Monday, July 2, 2012

Dreaming of You [One-Shot]

In my dreams you are mine but in real life you are my dream….


“Pat, do you know what is love?” he asked.

“Its’ you, babe. For me, you are the meaning of my love.” I answered as I glance at him. Waa. I’m really falling for this guy so bad. Ah, no. I’m truly, madly, crazily in love with him. Ah, dies!

“Awwww~ chessy huh? Haha” he said then he lay down on my lap.. Aish. This guy is really! Omo! I really really love this guy!!

“How about you, Dennis? For you what is love?” I asked him.

“Love.. Hmm…”

“Yah! Answer me. *pout*” I said.

“Haha. I don’t want to answer” Dennis said. Waaa. I guess I’m not the one who gave the meaning of love for him.. Huhu.. and that really hurts! :( </3

“Hey, what’s with that face? Huh? Hahaha” Dennis said. Aish! >_<

“Hmp. Tell me your answer. Please? *puppy eyes*”

“Do I really have to answer that? Hahaha” he said

I nodded. He sighed first before he started to talk..

“For me what is love? Something that immeasurable. Love is just a like a taste of water, it is completely undefined. And that’s what l feel for you…My love for you is really undefined and immeasurable.. No words can express how much I love you.. and that’s it!! Aish! Got that? ^________^” he said

After hearing those words from him.. I was like.. O____________O Awwww, Dennis!! Gosh!! Why so cheesy!! I hate you!!!!!! >/////< Yeah. Can’t hide myself now from blushing. Hoho. Can somebody help me?
Pleaseeee! He’s going to tease me!!!

“Hahahaha! Oppsss! Babe, you’re blushing!! Hahahha!” he teased. Waaaaaa! As I’ve said he’s going to tease me! T^T

“Yaaaaa! I hate you!!!” I said. Hmp. Help me please. Haha. I’m really going crazy about this lovable guy! Omo, what to do?

“WHAT?!” he asked.

“I LOVE YOU! ^______^v” I said. Hahahah. This guy really makes my heart skip a beat!! Waaaaaaaaa!! This is heaven..

Oh anyway, he’s Dennis Park. My one and only guy in my heart. My super ultimate crush. My first love.  <3 Okay. Dies. I really love him with all my heart. And I am really happy that our feelings are mutual. Hohohoh. Dies. And now, he’s officially mine!!!  Hahahaha.

“I love you more than you do..” he said

“Ayieeee! I love you thrice, DENNIS PARK!! YOU ARE ONLY MINE. MINE. MINE. Okay?” I said.

“Yes ma’am!!” dennis said as he salute at me.

“HAHAHAA! Good boy, baby!! xD”

Then suddenly, he became serious. Ehhhhhhh?! ^_~

“Pat, please do remember this thing, I am only yours, only yours, and only yours. Nobody can steal me from you. ‘Cause I already surrender my heart for you.. I love you so much, Pat. You are my life, my everything, and my world..” Dennis said. Gosh, I’m really thankful for having a guy a like him…

My only heart. My only guy. My only soul. My only life. My everything.

I am so lucky for having him in my life. I want to be with him forever..

But life is really unfair. I guess? Sometimes? Always?

Time flies. Time passes by.

“Yaaaaa! Pat!! Wake up!! You’ll be late for school! Aish!”

“Nah, I don’t wanna!! I’m still sleepy! Please, don’t ruin my dream!!” I said. I still don’t want to wake up..

“No! You have to wake up!!! It’s time for school! You brat! Wake up!”


I don’t want to wake up..

I don’t want to open my eyes…


Whenever I open my eyes…

I know that, I have to face the reality again..

The reality that sucks!

The reality that always breaks my heart into pieces..

Always makes me cry so bad..

“No. Please. Don’t wake me up.”

‘Cause I know,

If I wake up,

He will not be in my arms again..

I will never hear those words again..

Those precious words..

That he is only mine….

And only mine..

“Pat! You have to!!”

“But upon hearing those words,

are just a part of my dream”


In reality,

He’s not mine. And he will never be mine…

And having him in my life, owning him in my life, is just a part of my dream….forever……

Yes. He’s mine in my dream but in reality it’s not. I’m Patria See. For me, we have two worlds. The reality and the dream. But I always want in the dreamland because, I know that’s the only way to ease this pain in my heart… And for finding this place for my happiness and love..

But the saddest part is..

Everytime I wake up…..

All I know is that he just became a part of my dream.. :(


  1. awwwwwwww! sbi ko n nga ba! gnito ang mngyyri! so true! ktulad ng nppnaginip q c minho s gabi tas paggising q wla n xah! sbrng relate aq d2!

    1. Hahahah. Ayiie. Si Minho talaga XDD

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