Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ghost Named Anna

"Nothing New No Response Video Fanfiction"

she look awesome..please try to read it for your pleasure..thank you..

It was 7:00 pm when I got home. I'm already tired. All I want is to drop in my soft bed and sleep. Working for eight hours is so weary and sometimes give me headache. As a graphic designer, it is not simple. You need to concentrate to do a better work. Actually, I'm from a prosperous family that I don't need to work hard. My parents are both business tycoons. They own a lot of resorts in the Philippines. But I chose to be independent because I want to stand with my own feet. Besides, I want to fulfill my dream. Yeah, that is to be a graphic designer and which is my job now. By the way, I'm Yves Quirante, 27 years of age. Still no girlfriend since I broke up with my ex two years ago. I don't mind getting myself a girlfriend again since I started to work. That's wasn't a problem.

I look down to find the key of my apartment. Actually, my apartment is too far from my workplace here in Makati. My place is like a haunted house that would make you shiver if its your first time here. Why? Even if my place is full of lights, there's was always a time it kind of look dim. It's terrible.

And do you know I'm not only one whose occupying this room. I have a beautiful companion here. Don't worry she's nice. She won't bite you. I'm immune to this place. I love dark so i love creatures living in the dark too. 

Finally, I already entered my room. I tried to switch on the light but there's no light again. She's the one who always behind this. She is vague. She emerges at any place and ready to thrill me but I always ignore her. I put down my bag and rush to the kitchen. I'm starving so I decided to get some food from the fridge. As I open the fridge, I'm didn't startle when I saw her.

She wore this white dress, has long hair and always glowing like a flash light. Her bulging dark eyes made me pity her. She's so pathetic but not arrogant. Until now I'm still wondering what causes her to stay here and always trying to scare me, though she won't hurt me. Even if she's not talking to me, I gave her a name and called her Anna. It was the first name that entered my mind which causes me to smile for a seconds.

She's doing again her habit. She's vomiting dark red blood to get my attention so I would run in terror. But I still have no response. It's nothing new to me. I've already encountered a lot of times. I diverted what I'm thinking and proceed in getting a food.

After going to bed, I opened my laptop to scan my daily reports. I was sitting near the window. Listening to the soft howling of the wind. As I glanced up, I saw her again outside, still doing her grossing habit. It's awful. But I ignored her again. Now it's time to sleep. Before that, I rushed through my bathroom to take a bath. She's on the shower room now. She was still vomiting. I did ignore her until I finished taking a bath, brushing my teeth, changing clothes and pee.

I dropped on my soft bed. I'm so exhausted all through out the day. I want to sleep now and dream about my ideal girl. As I grab my clean and white blanket, I found Anna lying beside me. Still grossing me out. I feel irritated. She's staining my white pillow case again. I grimaced. She's wide awake and glaring at me. But I didn't feel her resent. She wanted to scared me. Then I hastily haul my blanket up. Wrap it around my body and turned my face in the opposite direction. 

Anna is such a pathetic wicked ghost girl. And got nothing to do but to try to thrill me again and again and again. That made me feel irritated but sometimes, it makes me laugh. There's nothing new. Still no RESPONSE!! 

~the end~

I dedicate it to POKAYA!! I love you so much guys.. And to my colleagues. And Wisdomdeath. Hahaha! thanks for inspiring ate KATNISS.. And Especially to Ms. Cute>> AEGYODAYDREAMER. My good motivator. si Anew_bhe at I_am_jiyeon..my supporters.. kahit novice pa ako..hehehe.. thanks so much GOD BLESS to ALL! RP TGH Xperience mamaya..


  1. ay naku!!! ang sakit ng tyan ko kakatawa habang pinapanood yugn video!!! nakalimutan kong masakit ang lalamunan ko, ang lakas kong humagalpak!!! imba sis! thanks for sharing this!

  2. ay, and i tried to edit it sis ha. ^__^v

  3. Wahewhehe! SAlamat sis! Ayan gumanda ang story ko! LAb you much..

  4. hahahaha...naloka naman ako dun..ako yung natatakot sa kanya eh hahaha..it's gross...haha

  5. ntakot p aq s video! iiwasan q sna pero nung binsa q na, ska q siya pinanood.
    ntawa tuloy aq lalo. ang kulit ni anna. kktakot kaya xah.
    ung may problema ung lalaki, nde man lng ntkot! ahhhahahaha!
    ganda nito ate phoebe.

    1. Wahehehe.. ang galing ng gumawa nito.. para di kamatakot sa mga multo ito ang gagawin mo.. haha! KAlurkey.. iignore mo nalang sila.. Thanks for reading.. :D

  6. may video tu??saan pu??hehe..
    bitin nman aku dun..xDD

    1. ni-recommend lang ito ng pamangkin ko na panuurin sa youtube noong holloween.. ewan ko kong may karugtong ba ito..

  7. nakakatawa pero natakot pa rin ako sa video! kasi naman eh! nakakatakot si anna!

  8. hahaha, thnk u ate, special mention n nmn aq s huli. ahhiiihhhihhi!


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