Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Last Princess : Prologue

(NOTE: Hello po! I'm back na po and this time I will never ever leave the bloggy world!!! Ginawa ko po ito dahil sa sobrang inspired po ako sa story ni Unnie AegyoDayDreamer na Wizard's Tale. Maraming salamat po! ^___^)

The Last Princess
by: VanillaCreamSoda

[ Prologue ]

I am his servant.
and he is my prince.

He is the dark prince.
He is a murderer but I can't deny the fact that I want to stay by his side.
I don't know, did he use a potion to make me stay with him?

I witness all your wickedness
and I despise you for that.

But why did I always end up on understanding you?
Why did I always end up to help you?

I am his servant and he is my prince
We're a pitiable twins of our heart that destined for each other.

Even if the entire world should become his enemy.
I will always here by his side, so he just be himself  and smile.

You're my prince
and I am your servant. I am willing to become evil for him.
If only so I could stay on your side... forever.


Inspired by the story: Wizard's Tale 


  1. whenever i see my name and my story on another story, kinikilig talaga ako!!! naiinspire din ako kapag ganun. salamat ulit pen!!!

    1. Uwaaah! Hehehe. You deserve it naman po Unnie eh! Welcome and thank you rin po for sharing your wonderful stories!!! :)

  2. dami talaga naiinspired ang WT ni ate Aegyo .!! isa na nga ako dun ee .. hahaha .!!!! hwaiti WT INSPIRED .!!!!!!

  3. ikaw rin po yung author ng marrying me mr. kidnapper. sana matuloy po yun.

  4. Ngayon lang ako ulet sesegway sa ibang Story. ^_^ Palagi kasi ako sa Wattpad nagbabasa eh. Kapag dito kasi binabasa ko lang yung story ni ate Ruijin. >O< Wag niyo ko aawayin. Ahaha.

  5. Hoho! Hello po! Kung may nagbabasa man nito~ sorry kung wala pang update! Pers time ko po kasi gagawa ng Fantasy kaya naman iniisip ko pa mabuti magiging takbo ng storyang 'to! Wahehehe. Ayun lamang po! Salaamat! *boooow*


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