer
Status:      Work-in-progress
Genre(s):   Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Supernatural
Type:        Tagalog-English Fictional Story


Amara Bray
Axel Knight
Bianca Moore
Brent Ellis
Ciara Reynes
Cedric Bennet
Dr. Darius


Almost 18 years ago, an underground research facility underwent a series of tests to a hundred of infants. It was a secret mutation project, and its main goal is to find potential cures for diseases known to this world.

Now, a girl by the name Amara enrolls to a well-known university and little does she know that she’s about to meet five not-so-ordinary students that will make her life and her world upturned. They are Cedric, a very talented athlete; Ciara, a gorgeous cheerleader; Brent, a bullied genius nerd; Bianca, the student council member; and Axel, the most annoying yet popular heartthrob.

Axel in particular, who seems to be engrossed with Amara’s appearance, claims that she is his long lost match. Now Amara’s purpose will be altered this time and that’s to deal with her strange new friends, discover her hidden abilities, protect greater good, be able to resist Axel’s charms and to graduate in college.

  • No chapters yet...


  1. wow! where's the chapters miz aegyo? update mu na ito! i love d summary! mukhng exciting!



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