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Unofficial Relationship : Third Party

Unofficial Relationship: Third Party

The following scenarios and lines are not suitable for very young readers, Super Strong Parental Guidance is recommended…

[Author’s note muna bago ang lahat. Kita nyo naman, picture pa lang alam na. Please lang, take note of this note… READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! Ngayon pa lang sinasabi ko na, NAPAKAWALANGHIYA NITONG KWENTO NA TO!!! Hindi uso ang salitang inhibitions sa kwento na ito. Kaya kung ipinanganak ka mula 1994 pataas, siguraduhin mo na may kasama ka na mas matanda sayo upang gabayan ka. Kung ipinanganak ka naman before 1994, please be an open-minded ape, haha. Kung sa simula pa lang ay hindi mo na gusto ang takbo ng pangyayari, better back-off right away. Hindi ko kayo pinipilit na basahin ito, I just want to share this. Again, READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! Wag nyo akong sisihin kung hindi nyo man ‘to magustuhan dahil binalaan ko na kayo sa simula pa lang.]

            Wala akong pakelam kahit pa mali ito, wala akong pakelam kahit pa may masaktan ako. Ang mahalaga lang ay masaya ako, masaya sya, masaya kaming dalawa. The hell I care kung anong iisipin ng ibang tao sa akin, hindi ako nabubuhay para sa kanila.

            “Uhhh… Leo…”

            He’s cupping one of my breasts while teasing its peak and God, the feeling was electrifyingly sweet and hot. The other one was being praised by his skilled mouth and tongue, gently sucking and playing my nip with his hard talented tongue.

            “God knows Ruby how much you drive me wild and crazy.” He muttered in between his breath. “You’re so beautiful, my precious Ruby.”

            He slides up to kiss me fully, while both of his hands are playing on top of my frontal bumps. He grabs me by my waist and places me on top of the kitchen table, and hurriedly parted my thigh as his one hand travels down to my sex.

            “Oh geez Leo… Ahhh…”

            We are still dressed, kahit isang damit wala pang naalis sa aming dalawa. He just lifts my shirt up to my neck to have an access to my proud boobs. I enter my right hand inside his shirt to feel his wonderful abdominal muscles, while my other hand is busy unbuckling his belt for an easy access to his monster pet.

            “Touch me more Ruby, touch me like there’s no more tomorrow to come.” Leo pleaded on me. “Ahhh…” a moaned suppressed in his mouth because I’m done unbuckling his belt.

            I slide my hand inside his jeans to feel his arousal, to feel his manhood. The feeling is great; his pet was awesomely great in size. I tease the tip of his cock, feeling the some liquid on it. While him on the other side, was busy unhooking my bra to have that free and full access to my boobsies. He’s also busy unsnapping my pants button to also have that full access to cup my sex fully and to have fun with it.

            While we’re both busy giving French kiss to each other, ang isang kamay ko ay abala sa paghawi ng lahat ng naka-kalat sa table kung saan ako naka-upo ngayon. Wala akong pakelam kung marami mang masira sa gamit dito sa bahay, I can afford to buy a new one. Ang mahalaga ay ang nangyayari ngayon, at wala ng iba.

            Kusa na akong humiga sa table, and while I’m lying on the table tinanggal ko na rin ang suot nyang T-shirt. After that, ako na mismo ang nagtanggal na suot kong pantalon pati na rin ng underwear ko. He does what I do too; he took off her pants and his boxer shorts without leaving my seductive gaze.

            We started kissing each other again while one of his hands was busy exploring my sexy body, and one of my hands starts to wander to his muscular frame. I’m gently caressing his back, going up to his shoulder, then going down to his wonderful abs. He moves inconsistently, he moves his hand without any specific location, and I love it. The exploration his doing to my body makes me feels hotter that I am right now.

            I decided to make him cum first using my knowledge, to make him cum without any penetration. I move, and in one swift we change position, I am now on top of him.

            “Let me, baby.”

            I partially sat on his lap; arrange my hair before I make a move. I can see his eyes full of lust, full of desire, and full of anticipation. I start to kiss him fully once again without any hesitations, then I lower down my kiss to his neck. I kiss, lick and suck his neck living some hickies. I kiss him down to his chest; one of my hands was busy caressing his left chest while playing his nipple in between my fingers. My tongue was also busy giving pleasure to Leo, who is now crazy moaning in pure pleasure.

            “Ruby baby, you’re great. Oh so great baby! Ahhh…”

            Licking then sucking his tender nipple is great indeed. Seeing him like a crazy mad cow is a must-see for a girl making his man goes crazy about her.

            Nang magsawa na ako sa paglalaro sa galit nyang nipples, I lower down my lips once again, down to his perfect stomach. He has that abs to die for, every woman would wish to have a chance to hold it, feel it, and kiss it. I’m one of a hell lucky girl to have that chance to do all I want to do with his magnificent abs.

            I run my tongue up and down to his abs while looking straight into his eyes. I find it so devilishly sexy and hot, oozing hot. I sometimes bite his muscles, a reason for him to bite his lower lips that really makes me do more of it because that’s too sexy.

            “Fuck Ruby, you’re so great at this! I wanna fuck you right now!”

            Itinigil ko naman sandali ang ginagawa kong pagpapaligaya sa kanya, I sit once again to fix my untidy hair, while I’m fixing my hair I intently look at him while licking my lower lips. After I fix my hair, inilapit ko ang muka ko sa muka nya, and I whisper “Hindi pa ako tapos my dear Leo, you have to learn the art of waiting. Be patient baby, darating tayo dyan!” and I kissed his earlobe, then suck it afterwards.

            I start to bend down again, to kiss his abs down there. Down to his most precious manhood who was standing too proud of itself, oh so proud. I slowly kiss his cock while looking at him. Ramdam ko na pigil ang hininga nya, he’s very much excited with this sexperience with me.

            One of my hands was busy playing one of his balls, while my tongue was busy teasing the tip of his monsterhood. I can hear him; he’s cursing me because of what I’m doing to him, because of my own style of sweet torture.

            “God Ruby, stop teasing my pet. Isubo mo na kung isusubo mo!”

            Masyado namang excited ang partner ko, masyadong hot, mas marunong pa sa nasa ibabaw nya. Boys, boys, boys, they are all the same.

            I was raised polite by my parents, so I do as I was told. I suck his arousal without any notice, ngayon napa-singhap ang loko dahil nabigla sya. I play my tongue inside my mouth while his pet was inside my mouth, and that makes him wilder. I know I’m good at this, kaya nga kami nagkasundong dalawa. I know what his needs are, and I know he knows mine too.

            I keep on playing with his cock that makes him feel more alive. I can hear all his expressions, saying how great I am, how he will fuck me later, and so much more. I have his arousal inside my mouth as I go up and down, from a slow tempo at first, then making it faster and faster, until he reach his climax.

            After his released, I lay down beside him panting and catching my breath. “You like that, baby?” I asked him while touching his manhood, na ngayon ay buhay na naman.

            “It’s now my turn to drive you wild and crazy, you better come here well prepared.”


            “Congratulations sis, I’m so happy for you!”

            My sister just got married to Luther Evangelista of Evangelista Prime Holdings. I wonder how they met, how they get along together. I wonder how she tamed this hot bachelor, and become his man until the end of time.

            “Thank you so much Jade, sana next year ikaw naman ang ikasal.” My twin sister said while holding both of my hands. “Where’s your boyfriend by the way?”

            I saw Luther approaching our place, sandali pa nga lang sila nagkakahiwalay ni Pearl tapos eto na agad sya.

            “He can’t come with me today because he has a more important meeting to attend.” Sagot ko sa kapatid ko while looking straight into Luther’s eyes. “Luther already met my man.” Never pa kasing nakita ni Pearl ang boyfriend ko na si Leo.

