Thursday, March 26, 2015

Diary of a Mad Mother - Found

by WisdomDeath

There was this one night, my parents were on a date, that I was left in the house with my older sister. She has always been busy talking to her friends over the phone. Having no one to talk to, I tried to find ways to entertain myself. Television shows were a complete bore. My phone got boring after an hour. It seemed like my night was getting more and more boring with every tick of the clock. Well, not until I saw the slightly open door of my father’s study. Usually, I wouldn’t care even if the door is completely open but curiosity got the best of me.
          One step was all it took before the smell of cigarette reached my nostrils. It was enough to make me walk back but something was tugging me to go in. Of course I did. My heart was racing as I looked around. Oh it was the thrill of doing something new.
          Almost every thing seemed normal until I spotted the open notebook at the corner of the desk. I looked at it and it wasn’t my father’s handwriting nor was it my mother’s.

          Without even thinking twice, I read what it contained. 

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