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February 14 - Story 1: Sound of Silence

Sound of Silence
            By: WisdomDeath (Four)
            Princess was all about the pink stuff and now she was up for a little bit of black.

            With Luke loving black and navy blue so much, Princess’ pink world had a tint of black. She was ready to change her world’s color for the guy she truly loves.

            Princess felt so happy—Valentine’s just a week away and she (and her wallet) was ready to buy Luke the most perfect gift she could even think of.

            Luke has been constantly scrolling down a site for an amazing headphones and Princess knew he would be happy to have it.

* * *

            “Luke!” Princess exclaimed as she ran towards Luke who was quietly walking along the hallway.

            Luke only looked at her with a blank face.

            “Hey, is something wrong?” she asked, completely worried.

            “Nothing. Don’t mind it. I have to go.” He said then ran off.

            What’s with him? Princess thought.

            It was the very first time Luke looked at her blankly then told her to not mind whatever it was and then ran off. It was so not like Luke. He never did that.

            That left Princess one big question and the answer was somewhere out of reach. She tried calling Luke but she went straight to voice mail which was also unusual. She saw him online but when she sent him a message, he logged off.

            Something was going on and she needed to know.

* * *

            “Have you guys seen Luke?” Princess asked Empress and Queen who has finally accepted the fact that Princess will only love Luke.

            “No.” the two girls said in unison. Their eyes were coated with worry. They had never seen Princess in such a panicked, worried, and sad state. She was usually happy and at that moment, there was nothing happy about her.

            “Ohh.” She said then faked a smile.

            Princess walked away from her friends who were left looking at each other. It was no ordinary look. It perfectly meant that they have to figure things out and to make sure that it will end perfectly. Valentine’s Day was near anyway.

            * * *

            Luke was in his room, hugging himself to sleep. His mind was wandering somewhere to look for something he never thought he would search for.

            He kept on rolling on his bed, trying to find a comfortable position for him to sleep in but no such luck. Grunting, he sat up and looked around.

            With another grunt, he managed to open his laptop and log on to his account.

            It was about one in the morning and there were still few people online, including Queen.

          As he expected, a chat box opened up.

Queen: Awake this late at night huh? What? Bat mode on?

Luke: Ha-ha. Very funny Queen.

Queen: OK fine. I ain’t as funny as Princess. So what’s up? Tell me. I know something is going on. Princess was looking for you and guess what, she was worried like hell.

Luke: Ohh.

Queen: Is that all you can say?

          Luke took a deep sigh and told Queen what was really going on, why he was avoiding having a conversation with Princess.

* * *
            Princess was having a hard time on getting some sleep. She was too worried, thinking about Luke that thoughts about Luke flooded her mind and resulted to not getting enough rest. Worse thing was she will be having a big Biology test the next day.

            She sighed then grabbed her phone and logged on to her account.

            Scrolling down, she saw Luke’s “Thank you” post on Queen’s post. As shallow as anyone might think of her, she was jealous.

            Luke had the guts to talk to Queen who hated him before and yet ignored his very own girlfriend. That was rude, weird, and somehow suspicious.

* * *

            More days passed with Luke just ignoring her like she never existed. It was getting on her last nerve that she decided to confront him. At first, she tried to understand him that maybe there was something going on in his family and wanted to have a little time for himself and yet it was just too much for her.

            The next day will be the day of hearts for crying out loud and her own boyfriend has been ignoring her for a week and a half. It was killing her.

            The whole day passed and there was no sign of Luke. It was pretty much obvious that he was absent.

* * *

            Princess was looking at the wrapped up present that she saved up for Luke. It was something that reminded her of the amazing moments she and Luke shared and reminded her that he was clearly avoiding her for no obvious reason.

            She was frowning. She can’t believe that tomorrow would be something she wasn’t looking forward to. She tries to smile but failed. Luke occupied half of her mind and it wasn’t as pleasant as she expected it to be a week ago.

            She was starting to think about the possible “What ifs” that she shouldn’t have started to sort through her mind.

            What if he breaks up with me tomorrow?

            What if he doesn’t really love me?

            What if he used me just to get close to Queen or Empress?

            What if he was using me to make someone jealous?

            And tons more of those annoying “What ifs” that bothered her mind as if Nemo and his father was having a grand chase in her mind.

            She slapped her cheeks slightly but not too hard, just enough force to make her stop thinking of those “What ifs” for a while and whisper to herself that she should trust Luke that Luke told her he loves her and other things to remind her that their love was real.

            Or was it?

* * *

            Early in the morning, the usual jumpy Princess was replaced to a sad one. It was weird and extremely alien for those who absolutely know Princess and were used to her energetic vibe.

            She walked along the halls and forced a smile to greet others but deep inside she was grieving like someone freaking died.

            “Princess.” Someone called out. It was quite a long time since she heard that angelic voice that she longed to hear once again.

            She didn’t look back as quickly as possible as she could. She was stunned at how her name sounded better from his lips.

            Her bag felt heavier as she turned to see Luke smiling right at her but after seeing her frown, Luke’s lips curled to a frown and walked towards her and hugged her.

            No word was spoken. There was pure silence.

            “I’m sorry if I ignored you the past week. I was afraid. It’s our first Valentine’s as a couple and I wasn’t sure if you would like what I got you that I was nervous and started ignoring you because I felt so embarrassed.” His lips were close to her ears that she felt his cool breath against her ear as he spoke.

            “The gift doesn’t actually matter as long as we’re together.” She said then smiled.
            Luke pulled away and looked at Princess right in the eyes.

            She was looking at him with confusion while he was pouting as if he was a lost kid.

            Princess felt her hand slid through her bag and grabbed the well-wrapped box and pulled it out. A smile spread wide across her lips as she handed it to him.

            Before grabbing the box, Luke pulled a smaller box from his coat pocket and handed it to Princess.

            Luke opened his first and his eyes grew wide.

            “This. Is. Amazing.” He said with a big smile on his face.

            It was Princess’ turn to open hers. It wasn’t well-wrapped but something was so special about it just feeling the small box in her hands. She opened it and was surprised by the necklace with a ring as its pendant.

            Luke set his box down and took a hold of the necklace for him to be the one to put it on Princess.

            “It may not be a lot but it’s a promise, a promise to love you forever. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.” He said as he put the necklace on Princess.

            “It’s more than enough, Luke. Happy Valentine’s Day and I love you, too.”

            They both hugged. A hug that was more than any hug they had shared for the past months they were dating.            

            Luke pulled back held Princess’ chin. It was time to set things back to the way it was supposed to be. He leaned down and pressed his lips on Princess’. He was happier than ever when he felt Princess’ lips move to the rhythm of his own. His very own princess was still with him and he felt like a prince from one of those fairytale books. 


  1. wow! that was so cute!

  2. wAaah,,, aNg swEet niLa,,, kiniKiLig at naiinggiT aQ,,,

  3. hay~ buti at nabasa ko ito. nasa kasagsagan pa rin kasi ako ng depression pero dahil dito, napalitan ng good vibes... bakit ang sweet namin ni Luke??? how I was wish din yung lalaking makakatuluyan ko sa bandang huli! XD

  4. sana ganian lagi pag araw ng mga puso :) hahahahahaha akin na lang si LUKE :)

  5. ang sweet nila! belated happy valentines!

  6. i'm so jealous! sana mei umanyan din sakin next valentine's day.. wishing!


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