            “Really? You already met Leo, my twin sister’s boyfriend? How come?”

            Tumingin muna sa akin si Luther bago sinagot ang tanong ng bago nyang asawa. “Nung minsan kasi na galing kami ni Jade sa isang meeting, sinundo sya ng boyfriend nya. That’s why I got a chance to meet him.”

            We work on the same company, on Evangelista Prime Holdings. Me as an interior designer for all the buildings they’re building, and him as an Engineer and over-all in-charge to every project of the company. A part of me was shocked when I heard the news about my sister and Luther dating, parang ako yata ang pinaka-huling tao na nakaalam that they are dating.

            “Ooohhh, sayang naman at hindi sya nakapunta. I really want to meet that lucky guy, for the record he’s your longest partner, huh.”

            That’s right, Leo is one hell of a lucky guy to have me as his partner, his sex partner to be exact. Uso naman na ang ganong klaseng relasyon ngayon, and I don’t have plan to play Saint here.

            “Please excuse me, tinatawag lang ako ng bestfriend ko.” Paalam ni Pearl bago tuluyang lumakad palayo sa aming dalawa ng asawa nya.

            I eye Luther, measuring his temper and expression. “Nice to see you here Ruby Jade, akala ko hindi ka makakarating eh. Sayang lang at hindi mo kasama ang boyfriend mo.” His lines make me smile.

            “Yeah, sayang talaga at hindi ko sya kasama ngayon. Hindi mo tuloy ulit nakita kung gaano sya ka-sexy at ka-hot.”

            “What’s the progress of your work at Queen City State Palace at Cebu, are all smooth-sailing?”

            Business, business, business. It’s his wedding day, yet he still wants to talk about their goddamned business. “All is well at QCSP at Cebu, malapit ng matapos ang designs ko for the reception area. For the interior of the penthouses, it was already approved by your father; for the hotel rooms’ designs, I’m just waiting for your father’s approval, then we can request the fund. What else do you want to know, Sir Luther?” akala nya yata wala rin akong balak i-discuss sa kanya ang lahat ng tinatanong just because it’s his wedding day, hell no!

            I envy my sister for catching this oh-so-hot bachelor in town. As far as I know, hindi naman mahilig umalis ang kakambal ko sa boutique nya sa Makati, so how come they crossed paths?

            “That’s nice to hear Ruby that you come here prepared for all my questions. So, are you ready to come with me tomorrow to visit our construction site at Ilocos?”

            Seryoso ba talaga sya, balak nyang iwanan ang asawa nya bukas para lang pumunta ng Ilocos to check on the site? Wala ba syang balak na makipagsayaw sa asawa nya sa ibabaw ng kama?

          “Are you sure about that matter Sir Luther?” were talking business here so I must call him as SIR, right? “Tomorrow should be your honeymoon with your wife, right? Bakit parang tinatakasan mo naman ang asawa mo sa unang araw ninyo as husband and wife? Takot ka ba Sir makipag-make love sa asawa mo?” I should not envy my sister pala, I’d rather not have a hot and sexy bachelor as my husband kung wala rin namang mangyayari sa amin.

            “Well let’s just say na wala ako sa mood para sa honeymoon. Mas mahalaga sa akin ang kumpanya at trabaho ko.”

            “Eh di sana pala Sir hindi ka na lang nag-attend ng kasal mo. You waste one of your precious days for this ceremony. Just like any other couple out there who decided to get married and sign a piece of shit of paper, but end up parting ways. Have you asked her to signed a pre-nuptial agreement?”

            Kumunot naman ang noo ng lolo mo dahil sa mga sinabi ko, may mali ba sa mga sinabi ko? “You and Pearl are twins right, why do I have this feeling that you’re not happy that I marry your twin sister?” so ngayon naman para syang aso na naka-ngisi.

            “Yeah we’re sibs, twins to be exact. Not happy for her, not happy that you marry my sister? Hell no, I’m one of the happiest person living on Earth right now. I know you know why.”

            Bigla namang lumabas si Mr. Leandro Evangelista at si Papa kasama ang naka-gown na si Pearl. Ang sarap lang nyang patirin.

            “Mukang seryoso ang pinag-uusapan nyo ah. Care to share sis, love?”

            Their endearment sucks like a mosquito, eewww. Kahit kailan talaga tong si Pearl, ang baduy. Mas ok pa nga na lagi na lang syang nasa kusina, spending her whole day baking pastries and the like.

            “Where talking business, love.” Really, I want to puke. “I asked Ruby about the progress of the designs for the QCSP at Cebu.” And your husband wants us to go to Ilocos tomorrow to fuck, I mean to work. “And good thing, all is good as it should be.”

            Sumingit naman si Tito Leandro out of nowhere, as if we’re interested sa mga sasabihin nya. “Kiddos, take it all easy. We all gather here for the wedding of Luther and Pearl and not to talk about business.” Yeah right, as if I really want to talk to others.


            Tinotoo nga ng gagong si Luther ang pangi-indian sa kapatid sa first honeymoon day nila. All along I thought he’s just joking that he doesn’t give a fuck kung iiwan man nya ang asawa nya sa unang araw nila bilang mag-asawa. Nakakapagtaka lang din, dahil sa manyak nitong si Luther bakit parang hindi sya interesadong ikama ang kapatid ko.

            I can’t blame him if he doesn’t want to fuck my sister, sa itchura pa lang mukang wala na syang kwentang kasayaw sa ibabaw ng kama.

            “You really are serious about leaving your wife alone, huh. Bakit hindi mo na lang sya isama para naman magkasama pa rin kayo kahit na mahihirapan kayong humanap ng oras para mag make-love?”

            Ang bastos lang ba ng bibig ko, pati na rin ng mga iniisip ko? To tell you frankly, I don’t give a goddamn fuck with your opinion.

            “You think I should bring her with us?”

            I shrugged my shoulder “Why not? After all she has all the right to know what keeps you busy, what you do for a living.” Then I throw him my back, walking out of his sight.

            Umakyat na ako, si Luther, Pearl, and another one sa rooftop kung saan kami sasakay. Oo, susyal ang EPH dahil may sarili silang helicopter at doon kami sasakay ngayon. Wala namang problema sa akin kahit pa araw-araw akong sumakay dito dahil sanay na ako, ewan ko lang sa asawa nitong superior ko who happens to be my sister.

            “You’ll enjoy this helicopter ride my dear sister, Pearl; I’m very sure about that.”

            Gaga ka din talaga Ruby Jade Dela Rosa, panong mae-enjoy ng kakambal mo ang helicopter ride eh takot nga yan sa heights! Ang sama talaga ng ugali mo! Aww, curse me! I really forgot that she fear heights, promise.

            “I’m afraid of heights, love.”

            “I’m sorry Pearl to hear that, but we really need to ride at this para makarating agad tayo ng Ilocos. Don’t worry, I’ll be at your side while were up.” Pang-uuto pa ni Luther sa taong-bundok kong kapatid habang inaayos nya ang seatbelt ng kakambal ko. “Wait in there; I’ll check your sister’s seatbelt.”

            Kunwari pa ang pervert na to, kundi pa to may pagnanasa sa akin. “Too loose, Ruby.” Then he tightens my seatbelt, while almost kissing me. Malandi talagang lalake, kasama na asawa nya naglalandi pa, what more kung hindi nya kasama si Pearl.

            I know Luther’s kind, halos lahat ng kalahi nya ganyan, may pagka-manyak. Makakita lang yan ng mga babae na naka-mini skirt at makinis, tutulo na agad ang laway nyan at tataas ang libido level nyan. I should have know, marami na akong na-encounter na katulad nya.

