Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Confession of a Friend [POEM]

I have been trying to tell you this
But fear always conquers me
Cause I'm afraid about our friendship
That everything between us might be changed

But now I have come to talk you
To tell this feelings that I have
And nothing really matters to me now
I just wanted to be true

I don't know where did I get this
This kind of courage that forced me
To confess this special feelings
That I only have for you

I love you
Not only because you are my friend
But because I know in my heart
You are the only one for me

I'm sorry for telling you this
I'm sorry but I can't help
I just want you know this feelings I have
I just fell for you so bad

It's really hard for me to confess
To a friend who trusted me so much
But you don't have to worry about
Cause I'm not expecting anything from you in return....

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