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The Life Taker

The Life Taker
By: WisdomDeath

               I was a young girl who expected everything to be fine. I believe in fairy tales. My father and I get along very well. All the laughs and smiles that I hid for a long time only appeared when I am with him.

              I am not that of a young girl anymore. Our relatives said, and I quote, “She has grown into a beautiful young lady.” There’s a difference between a young girl and a young lady and at this point, I am a young lady.

                Things are being fabulous and wonderful until that horrible day happened. Before I get to that part, let me tell you first something more about me and my father. I just love repeating that—me and my father.

                We don’t have a certain date to have our father-daughter moment but then, whenever we have our free time, we storm to the mall and have fun. Eat random foods, check out random things and talk about random stuffs as well. We love random things. That’s what makes us awesome.

                My mom is usually busy with all the work that has to be done so there’s no enough time for a mother-daughter day. I hope we’ll have one. I hope.

                Enough with that drama, it’s making me cry. Okay, so let’s get to the chase now. It all started when our long-distant relatives, the Cheers. They are a family of five. The parents: Roderick and Lou Cheers, their twin: Leo and Cleo Cheers, and Jeremiah Cheers, their daughter.

                It was really weird to name your daughter, Jeremiah. Sounds like a boy. At least my dad chose a wonderful name for me, not really. I just said it’s wonderful because my mom and dad picked it out. It’s Amy. Simple.

                The Cheers are going to be in this scavenger hunt-like which I would love to go but my dad refused to. The Cheers are extremely rich, so they asked us to stay at their house to guard it. They said “to relax.” But it sounded more like “to guard” to me.

                It was a one-day relaxation, I say. The first day was incredibly awesome. The unlimited access to the pool section of the house, the candy bar, the peaceful music, and the karaoke with my mom and dad—it was all amazing.

                The second day was the start of the whole change. What had truly happen? I know. I was there when everything twisted. It was something you would wish not to happen to you. I would wish that too but I guess, I am too late already because it all happened in a blur.

                It’s like a 30-second horror video from YouTube. It passed by and I was left stunned, eyes wide, jaw dropped, mind blank. There are more things I am concerned of, world peace, family bonding, and no to corruption, to write about things I care about. Those things were what I care about BEFORE everything changed.

                Now, I care about one thing, JUSTICE. If I can’t have that, it’s like having nothing in this world at all. The pain and loss was for nothing if I can’t get the only thing that will make things up to me, and it is JUSTICE. Is it too hard to give it to me?

                Our second night in the Cheers’ residence always haunted me in my dreams until now, and I wake up with a blood-curdling scream escaping from my own mouth.

                I was sitting on the bed, reading a fine book, when I heard metals clanking from the living room. I ignored it, probably dad and that the Cheers’ butler playing fencing. An hour passed and I heard different sounds from the living room or the kitchen. I put the book down on the bed’s purple covers and I sneaked to the kitchen. I heard a scream, a terrifying scream, from the maids’ room. I grabbed a knife and walked towards the room.

                The room was pitch black in there, and so I opened the light. The maids’ bodies were scattered in the room. They are covered with their own blood. Who could have done this? It would sound idiotic if I ever thought they did it to themselves. That human has no soul.

                My hands started to tremble. I turned and saw a shadow, a shadow that I suppose to be the one who did that soulless thing to the Cheers’ maids. I took a tight grip on the knife I am holding and ran to the room where my parents are staying. My hands are still trembling but I managed a knock.

                My eyes can’t believe it when the door was opened by my crying father. I never saw him cry like this—never in my entire life—until that day.

“Dad, what happened?” I asked.

                He showed me his hands and my eyes widened. Blood was in his hand. What has he done? Was he that shadow? No. He could never ever do that. He could never take lives.

                We both heard it loud and clear, footsteps. He pulled me inside the room then locked the door. He pointed the bed and I walked slowly towards the bed. Blood everywhere—it made me feel dizzy.

“What happened?” I asked, my voice getting a little shaky.

“I don’t know. I went to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water and I saw this when I get back.” He said, tears streaming down his face.