            After he fixed my already well-fixed seatbelt, he gives the pilot a go signal. Kung ano pang cheche-bureche ang ginawa nya bago tuluyang pinalipad ang helicopter. Ilang minuto pa, we’re 4,000ft above the land and water.

            “Are you fine sis?” Kung maka-PDA naman tong mag-asawa na to, akala mo walang ibang kasama. Itulak ko kaya silang dalawa? Tiningnan naman ako ni Sir Luther na akala mo sinabi ko sa kapatid ko na ‘hey, your husband and I fucked each other last night’ kung titigan ako. “What? I’m just asking your wife Sir, if she’s ok. She’s my sister after all, and I can’t see anything wrong if I ask how is she.”

            “Isn’t it obvious that she’s not ok, Ruby?” fuck you Luther Evangelista. Didn’t you know that your wife was a theatre actress back when we were in college? “You know that she’s fear in heights, what crosses your foolish mind to ask such bullshit question?”

            Didn’t I little know that Mr. Evangelista was also part of a theatre play when he was in college too? Kung maka-acting wagas, akala mo wala ng bukas kung maka-sigaw. Eh kung ihulog ko kaya sya mula dito sa helicopter?!

            “Why are you shouting? Hindi ba pwedeng makalimot, kasalanan ko ba kung ngayon ko lang naalala na takot nga pala sya sa matataas na lugar? Parang nakakahiya rin naman na hindi mo rin alam na takot pala yang asawa mo!”

            Pinakasalan hindi pa naman pala nya ganong kakilala, screw that! Nakatahimik na nga lang kesa naman masira ang buong araw ko ng dahil lang sa lintik na takot ni Pearl sa heights.


            “Hello Ilocos, I’m back!”

            I really miss to be here again, really love the great environment here. Clean air, clean water, and many clean things to love about here.

            “Good morning Mam Ruby, good morning Sir Luther.” Bati sa amin ni Mrs. Rowena Lopez when we arrived. “Good morning Mam.”

          “Good morning din po.”

            “Kamusta na ang progress ng mga trabaho dito? Kumpleto na ba ang mga furniture na in-order natin sa supplier?”

            Kamusta naman yon, apaka-gago talaga nitong si Luther. Hindi man lang pinakilala ang bago nyang asawa kay Mrs. Rowena, as if wala sa tabi nya si Pearl at hindi naka-angkla sa braso nya na parang unggoy.

            “Dumating na po yung ibang furniture na in-order natin, the remaining items will be delivered after two weeks according to them.”

            “What?” bakit naman ganong katagal? “In two weeks pa, the last time I checked they told us that they can complete all the pieces we need today? What happened to that shit?” nakaka-inis naman yang supplier ng furniture na napili namin.

            Kita naman sa itchura ni Luther na bwisit din sya sa mga nangyayari, ayaw nga lang nya na ipahalata masyado. “Call Capital Furniture, tell them that we will cancel our contract with them if they can complete all the pieces we need until Friday this week.” Kitams, hindi lang sya bwisit. Galit.

            “Love, calm down. Everything will be ok at the end of the day.” Can’t she hold her silence? Ano bang alam nya sa mga piang-uusapan namin? “Stay cool.”

            “Cool Pearl, cool? And how can I calm down Pearl, the schedule of the opening of this hotel will be in three weeks. Now tell me Pearl, how the fuck can I calm down?!”

            Aba naman, kahit naman hindi ko feel na feel ang twin sister ko ay wala syang karapatan na sigawan ang tatanga-tangang si Pearl. “I know we have a problem here Sir Luther, but that doesn’t give you any right to shout and cry your lungs out on my sister’s face. She doesn’t know anything about this goddamn business, she’s just trying to help, to tell you to calm down for you to be able to think a solution to this fucking problem!” after that all-out anger, I stand-up and grab my sister’s hand and pull her out of that shit place.

            Ng makalayo na kami sa gagong asawa nitong kapatid ko, na boss ko din ay saka ko lang hinarap ang shunga kong kapatid. “What’s wrong with your slightly used brain, bakit ba bigla ka na lang nangelam doon?” this is what I really hate about her, she’s the ultimate cry baby that I know. “Pwede ba, tigilan mo nga yang pag-iyak mo. That won’t help your annoying husband with his problem with our furniture supplier. If you really want to help him, lock yourself in one of these rooms, or you can be with him but just make sure you zipped your mouth tightly.” Bwisit, dapat pala hindi na lang ako nag-suggest na isama ang isang to.

            “I just want to help Ruby, masama ba yon?”

            “Walang masama sa pagtulong, but just make sure you know what kind of help you should give. Giving help doesn’t mean you need to say something comforting, sometimes it’s safer to keep your mouth shut.”

            Naka-graduate naman sya, pero bakit parang yung utak nya hindi nag-evolve? Malamang kapag ibinenta ang utak nito mahal, slightly used kasi. Hay nako, mas ok pa yata kung iwan ko na lang tong si Pearl para makapag-isip tong babae na to.


            Good thing tapos na ang pool dito sa hotel, I can swim my lungs out. I need to wipe out all the bad vibes that I got the hall day. I went out of my room wearing two-piece red swimsuit, and a thin cover-up.

            The hell I care if may makakita man sa akin na naka-ganito man ako, I possess that body to die for. I walk gracefully from my room, up to the pool area while I’m holding a bottle of wine and a glass.

            “Ohh, this is life, sipping a delicious wine while resting my whole body above the water.”

            Ipinikit ko ang mga mata ko para mas maramdaman ko pa ang tahimik na paligid at malinis na hangin. With that, wala akong alam kung anong ba ang mga nangyayari sa paligid ko; kung meron na bang pangahas na empleyado ng hotel ang palihim na nanonood sa akin, kung merong nangyayari na hindi maganda sa baba ng building.

            Kailan kaya kami ulit magkakasama ni Leo to do those mind and body blowing sexcapade? God knows how much I misses his touch, kisses, him inside me, and all that. I miss doing the “Round Sex” with him every chance we have. Little did I know, I’m feeling my own body now just by imagining what we do whenever we’re together?

            “You really know how to drive your man so crazy about you, huh? Just by watching you, I can feel the heat that radiates from your body; you’re making me feel hot and alive.”

            What the fuck! I know who owns that sexy baritone voice, Leo owns that voice. Oh my goodness!

            When I open my eyes, he welcomes me with his sexy body only wearing his birth suit. He has this honey-coloured skin that matches his dark brown eyes and kissable red lips. Spell sexy and I’ll spell it as L-E-O, as in Leo. He’s the perfect definition of the word sexy.

            Dinaig pa nya talaga si Malakas nung lumabas sya mula sa kawayan, sana pala nag-burles na rin ako para naman may pagka-mythical ang peg naming dalawa. But my gracious Lord, he’s sizzling hot with that killer smile.

            “Well, I think it’s not my fault if all men drool over me. I can’t blame them.”

            “Can I join you? Or should I ask, want me to help you out the heat inside you?” he sexily ask while walking slowly like a Greek God. “Can I now?”

            Holy shit! He makes me feel so wet down there just by his sexy voice, sexy body, and his magnetic gaze. Ano pa kaya ang mangyayari kung nasa tabi ko na sya, at kapag naglakbay na ang kamay nya sa buong katawan ko? I can’t imagine what will happen when we reach my room tonight. I’m on fire right now, ragingly hot, hot, hot!

            “Sure baby, sure. I want you to take off all that I’m wearing right now; can you do that for me Leo?” I asked him while walk nearing where he is. “I’ll give you a reward you’ll never forget when you do.”

            I saw his eyes shine like a diamond, maybe because of the anticipation. I know he will, he definitely will do that, he loves seeing me naked.

