Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Hate That I Love You : Chapter 8

I Hate That I Love You : Chapter 8 : Not Bad

Jene’s POV

“HA?! Then why are you here? Pagkakaalam ko for fans to ah?”sabi nung isa, aish! Ang hirap nang ganito ha, yung hindi mo kilala

“yea. I wasn’t really planning to join pero… my friends made up one entry for me”

“ONE?! Tapos yung isa pang yun ang nabunot out of all the entries? Wow! Congrats Jene, the odds are in favor”awww, I remember Max sa sinabi niya. Even though I have no clue who-is-who

“so kung ganun? You don’t know us?” tanong nung isa, tumango-tango lang ako. “I’m Stephen Homer Lopez, Suho is my stage name.”

“Hi Jene! I’m Denver Onix Montero, D.O is my stage name.”

“Mei~ mei~! I’m Terrance Adrin Ortigas, Tao is my stage name”

“Jene mei~ mei~! I’m Sean James Fuente, they call me Sehun”

“Lawrence Marc Ayami, Lay is my stage name.”

“Jene Adrienne! I’m Yeizora Henry Choi, Chanyeol is my stage name”

“Name: Nathan Gian  Perez. Stage name: Chen”

“I’m Kris, Christopher Kim Mondaue"

“JENE!!! I’m Micheal Minxiu De Vega. Xiumin stage name ko”They’re not so bad after all. They all seem so kind naman. Well, ewan ko lang dun sa tatlo. Busy ako sa paganinag nang muka nila nang biglang maynagsalita, lahat kami napatingin sakanya

“Clyde Haris Fontillejo, Baekhyun”sabi nung nagp-psp guy. Baekhyun pala name niya. Hmmmm, busy parin siya sa pagkulikot nang PSP niya. I wasn’t expecting the other one to talk pero nagsalita rin

“Leuis Kent Guerrero, Kai stage name”parang nagulat din naman sila na nagsalita si Kai. He stopped playing his ipad and was looking directly into my eyes. Grubee!!! Matutunaw ako, why is he stairing at me layk dat? Para bang kilala niya ako. Nag-smirk lang siya saakin and I avoided his stare. I looked again at the other guys wanting them to continue. Magsasalita sana si Xiumin kaso biglang nagsalita si rubix cube guy

“I’m Kylie Lance Fuentabella”tumayo siya and looked at me “Luhan is my stage name”naglakad siya papalapit saakin, oh shet! I know that voice. Hindi ko sure pero oo nga ata siya nga ata yun…yung magnanakaw nang first kiss ko. Hindi ako galit sakanya eventually natatakot ako kasi naman nasampal-sampal ko pa eh. Hindi naman talaga ako galit nabigla lang ako kanina. He leaned to me and wisphered something in my ears that sent chills to my spine “your worst nightmare” nakakainis siya haaa, nakakabwisit. I was considering saying sorry for the sampal thing panaman  pero with his attitude? NO WAY WRONG WAY!

“we need to talk mister”sabi ko nung tumalikod siya. GRRRR, this guy is gonna get what he is looking for

“ssuuurrreee, anyyy time”he said while smirking. I can say that he is obviously cute on the outside but in the inside? Hes a diabolical devil. The nerve.

“you know each other?”Kai coldly asked

“no/ NO!”

“it just happened/ an accident”

“stop/quit it”

“no you/ you do it”urrghhh!!! Nakakainis kailangan pa ba na sabay kaming magsasalita? PSH! I’m serously starting to despise this guy

“you look cute together”Xiumin said while grinning, I and the theif glared at him. Yeah! Theif! He deserves it any way, he stole my first kiss

“NO WAY!/ SERIOUSLY?!”once again sabay nanaman kami nung magnanakaw. Xiumin and Tao smiled playfully while all the others were staring me and the thief.

“cut that out! It’s not funny guys. Even if that guy right there is the last man in the world I. WONT. LIKE. HIM”I said like a little kid whining

“ahahahaha, look whose talking. A walking live barbie doll”nagroll eyes naman yung magnanakaw. URGH! I will make sure that, that thief will suffer even if it’s the last thing I’ll do

“thanks for the compliment, CUTE LITTLE PRINCE”now everyone burst into laughter. Even the i-don’t-care-about-what’s-happening Baekhyun, laughed hard making him look cute. Kai was silently laughing. And the oh-so-cute-little-prince was so mad that if looks could kill I’ll be dead  any minute. All of them laughing really hard while I and the kissing bandit were playing a game called, GLARING CONTEST.


  1. OMG! Sobrang cute ng update! The way na napatitig si Kai kay Jene. Then biglang sumulpot si Luhan at nagkagulo yung dalawa. This is story is so cute! Nakakakilig kahit wala pa namang romantic scenes... except dun sa last last chapter na ninakawan ni Luhan ng kiss si Jene. More pa author!

  2. C LuHan q,,,, wAaaah,,, kUng aq kEi jEne hihiNgi p aq ng roUnd twO s hALik n uN pRince LUhaN!!!! hwAHehE, hindi LnG pLa rOund tWo, forEver na, nOn-stOp pa!!!! hwaHehe,,,, at c kAi naagAw aNg attEntioN niA kEi jeNe,,,, kYaaaah hOtneSs overLOad!!!!,,,

  3. hala! ang cute ng nangyari! ikaw na pinakamaswerte Jene! you already na talaga!


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