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I Love You More Than Anything

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"I Love you more than Anything"

Zayn Malik fanfiction

There was a two kids named Trixie and Zayn. They are the same 10 years old. their parents were friends and partner in business.

Trixie discovered that she had feelings for Zayn but she didn't talk about it. She waited until they grow up to be teenagers. 

One day,Zayn told trixie that he had a feeling for her.

"Would you be my girl?"Zayn asked sincerely.

"Yes!"she answer with tears of joy. She didn't believe it. But that a reality. Zayn love her too!

Until years passed.. at the right age they got married and have a children.

Suddenly, Trixie discovered Zayn had a mistress named Sabrina. 

Besides,Sabrina didn't know that Zayn is married to Trixie.

Unfortunately,Trixie knows where Sabrina live. She resorted to her house. She arguing and fight her. Then Zayn saw them.

"Stop!" he shout. he was between the  two girls. He don't know what to do.

"Who's that girl!?" Sabrina asked Zayn angrily.

He paused. He so confuse to answer.

"I'm sorry,Sabrina. she is my wife."he answer frankly. He was shivering.

Trixie sighed.

Sabrina automatically astonished. Her face was wash with terror.

She shook her head and leave them.

Zayn and Trixie go home. Trixie go upstairs to pack her things. Zayn stopped her but he can't.

"i hate you. i wan't to leave you because you betray me. " Trixie shrieked.

"i love you Trixie,please forgive me. i don't meant to hurt you. i love the way you are. i love you more than anything. "he insisted while holding her shoulder.

"are you sure about what you saying?"Trixie asked grimly. 

He hold her breath.

Trixie sighed. She gaze at him seriously.

"Yes, definitely".he answered honestly. her eyes full of sincere.

Trixie believe in him.

Zayn promise that he don't love any girl.

Zayn assure it.

He don't have any other woman.

until they get older.

they leave happily ever after with a healthy family and no broken relation.

The End

Note: i hope you like it.thanks.(-_-)


  1. Hahaha!! Trixie..ikaw na! ikaw na nga ang baliw kay Zayn Malik..
    Ako kay Louis Tomlinson..Hahaha!

  2. zayn malik po ba ung name nia? cno po yan? ang gwapo! hiihhhiiiihhihhiii!

    1. OO! BAnd member ng One Direction..

      sikat yan ngayon..

    2. sana malaman niyo kung gano ko siya kamahal

    3. vanessa g monteroApril 4, 2012 at 8:35 PM

      gani man


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