            He’s now beside me, running his hands on my shoulder down to my arms. Fire, there he ignites the fire inside me. One of his hands is now tracing my neck, to my spinal cord, down to my buttocks, and back again where my top was located. He unties the first suit I’m wearing, looking straight into my eyes, then he lower down his hand to the last piece that covers the small part of my body down there.

            “You are now free baby! What’s my reward for setting you free with these small pieces of cloth?”

            Malamig ang panahon ngayon dito sa Ilocos, idagdag mo pa na nandito kami ngayong dalawa ni Leo sa pool at kasalukuyang nakababad sa malamig na tubig ng pool. Pero bakit ganon, I have this feeling na nakatayo ako sa apoy?

            “Here it is baby…”

            I start to kiss him roughly, French kiss like there’s no next time. He pushes me at one of the corner of the pool, pinning me there. I can feel his manhood in between my thighs that makes me feel hotter than I am right now. He grabs my left leg and snakes it to his waist, grabe ang sarap sa pakiramdam. His kiss me down to my ears licking and sucking it, down to my neck sucking it and leaving some love bites.

            He start to pump hard like there’s no tomorrow, and the chlorine gives an additional sensation that so hard to explain. I don’t know if it’s sting, or making me feel alive, all I know is he really knows what he is doing. I decided to snake another leg to his waist to give him a full access to pump harder.

            “Come on baby, give it to me! I want to hear you too, baby.”

            “Oh gosh Leo, I’m near to my climax. Come with me baby, come with me.” I plead to him, and he pumps harder and faster. “Ohhhh baby!!! Fuck you, you’re so good.” I hissed as my body quivers as I reach my climax.

            In a nanoseconds difference, he also reaches his climax. “I’m so crazy about you baby, you really know how make your man so crazy about you.” He said still pumping in slow motion.

          “And you, and your pet also know how to make a girl feel so wild and free. You always surprise me huh, you always show yourself without any notice.”

            He kiss me before he disconnect himself to me and said “I think we should stop talking dirty, and start doing something exciting and dirty. Shall we?” I like the idea, super like.

            I put my swimwear on para maka-akyat na ulit kaming dalawa, while he get the wine bottle and the glass. We don’t want anyone to catch us, but it seems impossible since there are security guards na nag-iikot to check if everything is ok.

            “This way baby.” Then we turn to our left. “Oh shit!” another turn to our left.

            “What a very exciting game this is. Playing hide and seek huh, I love it.” and I gave him a wet kiss. “We should play this often baby.”

            He pinned me at the wall. “Don’t play the seduction game at this point in time, or else we’ll get caught.” Said he, as he runs his right hand from one of my leg up to my sex.

            “You think we can reach my room before they catch us? Are you aware of what you are doing to me right now? You’re seducing me to death that I want you and me to fuck right here, right now.”

            With that, he pulls me out where we are hiding and we headed straight to my room. I wasn’t surprise that he knows my room number, he has ways. We reach my room successfully without anyone caught us. Yey to that!

            When we reached the room, he grabs me on my waist and start kissing me hungrily. Lips to lips, tongue to tongue, we definitely know how to pleasure each other. While lip-locking each other, Leo slowly walks together with me towards my bathroom. He found his way to heaven’s door; I mean the door of my bathroom.

            “Feel me baby, touch me now!” Leo whispers in between our kisses.

            I was raised by my parents as a very polite daughter so I start to run both of my hands in his God-given wonderful body. While roaming one of my hands in his body, my other hand is busy searching for the shower’s knob. Finally!

            “For a hotter sensation baby, hot shower for the both of us.” I said to him while dripping my lips down to his neck. “We’ll fuck each other first in this bath tub, baby. Love my idea?”

            “Next to my queen size bed.”

            “Then to your living room, and to end the show…”

            And to end the show, where should we be? “My choice for the last stop?” he nods. “To end the show we will fuck each other hard on the kitchen table.” I definitely know he’ll like my idea.

            “I don’t like your suggestion, I love it.”

            With that, we start to kiss each other again like there’s no tomorrow. Actually, we are not sure if we can do this again tomorrow. He’s a very busy man, you know.

            His kisses went down to my neck, to my collar bone, and shoulders. Just by his simple kisses, he sends sensation to my part down there leaving me wet and hungry for more. At this moment, all I can do is to look heavenwards, caress his hair and sexy shoulders and back, and to enjoy what he’s doing to me.

            We finish taking a bath and fucking each other hard at the bathroom, so now we’ll proceed to my room. We kiss hard again while walking together towards my bed that’s been waiting for us to enjoy the comfort it can give to our sizzling hot body.

            “Oh shit Ruby, I really want to fuck you so hard again and again.”

          “Oh God Leo, I want you buried inside me.”

          “Round sex baby” we said in unison. With that, a big smile was plastered on our hot lips. “Yes baby!” we said again in unison.

            He positioned himself on top of me, and in one thrust he’s indeed deep inside me. “Oh shit!” I said when he thrust hard. He goes up and down fast on top of my bed while caressing both of my proud bumps.

            “Oh Ruby, I’m coming. Come with me!” he said as he still pumps hard on top of me. And we both come at the same time. “God Ruby, fuck you!”

            After a minute I move so that I’m on top of him now, I’ll make the move this time.

            “Round two, fight!”

            I start to move, doing some circular motion while he’s still inside me. With the sensation I’m feeling right now, I want to faint. I hear he moaned, sign that he’s enjoying what I’m doing to him. While he’s lying on my bed and me on top of him, he’s busy teasing the top of my boobs while moaning.

            His both hands starts to slide down to reach for my waist, giving command that I should go up-and-down right now. Sometimes, I’m not that very masunurin. I disobey his plead, and because of that his left hand slides down again to touch and play with my clits.

            “Oh shit baby, stop doing that.” I said to him going nuts and crazy because of the sensation it gives to me. “Fuck!”

            I pull his hands out on my clits, and I start to pump slowly. “Faster baby, round 2 pa lang tayo.” He said in between his hard breath.

            I grab both of his hands and place it on top of my boobs, and guided him to massage it. He’s masunurin kapag ganito ang ipapagawa mo sa kanya, and I really know that. While giving that breathe-catching massage, I start to pump hard na parang nasa part namin na iyon ang hangin.

            “Oh gosh! You’re so great baby, fuck me much harder.” Leo said still caressing both of her boobsies. “Come on baby, rock my body!”

            As a very masunurin girl, I pump harder and faster. You can hear the collision of our sexes because of the fucking hard and deep thrust I’m doing. I can see that he really enjoy what I’m doing, he screams my name and scream how great I am. In just a few seconds, we both reach our second climax.

            When we reach our second climax, napa-dapa na lang ako sa ibabaw nya dahil sa pagod. Since I’m the one who do all the move on our second round, hindi na nya naisip na pagpa-hingahin ako.

            “Round three baby!” he said as he change our position without letting his monster pet get out of my flower. “Let’s do the Snoopy Dog Style!”

            With that, inalalayan nya akong tumayo without pulling out his putotoy on my sex. He guided to me face my bed while kneeling, doggy style ba talaga ang round three? Nanlalambot pa ang tuhod ko sa last round, this is so unfair but the hell I care! I positioned myself in front of my bed kneeling, while he is also kneeling behind me.

            God, his monster is now on fire again. He starts to pump slowly while playing his left hand on my right boobs, while his right hand is busy playing with the slit of my diamond. Electrifying feelings fills my lungs, excitement that makes me to forget to breath.

            “Here we go baby, I’ll give you the Snoopy Dog style you’ll never forget.” He said, as he starts to thrust deeper. “Fuck baby, you’re so wet!”

            I tilt my head back to reach his napaka-daldal mouth, I kiss him hungrily. Anong pakelam ko kung mamaya sumakit ang buong katawan ko dahil sa kakaliyad ko dito, ang mahalaga tumahimik sya dahil sa mga halik ko.

