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Rising Of The Werewolves - One Shot ( English )

Rising Of The Werewolves - One Shot ( English )

(A/n: Project namin to xD tinry ko lang iupload :3 sorry kung hindi maayos ang english xD

Third Person's P.O.V.

Long ago, in the palace of England, little Princess Sapphire runs along the hallway of the palace finding her sister, Princess Catherine, “Princess don’t run in the hallway!” – Brenda, Her maid said. “Sorry Brenda but I’m losing time here. My mother and father wants us to be in court now but I can’t seem to find Catherine” she replied. “Princess Catherine is in the gardens” Brenda shouted. “Thank you” she shouted back. She runs to the gardens “Catherine where are you? We need to meet mom and dad now!” she cried. She heard some shuffling sounds of leaves in the forest as she grew nearer to it. Then she saw Catherine in a tall tree, “Cath what are you doing there?” she asked. “I’m enjoying the view sister. It’s so good to be high up – ah” she yelled. Sapphire’s world seems to slow down while she saw her younger sister fall. She watches with horror which evident in her face, but suddenly a small wolf caught her sister. Sapphire runs to her sister and help her get up. The girls watch the wolf with wonder. All of a sudden the wolf turns into a boy. Both princesses can’t believe what they are seeing until the boy spoke “What, there’s no thank you?” the boy said. The boy has raven black hair; greyish blue eyes and a cute grin etch in his face. Both princesses thought that he is a handsome boy. They were still scared because he was a wolf just a minute ago. Instead of saying thank you, “What are you?” both Princesses asked at the same time. The boy broke out a huge grin “you’ll find out soon” then the boy turned back to a wolf and runs away. However he leaves a thought in Sapphire’s mind “Don’t worry Sapphire we’ll see each other some other time, Anima Mea Feminam, mi Amor” the boy whispered in Sapphire’s thoughts. Is that Latin? Is that old language of the world? Where the heck did he got it and how the did he got in my thoughts? She wondered.

