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Depression to a Dream Come True - by Cheonsa23

Author: Cheonsa23

Lee Sungmin (Super Junior)
Regene (Lee Sungmin's fangirlfriend!)

Genre(s): Drama, FanFiction, One-shot, Romance

Description : This is a one-shot fic which I wrote for a friend. ♥
Feel free to imagine that it was you instead of her. hehehe. /gets bricked.


Contrary to what the world believes, fangirling is a lifeline... and difficult. 
But every fan girl has their own luck to try.
One could be lucky, but the other could be luckier... while one could be the luckiest.

"Depression to a
Dream Come True"

The last minutes of February 26 were ticking. She was wandering off mindlessly in the streets of Makati, alone. The wind was cold against the warmth of the tears that were freely falling from her soulless eyes. She had never felt so depressed and disappointed in her whole life.


‘It was just a concert. I won’t give you money to waste on that three-hour crap.’ The fearful and angry voice of her mom resounded in her mind. She winced at a sudden pain in her heart. It was the first time her mom refused to let her attend a concert, and she couldn’t accept that her mother just used the term ‘crap’ on something she considers her lifeline.

The Super Show 3 Manila was all she ever wanted. Not because of caprice, but because she just wants to see the person she know she probably will love for the rest of her life – Lee Sungmin. Moreover, she just wants to show and contribute to the effort of thousand other Philippine ELFs in showing the members of Super Junior that they are loved in the country.

All this time, she thought she’s the luckiest girl. She is always allowed by her mom to attend such events and she has her father and brother to fund her addiction. But as how the world would put it, it must have been true that everything has its end; and she thinks her family reached the point already.

But what about her?

She sat on the gutter of the road as she stares in the huge building in front of her. It was Shangri-La Makati, the hotel where the person she wanted so much to see is currently staying. It’s already past 11. Perhaps, he’s asleep already. Sungmin isn’t really the type to go out for bars, as far as she knew. It was Heechul and Henry who love that.

Tears continue to fall.


She could have looked for a job right after graduation. She could have worked to earn money. She could have prepared wholeheartedly for this concert. She knew beforehand that there’s gonna be another concert but she chose not to care, believing that she will be supported anyway. Things have gone really unexpected, and so she was left frustrated as she tried to content herself from just looking at the building, with the hope that she will see even Sungmin’s shadow.

Hours passed. There weren’t any signs. She was already hugging herself to fight the cold which her jacket failed to protect her from. Her MP3 player already ran out of battery after continuously playing the Super Junior songs which were in the set list of the concert.

She decided to go home; but as she stood and gained balance, she felt so dizzy… Then everything went blank.


When she regained her consciousness, she felt like her head was resting in a soft material, with an alluring scent that wasn’t familiar to her. At times like this, she knew she should be really panicking. But she felt so calm. Wherever she is, she felt so safe.

The coldness was also lessened, as she felt warm hands holding hers. She took a deep breath as everything came back to her. She collapsed due to fatigue. She haven’t slept well for the past few days since she was really depressed over this concert, and her anemia must have been triggered. Too bad, it attacked at the wrong time.

She opened her eyes and saw something so beautiful. Is she already dead that she’s seeing an angel? With a nose so pointed and skin so white, she was close to believing that she is not being cradled by a human being… until the man spoke.

‘Are you okay?’

She closed her eyes as she tried to remember where she heard the voice. It was so familiar that her heart skipped a beat upon hearing it.

Then she opened her eyes fully and got the biggest surprise of her life.

She was being cradled by Lee Sungmin.

Suddenly, tears escaped her eyes again. The dizziness was gone already, as it was washed away along her depressions and frustrations. Indeed, she was the luckiest.

‘Yes.’ It was all she could mutter in between her sniffs. Sungmin smiled at her and helped her to sit. They were alone in a place which she assumed is a part of the closed mall. She still couldn’t believe her eyes. She must have been a saint in her past life, she thought as she tried to gain balance.

‘I… saw… you… uh... I… am… running.’ Sungmin was trying to explain everything as he sat next to her. He put his hands inside the front pocket of his jacket.

The member was in training attire. He was wearing a gray Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie; with a cap for disguise, probably. She knew then that he might have passed by her unconscious body as he was running rounds around the lifeless streets of the city.

‘Thank you.’ She said as she held his hand again. It was so surreal and she wasn’t really sure of what she was doing. But she knew she wanted to do this for so long already. She wanted to hold the hands of the person she long thought to be a mere product of her imaginations. She wanted to prove herself that Lee Sungmin is real.

And she did.

Sungmin smiled at her at he squeezed her hands. ‘Good.’ He breathed out.

The idol got up to continue his exercise. She looked at her watch and saw that it was already 4 o’clock in the morning. How long had she been lying on Sungmin’s lap, she guessed she’d never know. But to hell with questions, she was with the man of his dreams.

Sungmin asked her again if she’s really okay. In broken English, he explained that he couldn’t bring her to the hotel because there were many fans. He couldn’t also call since he doesn’t have a phone. She assured her that she’s fine and that she was really grateful that he took care of her.

As the idol bid his goodbye, she blurted out ‘I am your fan.’ Sungmin, quite surprised since he didn’t realize that she was really a fan (as she was alone), laughed and turn back to her. Without warnings, he pulled her into an hug.

‘Thank God you’re okay.’ Sungmin exclaimed. She was obviously caught off guard. She didn’t feel any malice though; just that plain and pure concern that an idol has for a fan.

As she got freed from Sungmin’s embrace, the idol looked at her eyes and asked, ‘What is your name?’

‘Regene.’ She managed to breathe out a reply despite being dazzled by the idol’s pluperfect stare and blinding smile.

‘Nice meeting you, Regene.’ With that, Sungmin turned his back again to continue his rounds. She was left in the area, still feeling surreal.

The sun rose with Regene still at the same spot where Sungmin left her. All the people passing by were looking at her puzzled probably with the beaming smile she had on her face, despite being alone. But to hell with what other people think? She was happy, and she probably could never be happier in her life.


AegyoDayDreamer's Note: A dream come true made possible by her! Cheonsa23 did this MAYBE for the following reasons: Because she loves me she can't say no when I begged her to make a fanfic like this, it's Lee Sungmin's birthday, and blog promotions!

It's worth reading all her stories (It helps me to daydream a lot!) so please do visit and follow her blog/s.


  1. wow, friend mo po si cheonsa23... ate aegyo galing mo at ng mga friends mo!!!! galing niyong gumawa ng stories!!!!!

    kilala ko yung sungmin na yun eh. sa super junior nga siya... crush mo pala yun ate aegyo!!! uuuuyyyy!

    1. wow. pano mo po ko nakilala????????? thank you ^_^ mas magaling sakin si aegyo :p beginner lang ako eh~ :D

      -cheonsa23 :)

    2. ay ano yun??? kelan pa ako naging mas magaling sayo aber!
      sikat ka nga eh!!! beginner daw!

    3. kung sikat ako, eh di sana ang blog ko, nasa top blogs na :)) tingnan mo nga yung ranking mo! hahahahaha XD


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