            “Harder baby, harder! Fuck me baby!” I said as he starts to play on my G spot. “Fuck you Leo, you’re so great!”

          “I’m almost there baby, getting there.” He stated as he continue to pump hard. “You come first, come with me baby. Come for me, again!”

            My diamond tightens as he pumps, sign that I’m at the peak of heaven again. “Shit Leo, damn you!” I scream as I come again, and again, and again.

            After our uncountable released, we both lay down on the floor of my room. We’re both panting and catching our breath, but our hands’ still busy wandering each other’s body. As my hand runs thru my flat stomach, it goes down to his balls. I grab both of it, and it makes his shaft to be proud and alive once again.

            “Round four baby!” he said. In just one swift, I’m under his sexy body again.

            We’re both lying on the floor, me under him. He put my right leg on top of his shoulder and start to pump again like there’s no tomorrow. It’s unbelievable, mas masarap pala ang ganitong posisyon. While one of my feet is on the edge of the bed.

            “I like this position baby, more pleasure, more fun. Fuck me hard baby!” I said to him as he pumps slowly.

            Shit. This is so great, having a round sex with this goddamn sex god. He really know how to pleasure me, he knows how to ignite the fire inside me. As he start to thrust faster, all I can do is to scream his name and kiss him hungrily. After a minute or so, I reached my climax twice before he reached his own peak.

            Akala nyo ba tapos na kami, na wala na kaming energy? Well, I still have a bit of energy and I’m gonna use it know. We both stood up without leaving each others’ body, gaze, and lips. I’m planning to dance in front of his, while I’m on his lap and him inside me, that’s cool!

            We are now on the love seat, me sitting on his lap. I grab the remote control of the music player and play a song. Ampucha, you know what the music is? Dirty by Cristina Aguilera. Tamang-tama para sa mga may tama ng ‘L’ sa katawan, it’s a very great music if you really want to tease your sex partner.

            “Round five! Let’s get it on, baby!”

            I bet you all know Cristina Aguilera’s Dirty, talaga namang mapapa-pump hard ka because the song is so provocative. Para lang akong party animal sa ibabaw ni Leo, dancing and pumping wild. I don’t give a damn about my nakedness, or my boobsies are bouncing up and down. Him on the other side start to move together with me. His hands wandering all over my fired-up body that makes me wilder.

            Our position is not that comfortable, but I definitely enjoy it. No pain, no gain, right? Ano ba naman yung sandaling hirap kung kasunod naman non ay walang kapares na sarap?


            When I woke up after that very tiring round sex with my one and only sex partner Leo, hindi ko na sya naabutan na tulog. Walangyang yon, hindi man lang ako ginising after ko syang paligayahin buong magdamag.

            “Shit, late na naman ako nito sa meeting. Mapapagalitan na naman ako nito ni Luther Evangelista.”

            I start to move, kailangan ko ng maligo because in thirty minutes magsisimula na ang meeting together with the furniture supplier and Luther. I don’t want to be late on that very important meeting.

            “Shit naman, sino ba tong tawag ng tawag?” bwisit na sabi ko dahil ang ingay-ingay ng phone ko na hindi ko makita kung saan ko ba nailagay kagabi. “Damn!” bahala nga sya kung ayaw nyang magpakita, mamaya ko na lang sya hahanapin.

            After twenty minutes of taking a bath, and five minutes of preparing myself, I’m done and now heading to the conference room of this hotel. Sana lang late ng magising si Luther para naman hindi nya ako bigyan ng breakfast na sermon.

            “Good morning!” good thing si Rowena pa lang ang nandito. “Akala ko ba nine ang start ng meeting, where the hell are they?” kung nalaman ko lang na late sila, eh di sana mas maganda ako ngayon.

            “Where have you been the whole night Luther? I woke up past three in the morning pero wala ka sa kwarto natin?” soft-spoken na tanong ni Pearl sa asawa nya.

            The nerve! Pwede ba, kung may problema silang mag-asawa wag na nilang dalhin dito sa conference room. Eto namang si Luther ayaw sagutin ang kagandahang tanong ng kakambal ko. When Luther noticed that the supplier are not yet here, her guided Pearl outside the room.

            “We’ll talk about that matter later, Pearl. Right now, I want you to go to our room and stay there. Ipapatawag na lang kita kapag kakain na tayo, o kapag may kailangan ako sayo.”

            Narinig ko yun, as if naman kasi na ang layo ng pwesto ko sa pintuan kung saan sila lumabas. If I were Luther din naman, I’d rather locked her inside our room para hindi na sya makadagdag sa problema.

            “I’m sorry about that. Rowena, nasaan na sila Mr. Ilacad?” change topic, eh?

            Tiningnan ko lang naman si Luther, asking him through my gaze kung nasaan nga ba sya kagabi. “Don’t look at me that way Ruby, you have nothing to do with that matter.” Ok, fine. Wala kung wala, as if I care if they have quarrel or if they end up on a fist fight.

            “I’m very sorry, I’m late.” You should really be sorry, I feel like I look so horrible right now dahil nagmamadali akong mag-ayos. “Can we start now?”

            Aba, dapat lang no. Imagine, three minutes syang late. “So, what happened to all the pieces we order? All along we expect that all the pieces will be delivered yesterday, but then we found out that you delivered an incomplete order.” Mahabang tanong ni Luther kay Mr. Ilacad na may-ari ng Capital Furniture.

            “We are deeply sorry about the delayed of the shipments of your orders. Nagkaroon kasi ng problema sa production, nagkasakit kasi ang supervising officer na syang tumitingin sa paggawa ng orders ninyo.”

            “But Mr. Ilacad, you made a promised. You said that you can complete all the furnitures we need until this coming Friday. How come you can meet that deadline if your supervisor is still sick? We are all in business, so you know what we should do.” Sabi ko naman sya kanya. “Nandoon na po tayo sa part na hindi nyo ginusto at inasahan ang mga nangyayari, pero sana naman po you informed us that you can’t complete all the pieces we need para nagawan agad namin ng paraan.” Dagdag ko pa. pasalamat sya hindi pa masyadong mainit ang ulo ko.

            Si Luther ba, ayun tahimik lang yan pero paniguradong may pasabog yan. “I’ll give you an ultimatum Mr. Ilacad, if you can’t complete all the pieces we need until Wednesday next week, we are very sorry to say but we need to cancelled our orders and our contract.” Kitams, sabi ko na may pasabog yang si Luther.

            “Don’t worry Mr. Evangelista, we will make sure that we can deliver all the pieces you order on or before Wednesday next week.” You should really be thankful Mr. Ilacad, hindi masyadong mainit ang ulo ni Sir Luther kahit pa may LQ sila ni Pearl.

            “We expect that words from you Mr. Ilacad. We both know na malaking kawalan kung iwi0withdraw namin ang orders and contract namin sa inyo.” We shake-hands, sign that he’s about to leave. “Thank you very much Mr. Ilacad.”

            Tumayo naman si Sir Luther at saka kinamayan si Mr. Ilacad. “Rowena, ihatid mo na si Mr. Ilacad. Thank you.” And Rowena and Mr. Ilacad make their way to the door.

            “So where have you been last night?” I asked when Rowena and Mr. Ilacad was nowhere in sight. “Why did you leave your wife alone in your big love nest?” note the sarcastic tone, haha.

            “I already said it’s none of your fucking business Ruby Jade. That’s a marital issue so labas ka na don.”

            I raised both hands signs that I surrender, and I just keep my mouth shut. Kanina lang hindi naman sya masungit, tapos ngayon parang tinakluban na naman sya ng langit at impyerno. Well si Pearl and impyerno for sure, and ako naman ang heaven. Kung ako kasi ang pinakasalan nya, eh di sana araw-araw nyang nararating ang langit.


