Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Red Petals

by akirara and shinadellica

I was teared apart,I cried

I was left alone,my heart died

I suffered in vain,what a tremendous pain!

I'm calling out your name in the middle of the rain.

How can I forget that once that I loved?

The one whom I've thought that was sent from above?

How can I forget those cherished memories?

That were now just a part of my friend,Diary.

How can I bid farewell when my heart can't accept?

Pain is within me,everyday I kept

How can i smile when you're the reason behind?

And now that you're gone,that reason I can't find!

How lovely is a rose when it was cared so right

Watered everyday,absorbing enough sunlight

But when it was abandoned,it will die fast I swear

So please if you care,don't you ever dare.

I begged but I got nothing in return

Those poems that I made were meant to be burned

Those of red petals,then,turned into gray

And when that storm came started falling away.

Hope that you'll find the connection through this poem

By that day that you left,I've been far away from home

And though our relationship didn't lasts,I'll find my way back

Don't worry for I pray,that soon... I'll be back on track.

-- scars will remain,but,memories will surely fade away---

the END.

Nagawa yung tula na ito nung mga panahon ng broken kaming dalawa ng bestfriend ko

 .Pero ngayon ang bestfriend ko ay masaya na sa piling ng kanyang mahal.(which happen 
to be my crush na pinakilala ko sa bestfriend ko para tulungan kami madevelop pero sa
kasamaang palad sila ang nadevelop.)pero Okay lang..Masaya naman ang bestfriend ko. 

Share lang po. :)) 


  1. awhhh.. ang lungkot nman.. relate talaga ako jan!! ung cruch ko,sa frnd ko pa napunta..

  2. lahat ng broken-hearted jan, makakrelate dito! pero ako kahit ako broken-hearted masasabi kong wonderful 'to...

    mabuti naman at may nagpo-post na ulit ng poems! ahahahaha!!!

  3. tAGos haNggaNg puSo,,,


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