Years had passed, yet still Princess Sapphire keeps dreaming about the boy. She hasn’t forgotten his promise that they will meet again. Because of these constant dreams, Princess Sapphire has grown to love the boy. She waits for his return. Now she knew what the boy said “My Soul Mate” is what she found. It confused her as to why will she be called that when there only encounter was at the gardens where Princess Catherine fell.
A ball is being prepared for Princess Sapphire’s 18th birthday; where she will pick a prince to be wed. For years Princess Sapphire has grown into a beautiful, smart, stub born yet with elegance. Every time she walks, or speaks, it is with kind and pure elegancy. Princes all over the world want her for her pure and kind heart. All Kings and Queens want her to be their son’s bride. Every girls envy her and her sister. Princess Catherine, even though they have similarities, has small jealousy with Sapphire. Despite that, she still love her sister to bits due to when she needed help, Sapphire will always be by her side.
Princess Sapphire expects that the wolf boy will be in the ball. She could feel it on her heart. That’s why she is excited for the first time in a royal ball, but the tricky part is the ball is a masquerade ball. They need to wear a mask. Princess Sapphire begs her mother that she will make her own mask. Her mother hesitantly said yes which makes Sapphire jumps in excitement. All day until it was time of the ball, she designed her mask. It has black feathers in the side with black and gold strings. It has an outlined with black sequence and colored in gold. It is the most beautiful mask the castle has ever seen. To match her mask, she wore jet black gown. It is one shoulder dress with a layered gold belt. The bottom is full of sparkling little diamond that flowed freely up to her shoes. Her shoes are black pumps that have a diamond in the middle.  She wore a simple make up. Her lips are already reddish. She applied a shade on her eyes to achieve the Smokey look. This makes her eyes pop out and stand out. She has faint blush on. She has an innocent look but she was a beauty. When she was called out, the room was silent for her aura screamed authority. Her family was smiling while she walked down gracefully. It signaled start of the start of the ball. She was greeted with many people and prince of course but she what caught her attention is the young man who is walking towards her. He was wearing a black tuxedo and has raven black hair and greyish blue eyes, and a smile that Princess Sapphire wouldn’t forget, “May I have this dance my lady?” –He asked, “of course” she answered with a smile. They dance the night away while staring each other’s eyes. “You’re the boy that save my dear sister back then” she asked but more like said because it was the truth. She knows it, she heard him chuckle that gives her pleasurable shivers down her back ‘what a husky and beautiful laugh he has and his voice…’ she thought, “yes I’m that ‘boy’, I’m honored that you still remember me” – he said with a grin. Sapphire can’t help but also smile, “Where did you go and what are you? I remembered that you change into a wolf thingy” –Princess Sapphire said. “Soon my love, soon” and with that the dance ended and the boy or should I say young man that save Princess Catherine bowed and vanished in the sea of people. Princess Sapphire can’t wait to see him again, until all hell broke loose “THE WEREWOLVES ARE ATTACKING!” yelled the guard and all the people were panicking, ‘What! Werewolves? What the heck are they?’ Sapphire thought. Glasses has been shattered and the wolves or should I say werewolves got in the ball room. Now Princess Sapphire knows what the boy is, He’s a werewolves “Bow down to the Prince of Werewolf’s Prince Damien!” –a werewolf growled and all the people excluding the royal family bowed down to the Greyish Blue eyed man, that Sapphire love. “We have been living in peace with you humans but now some humans hunted us when we haven’t done any harm to your world but still you kill our kind! I know that the King and Queen know about us!” –Prince Damien shouted to the people. “Because we know that you can kill us! We cannot live while we know that you can kill us!” –The King shouted and the war begins, blood was shed and the horrifying smell of dead awaited. It was a massacre. The wolves has been biting, clawing, and pounding humans. The humans retrieve their silver swords, only silver can kill wolves, and kill all wolves that they pass. Princess Sapphire was scared and run as fast as her legs can to the garden. When she reach the gardens, she never thought that she will see him here, her love even though they knew that their people are in war they couldn’t help but hug each other. “my love I’m very sorry for what have happened, we cannot let human kind kill us, we need to live my love we have family to protect, we have our love ones to guide and lastly we have waited the time that we knew that our soul mate will be unharmed” –Prince Damien explained. “My love what is a soul mate?” Princess Sapphire asked, “A soul mate is a person who is destined to be with you, who is the missing little piece in your world, but when she/he died, it is like you want to die too cause there’s a large missing piece in your world that deep in you, you know that will never ever be replace. A soul mate the Moon Goddess gift to you, they are here for you no matter what is the situation and it is love at first sight. When you smell her/him you will smell the most wonderful smell, and she/he is the most perfect person for you no matter what he/she has done, and you my love are my soul mate” –Damien answered. It was the most beautiful and wonderful thing Princess Sapphire heard. In the heat of the war the two young love birds vanished out of sight. The war ended in about two months. They signed a truce document. The wolves will live in the Island of Septera. But Prince Damien and Princess Sapphire was never been found.

Until after 3 years both the Royal family did get a letter from their long lost child, and with a picture of two happily married couple and with 1 year old twin daughters and 3 years old baby boy.

Dear Mom, Dad, and Catherine,
          I’m truly sorry for leaving you and in war; I truly love you with all my heart but I love Damien too for 10 years now actually. I miss you so much; I and Damien are soul mates! It’s a wonderful feeling he’s the prince and I’m the princess, what a cliché right? But we truly love each other. We have 3 kids, the first born is Peter. He’s the 3 years old boy in the picture, next is the twins, Alaija is the one with the pink bow, Alea is the one with the purple bow. They are both 1 years old. This fall, we will come and see you in Catherine’s wedding, I know about that even though you don’t want the people to hear about it. I have my resources. I hope your all fine, till next time.

Sapphire Alexandria Cali – Richards


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