            After two fucking weeks of staying at Ilocos, finally we’re back at Manila. It only means that I should go hit all the bars that I missed. I need time for myself too; I need to unwind once in a while.

            “Where in heaven and hell have you been RJ? We fucking miss your presence here, you know. Walang sexy bitch for the past two weekends, ang dami tuloy feeling maganda last week.” Yan agad ang ibinalita sa akin ng kaibigan ko na si Fiona.

            Hindi naman na ako nagulat sa ibinalita nya, ganyan naman talaga ang mga feeling maganda nay an kapag wala ako. But now that I’m back in business, better quit playing like a sexy bitch in front of me if they don’t want to see the queen of all bitches.

            “Welcome back Queen Ruby, where have you been?”

            That’s Rudy, the owner of this bar. We’re friends since I’m here most of the time, and he’s the one responsible for that ‘Queen of all Bitches’ title. I somehow like it so, it’s ok na rin.

            “I’ve been to Ilocos for two hell weeks Rud, business as usual.”

            I look at him asking for ‘drink all you can’ thru my gaze. “I know that look Ruby, fine!” yes, I succeed.

            Ilang oras na rin akong nandito sa bar, at ilang feeling na babae na rin ang lumayas dahil sa akin. Hindi naman nagagalit si Rudy since he also hate those kind of girls na super feeling. While sipping my sangria, someone caught my whole attention. He’s here! Blood and increase of libido runs through my veins instantly, right when I laid my eyes on him.

            He looks dashingly hot, and sexy with his polo shirt, maong pants, and messy hair style. Yes, I’m talking about my freakin’ hot Leo. Actually I’m surprise that he’s here right now, he’s not really into this kind of life. He’s a busy man, remember?

            I saw a girl approach him, fuck that girl. Little did she know that Leo is mine? I swear, she’ll regret that she flirted with my guy.

            “Hey you little bitch, stay away from him or you’ll have to borrow a face from a gorilla!” and I kiss Leo, full mouth. “What? Get out of our sight!”

            Leo pulled me close to him and starts to lick my earlobe, down to my neck. Leo knows how to make a girl drool over me.

            “It was a pleasant surprise to see you here baby.” Grabe, he really know where are my weakness. “Nakikiliti ako babe, stop licking my ears and neck.”

            He doesn’t give a damn about me complaining, he still licking and biting my neck leaving some love bites. I move to face him, and give a sweet punishment of what he’s still doing to me. He pulled me out of my friends’ site and headed straight to the parking lot where his Jaguar parked.


          “Where did you slept last night, honey?” Pearl asked.

            Luther is busy fixing himself because he has a meeting in thirty minutes, and he doesn’t have a damn time para sagutin ang tanong ng asawa nya na inugat sa paghihintay sa kanya. Who the hell told her to wait for him? He definitely didn’t ask her to do that act of stupidity.

            “I stayed at my condo unit near my office; I have a lot of things to finished that’s why I can’t come home last night. I’m too busy to drop a call for you, so I am sorry? Need to know more?” he answered her wife irritated.

            She walk towards her husband, and hugged him from behind. “I’m sorry Luther, I’m just worried. I don’t know what to do if something bad happen.” Sabi ni Pearl.

            Hindi naman na nagsalita pa si Pearl, sa halip ay hinarap nito ang asawa and kiss him fully on his lips. At first nagulat si Luther sa ginawa ng asawa, he didn’t expect her to do such action. After he recover from the shock, nag-response na rin ito sa halik ng asawa.

            Lumalim ang halik na iyon. Pearl slowly moves her one hand to explore the God-given body of Luther, while the other was busy caressing his soft hair. One of the hands of Luther was on top of his wife’s breast, and the other one was busy unbuttoning the pajamas of Pearl.

            When he successfully unbuttoned Pearl’s pajamas, he slowly slid his one hand on the apex of his wife’s legs. Narinig nitong umungol ang asawa in between their French kissing, that makes him hotter. Pearl is now untying her husband’s necktie, and unbuckling Luther’s belt and pants.

            “Oh God Pearl, I wanna fuck you real hard!” sabi nito habang hinuhubad nito ang long-sleeve at damit ng asawa. “Oohhh…” and he moaned as he pulls down the pajama and underwear of his wife.

            Tinulak nito ang asawa pahiga sa kama, at agad namang dumagan si Luther dito. He loss all his senses, he doesn’t even care at all, kahit pa sinabi nya sa asawa na meron syang mahalagang meeting kahit wala naman talaga. He guided the right hand of his wife to his bulgy pet down there, without leaving her gaze.

            “Ahhh…” he moaned when she tighten her grip on his manhood.

            He rolled over, so Pearl is now on top of him and the now the captain of the battle. Hinalikan nito ang dibdib ng asawa until she reached his navel, and she dip her tongue if his belly button. She heard him moan, that makes her more excited on what about to happen next. She touches the bulge in front of her as he lowers down wondering on his sexy and hot body. She pulled down the boxer shorts of Luther, and his manhood sprang free. She heard him moaned again after he pulled his boxer; she lifted her hands and gently stoke his dick.

            “Oh shit Pearl, stop the suspense. Gawin mo na ang dapat mong gawin.” Hindi napigilang saad ni Luther. Bigla namang nagtaas-baba ang kamay ni Pearl. “Oh fucking shit, oohhh…ahhh…”

            Dahil sa narinig at nakita nyang reaksyon mula sa asawa ay nagkaron ng lakas ng loob si Pearl na gawin ang isang bagay na hindi pa nya nagagawa sa asawa. Lumapit ito sa hawak nya, and she gather all her guts para maisubo iyon. She met his eyes, and saw him bit his lower lip. He seemed to be surprise of what she did to him; he doesn’t have any idea na kaya pala iyong gawin ng asawa. Her mouth was filled with his length. She bobbed her head up and down while swirling her tongue inside her mouth.

            “Oh my God, hmmmm…. Aaahhhhh…” he suppresses a moan as she continue sucking his erection. “Fuuuuucccckkkk!!!”

            Binilisan pa ni Pearl ang pagtaas-baba ng ulo nito hanggang sa hinila na sya ni Luther. She doesn’t stop kahit pa masakit na ang pagkakahila sa kanya ng asawa sa kanyang buhok. Ilang saglit pa ay tumigil ito sa ginagawa when she feels that he was about to release. She look at him, and she saw his husbands pleading eyes telling him to finish what she started. Masunurin naman sya, pero hindi naman din sya ganoong kabait. Bahagya lamang nyang isinubo ang pagkalalaki nito. Nilaro-laro niya iyon gamit ang kanyang dila.

            “Goodness Pearl, you’re killing me. Please…” hindi nito napigilang sabi sa asawa.

          “Please what?”

            “Fuck me Pearl! Fuck me with your mouth!” halos isigaw na nito ang mga salitang iyon dahil sa matinding pagka-bitin. “Please Pearl, please. Fuck me!”

            She blows him as fast as she can, and after a few moments a hot, sticky and salty liquid spurted in her mouth. Tiningnan muna nya ang asawa at saka nilunok ang cum ng asawa.

            He roll-over once again, and now he leads the bed war of him and his wife Pearl. Nagulat talaga si Luther sa ginawa ng asawa sa kanya, hindi sya aware na mayroong natatagong halimaw sa loob ng asawa nya. The first time they had sex, halatang wala itong kaalam-alam sa sex, pero ngayon, talagang nagulat sya.

            He kissed him hard, from her earlobe, to her jaw, neck, and down to her breasts. “Ohhh… aaaahhh…” she moaned as he licked and sucked Pearl’s right nipple while pinching the other one. Bumaba pa ang halik ni Luther, pababa sa kanyan tyan, at pababa pa sa pagitan ng kanyang mga hita.