                My mom was lying down there, lifeless. Her skin was extremely pale and her body was covered with her own blood. If my brother, Arthur, sees this, he will surely freak out but I bet he wouldn’t even see me. This soulless, heartless life taker will stop at nothing until he gets the lives of everyone in that house.

                If I were stronger than my dad, I will surely beat that life taker and see who he is underneath. He can’t take my life.

Mom, I’ll kill this cold-blooded freak, I thought.

                My dad and I tried to stay calm but when I heard the windows broke; my heart got broken into half as well. Beside me, laid the lifeless body of my father with an ax on his back. Rage, fear, sorrow it all ran through my veins. Who is this soulless person? Person? He doesn’t deserve to be called person. He is an animal, a monster!

                He killed everyone in that house, except for me. I was determined to look for this person. Everyone might think it’s impossible. I didn’t even get to see his face.

                That night ended miserably for me. I don’t know where to go next. Tears were streaming down my face that was full of wounds, my whole body was weak and I got nobody with me. How did I have those wounds?

                After that soulless, heartless, cold-blooded life taker threw an ax at my dad, I turned and saw him on the tree outside the window. His first move wasn’t to run away from me, it was to get to me. He ran towards me and slashed a knife on my face. He wounded me perfectly but he didn’t kill me.  I wasn’t afraid of him. I used all the rage in me to try to kill this animal.

I have to get out of this house, alive. I thought.

                I didn’t think twice. I used the knife to cut right through his skin. I got a fabric and his skin—enough to know who he is. I put it on my jeans’ pocket and kicked his sensitive part. I remembered what dad told me about jumping off a window when the zombie apocalypse happens.

                I jumped out of the window and I ran out and I ended up in a grocery store open twenty-four/seven. I stayed there and the kind owner cured the wounds I got.

                My phone vibrated and that woke me up, a call from Arthur. I told him everything and after a few hours, he picked me up and he took me to the police station. We all went back to the Cheers’ house. Inside the room where our parents are, Arthur started to weep. The life taker wasn’t there.

                He’s still alive. A kick on his groin won’t even kill him. I asked the police about investigators and he led us there. I gave them the skin and fabric that I got that night. In a matter of days, we got the results.

                The soulless, heartless, cold-blooded life taker was no other than, my crazy uncle that got out of the mental hospital, Iro Fret.

                It was painful to accept that I will be left with just my brother.

                The Cheers got back from their scavenger hunt-like and they shared our sorrow rather than get mad for the things that got broken.

                It still haunted me after all these years. I am not a grown woman with a son, Daniel. I got married, ten years after that incident.

                Now, it has been fifteen years, and still haunt me in my dreams and I wake up with that same blood-curdling scream escaping my lips. Good thing, Ian was always there to calm me down and tell me its fine.

                Justice? I still don’t have it. I want them to catch Uncle Iro Fret and throw him to jail. I don’t care if he is my uncle. He took our parents’ lives, including the innocent lives of the Cheers’ butler, maids, and drivers. He almost killed me, too.

                I want Justice. If they can’t give it to me, I will get it no matter what. My heart is full of pain and there’s no gentleness left for my uncle. I wanted to kill my uncle so badly which will sound mean of me but my parents raised me not as a murderer that Iro Fret is.

                Another year passed and Ian told me to forgive him. I wanted to forgive my uncle but I don’t know where to look for forgiveness when all he has done to me was make me miserable. I lost my parents. It was something I can’t ever imagine to happen to me but he shoved it on my face.

                My parents were lying down on the cold floor, lifeless—in front of me. It was the most evil thing a person could do. He almost killed me but I also stopped at nothing. I waited for this day to come.  The police went to our house and announced the death of my uncle, Iro Fret.

                He was still family, so me, my husband and our son, Daniel, went to my uncle’s funeral. When I got the chance to be in front of his casket, I muttered the words that Ian never expected to escape my cold lips.

“I forgive you, uncle.” I muttered.

                He’s going to wherever he belongs, probably somewhere where murderers go.—a special place for people like him and his kind.

                He did kill a lot of innocent lives; he has paid for it—with his own life. It’s my time to have my own happy life with my new family.


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