            He caressed her inner thighs, and after a moment, he kissed her womanhood that makes Pearl moan loud. He continue fucking her with the use of her skilled tongue, ang patuloy din ang pag-ungol ni Pearl dahil sa sensasyon na pinararamdam sa kanya ng asawa. he stop fucking his wofe with the use of his tongue, pero agad naman itong pinalitan ng kanyang mga daliri.

            “Oh fuck Luther….ohhhh…. ahhhh…” she moaned as he continue finger-fucking his wife.

            Ilang labas-pasok pa ang ginawa ng lalake sa asawa, at ilang saglit pa ay parang kinumbulson and babae, sign na narating na nito ang sukdulan. He licked all the juices that came out on her, and he kissed his wife while positioning himself in between her legs.


            “So, how does it feel to be fucked by her?” tanong ni Jade kay Leo. “Mas magaling ba sya kesa sa akin?”

            He hugged her from behind, alam kasi nito na naiinis na ang dalaga, and he need to do something para hindi na lumala ang toyo nito. But on second thought, mas ok na inisin pa nya ito, because ‘make-up sex’ is the best.

            “I-I was shocked Ruby, I didn’t know that she’s capable of doing such you know, blowjob.” Nang-iinis na sabi pa nito sa dalaga habang naka-yakap pa rin sa ito dito. “But you know what, she did something na hindi mo pa nagagawa at napaparamdam sa akin, so I gave her some reward.”

            Kumawala naman si Ruby Jade sa pagkaka-yakap sa kanya ni Luther, dahil talagang naiinis na sya dito. Ang kapal naman ng muka nitong Leonard Luther Evangelista na ‘to na ipamuka sa akin na mas magaling na ngayon ang asawa nya, who happens to be my sister. Eh baka nga naka-ilampong short clips ng sex scandals ang pinanood nya bago naatim na manood ng isang full-length sex movie eh. Halos isumpa na ni Ruby si Leo at ang kapatid nya na si Pearl.

            “Lumayas ka sa condo ko kung ayaw mong basagin ko yang pinaka-iingatan mong pagka-lalake!”

            Leo also known as Luther – the husband of Pearl, and Ruby Jane – twin sister of Luther’s wife have an affair for almost a year now. Mas naunang nagkakilala si Luther at Pearl, from the very beginning alam na ni Luther na si Pearl ang babae na handa nyang dalhin sa simbahan para pakasalan. Then he met the hot, gorgeous, and sexy Ruby Jade, and his world turns up-side-down. At first he didn’t have any idea that Pearl and Ruby are twins, wala kang mababakas na kambal ang dalawa, they didn’t look twins even a bit. Manang si Pearl, may pagka-pakawala naman ang isa.

            He just laugh a little of what Ruby said. Alam ko naman na hindi mo yun kayang gawin, baby. Kapag nawala ito, wala na ring magbibigay ligaya sayo. Sagot nito, pero sa sarili lamang. Lumapit si Leo kay Ruby para muli itong yakapin, at suyuin. Alam din naman ng binata that he can’t live his life without these girls, pati na rin ang asawa nya.

            “You’re a much greater driver than her Jade.” And he gave her a mind-blowing kiss. “Let’s have a wild make-up sex, baby.” And they started to make the night hot.


            Limang taon ang mabilis na lumipas, pero sa loob ng limang taon ay parang wala pa ring nagbago sa relasyon na mayroon si Luther at Ruby Jade. Isang dakilang third party pa rin ito sa relasyon ng kapatid nya na si Pearl at asawa nito. Kung mayroon namang nabago, iyon ay mayroon na ngayong two years old son sina Luther at Pearl. But that wasn’t enough reason for Ruby and Luther to end their affair, kagaya na lamang ngayon.

            “Want do you want for dinner, babe?” tanong ni Leo sa dalaga na nakahiga pa rin sa hubad niyang katawan. “I’ll cook for you.”

            Sa bahay nila ng asawa nyang si Pearl ay hindi man lang ito humahawak ng sandok, tapos ngayon ay ipagluluto pa nya ang kabit nya, ewan ko na lang kung hindi mainggit ang legal wife kapag nalaman ito.

            “Ahm, the dinner that I want tonight does not required cooking. I want…………………… you as my dinner, baby.”

            Iyon na ang cue, cue para simulan na naman nila ang kalandian nila, para ikalat na naman nila ang kalandian sa buong kwarto nila. Ang hindi nila alam, mayroong isang pares ng mga mata ang nanonood sa kanila. Matino pa nga yung viewer nila, hindi sila bini-video tapos ire-reproduce para ibenta sa Quiapo.

            Sino ba pa nga ba, eh di ang tatanga-tangang asawa ni Luther na si Pearl. Well, hindi naman pala sya totally tanga dahil aware naman sya na may kabit ang asawa nya. Pero tanga pa rin sya kasi ilang taon ang lumipas pero hindi nya agad nahanap ang kabit ng mayaman sa libido nyang asawa. Tanga sya kasi nakuha pa nya ngayong manood sa dalawang nanloloko sa kanya, sa sobrang katangahan yata nitong si Pearl balak pa nyang kumuha ng moves sa mga ito para magamit nya kapag umuwi na si Luther sa bahay nila.

            Paano nga ba nalaman ni Pearl ang lungga ng dalawang ahas na ito? Dyan pumapasok ang kapaki-pakinabang na gamit ng cellphone na mahal, pati na rin ng mga kaibigan na ang libangan ay kumalikot ng kung ano-anong gadget. With the help of Pearl’s friend, nagawa nyang mai-tap ang cellphone ng asawa. Tanga rin naman tong si Luther, magpakalasing ba naman at iwanang nakatiwangwang ang cellphone, hayan tuloy nagkaron ng idea ang asawa nyang…

            “Harder Leo, ahhhmmm… Fuck, fuck me hard Leo.” Halinghing ni Jade.

            Si Luther naman ay abala sa pag-galugad sa katawan ng katalik. One of his hands was busy finger-fucking her, while the other one was busy caressing her left boob. And his mouth and very wonderful tongue, it’s busy licking, sucking, and kissing her other breast.

            “You’re still sweet as ever, Jade. I really want to fuck you so hard.”

            Kahit na nasasarapan ang dalaga sa ginagawa sa kanya ni Leo, ay nagawa pa rin nitong puma-ibabaw sa binata. For her, hindi naman pwede na laging ang lalake na lang ang nagta-trabaho. She needs to work sometimes. In just one swift move, she was now on top of him.

            “I’ll do the work this time, baby.” Malanding sabi ni Ruby dito.

            Little did they know, Pearl is now inside where they are currently doing ‘it’. Yes, sa sobrang kalandian at kakatihan nilang mag-kabit ay hindi nila namalayan na ang mga mata ni Pearl ay nakatutok sa kanila habang nilalandasan ng masaganang luha.

            Nobody can blame Pearl for crying a river, because what she’s witnessing right now. How can her twin sister do this to her? How can this bullshit Luther ask for more that of what she could give? ‘Bullshit this life!’ mariing nasabi na lamang ni Pearl sa sarili.

            She came there prepared. Matagal naman na nyang nararamdaman na may kabit ang asawa nyang saksakan ng hilig, but she didn’t know that it was her twin sister. Ngayon ay mas may solidong pruweba na sya. When I say she came prepared, naka-off ang flash ng camera ng phone nito, at naka-silent mode din. She took photos of the two, then she went out.

            “Hello Yaya Helen, paki-ayos na ang mga gamit. Pakilagay ng lahat sa kotse, go straight to the airport. Bring Yuan with you, and don’t tell anyone where we gonna go. I’ll see you at the airport.” Utos nito sa yaya ng anak.

            Matapos makipag-usap nito, ay muli itong pumasok sa loob ng condo unit ng kakambal. Pagpasok nya ulit sa kwarto ay rinig na rinig ang halinghing at ungol ng dalawang gumagawa ng milagro. Marahas nyang itinulak ang pintuan ng silid kung saan nandoon ang dalawa.

            “What the fuck!” sabay na sabi pa ng dalawa, habang biglang nanlaki ang mga mga ng mga ito.

            “Hi, did I disturbed something?” maang-maangan na tanong ni Pearl sa dalawa.

            Pack-up na ang masokistang tatanga-tanga na peg ni Pearl, panahon na para ilabas nito ang natatagong Gabriella Silang attitude nya.

            “Hi sister, hi husband.” Bati pa nito sa dalawa na hindi malaman kung paano tatakpan ang kanilang kahubaran with just one bedsheet. “Pasensya na kayo ha, kanina pa kasi ako katok ng katok pero walang sumasagot, so napilitan na akong i-welcome ang sarili ko dito since kambal ko naman ang nakatira dito.”

            Naiiyak na si Pearl. Seeing her husband naked beside another girl totally broke her heart. But she have to stay strong, she must be strong for the sake of Yuan, her only son. “I just bring these very important documents for you, Mr. Luther Evangelista.” Then she throw a long brown envelop that encloses the important documents she’s talking about – annulment papers.

            After that, she walk towards the door, walk out of his sight, and even out of the rest of his life. She must do this, kailangan nyang layasan ang asawa na mas marami pa yatang sakit na naiparamdam sa kanya kesa sa ligaya at pagmamahal.

            She booked a flight going to New York. She also booked a flight going to Kuala Lumpur. She, Yuan, and Yuan’s nanny used another names and passports sa kanilang New York flight. She did that on purpose, para hindi sila mahanap ng tarantado na, gago pa nyang asawa na si Luther. She pays three persons to seat on their fake flight going to Malaysia, and she’s lucky dahil mayroong pumayag.


Two Years Later

            Mas mahirap pa sa daga si Leo, mas mayaman pa ang langgam kesa kay Ruby Jade. Dahil sa eskandalong nangyari, unti-unting bumagsak ang negosyo na tinayo ng pamilya Evangelista, kasabay ng pag-bagsak ni Ruby Jade Salcedo at ng kanyang boutique. Noong mahuli sila ni Pearl, kinabukasan ay kalat na sa buong business world, even in the country ang kataksilan nilang dalawa kay Pearl.

            For that past two years, hindi pa rin naghiwalay ang dalawa. They built a family with three kids. Mahirap na sila kaya naman hindi na nila maibigay ang lahat ng hilingin ng mga ito. Ang kambal na anak ng dalawa ay buhay na paalaala sa dalawa sa ginawa nilang kataksilan kay Pearl. Laging may sakit ang kambal, samantalang ang isa naman ay napaka-iyakin.

            Walang trabaho si Luther, ganoon din si Ruby. Hindi na kinaya ni Ruby Jade ang hirap na nararanasan, so she commit suicide. A week after ilibing ni Ruby, sumunod naman si Luther na nagpakamatay. Now Angelo, Tailor, and Tyler are under the custody of DSWD.

***THE END***


  1. omyghad espren. why so hot in here? ay kaya naman pala... sira kasi yung aircon. dejokelang~ walanjo ka, nag-init ako sa sa kwentong ito. hahahaha. pervert mode on. alam mo naman hindi ako mahilig magbasa ng ganito (maang-maangan?) at ikaw ang nagmulat saakin sa ganito. hahahaha. magagamit ko itong reference para sa mga susunod kong kwento na erotic din, gawin ko itong inspirasyon hahahahaha...

    so, gusto ko nang himayin yung isa-isa yung mga pinakatumatak saakin. kilala mo naman ako kapag nagko-comment sa gawa niyo ni pressy, para na akong gumawa ng book review. hahahaha (tamang pampahaba din ng comment. XD)

    first, the use of F word. hangdame, siguro naka-53 times siyang nabanggit. pero syempre, joke lang yang 53 times. hahahaha, hindi ko siya nabilang pero ngayon ay gagawin ko siyang word of the day dahil ilang beses ko siyang nabasa. hahahaha. pak~

    next, si Leo at si Luther...................... emeghed, i have to be careful with this. baka kasi may ibang magbabasa ng comemnt na 'to at sabihin nila ang spoiler ko masyado. palayasin pa ako dito sa blog. lol. pero hands-down espren at 100 thumbs up (isama ang thumb ng lahat ng taong kakilala ko na pababasahin ko dito) naisip ko na yun eh... kaso nagdadalawang-isip din ako. pero wala akong masabi, hanggaleng talaga.

    next, the round sex. ahhhhhh yun pala yun~ ma-try nga.... de joke lang~ rated spg. pero grabe, ang lakas at hayok nilang dalawa. akinatbelieve it~

    and the ending.

    i was so FUCKING (sorry for my term, nahawa lang sa kwento) satisfied with it. nabigyan mo ng poetic justice (sorry for the term again, nerd alert) yung kwento. boo yah Leo and Ruby~ way the go pearly~ kaya sa mga balak na mang-agaw ng asawa ng may asawa jan, may tinatawag tayong karma. at triple ang hagupit nito.

    grabe espren, i'm sooooooooooooooooooooo~ happy with your gift. and i'm so happy for you because you are fucking amazing with this genre. suportado ko 'to. grabe~

    1. PS. nahirapan ako dito, kaya ba sa draft mo lang nailagay dahil mahirap ipost? may problem kasi yung picture na gamit mo. inayos ko na lang kaya yan naka-publish na. XD

  2. Awww.. Thank you espren at nagustuhan mo ang regalo ko sayo. (Peste, ang hirap namang mag type sa qwerty ng phone.)

    At talagang ako ang nagmulat sayo ha..hahaha.. susme, hndi ko rin naman alam kung paano ko natapos iyan, at kung ilang kwento ang kailangan kong basahin para lang ma-inspired ako. Alam na, wala pang experience so kailangan ng mga references.

    Super thank you talaga sa maigsi mong comment. Truly, ginanahan na naman akong magsulat. Since wala pa naman akong ibang on-going, baka sakaling maipost ko na ang simula ng bago kong sinusulat..

    Ayiiee... nga pala espren, spoiler alert.. may pasabog si Pressy...di ko alam kung ano magiging reaksyon mo, kaya hihintayin ko ang moment na yun..whihihi...

  3. Awww.. Thank you espren at nagustuhan mo ang regalo ko sayo. (Peste, ang hirap namang mag type sa qwerty ng phone.)

    At talagang ako ang nagmulat sayo ha..hahaha.. susme, hndi ko rin naman alam kung paano ko natapos iyan, at kung ilang kwento ang kailangan kong basahin para lang ma-inspired ako. Alam na, wala pang experience so kailangan ng mga references.

    Super thank you talaga sa maigsi mong comment. Truly, ginanahan na naman akong magsulat. Since wala pa naman akong ibang on-going, baka sakaling maipost ko na ang simula ng bago kong sinusulat..

    Ayiiee... nga pala espren, spoiler alert.. may pasabog si Pressy...di ko alam kung ano magiging reaksyon mo, kaya hihintayin ko ang moment na yun..whihihi...

  4. bakit ba kasi hindi ako nagbabasa ng author's note? i was like O_____O
    pero i like the story and especially how it ended. hindi ako nagsisising binasa ko ito. :D

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  6. Wow....I'm above 1994 kaya di ko 'to binasa, binasa ko lang yung mga comments. Nang mabasa ko na maganda yung ending, ede binasa ko yung ending kaya parang alam ko na yung nangyari sa story. It was good! Hindi puro *toot* yung inaatupag sa story na 'to.


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