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The Couple Games : Chapter 1

Chapter 1
by: WisdomDeath

        My name is Althea Haversham. I live in District 1, Luxury. Ever since I was young, I trained with the other children in our District. Girls are separated from boys during training but it still feels wrong. I can’t bear the thought that if I get chosen for the Games, I have to kill and killing was never on my list.

        I remembered the moments when I train with the other children and they all want to be part of the Games. Is it just me who doesn’t want to be part of the Games? Two can win in the Games, a male and a female and can be from different Districts but then I still don’t want to be part of it.

        Tomorrow is the Reaping day. I will be standing there along with the other citizens of District 1, waiting for the chose ones to be called. There are lots of District 1 citizens who were crowned victors but some are pretty much old but the most famous is Ashley Wu, she won the Games with a District 9 male, James Kyll. She didn’t kill anyone in the Games; she ran away and kept herself safe. For this year, she will be the mentor of the tributes. 

My sister Phoebe jumped up and down towards me.

“Hi Thea.” She said.

“Hey there Phoebe.” I said then smiled at her.

“Will you braid my hair tomorrow?” she asked then looked at me with those beautiful eyes.

“Sure.” I answered. I am not afraid that Phoebe will be chosen, she won’t be chosen, her age is still inappropriate, she won’t even be there.

        The sky turned gray and I know it’s time to sleep. I lied on my bed and stared at the ceiling, I wonder who will be those tributes who will have to go inside that arena to kill and to survive. I will surely wish that the tributes of District 1 will survive and may the other tributes be safe. Why am I even thinking about the Couple Games? It’s very painful to think that I have to watch those innocent people take each other’s lives until two will be left and be crowned victors.

        My mother and father have trained for a long time before our generation and the training provided were a little bit different. My dad used to train me and Phoebe. Phoebe is a great fighter, she can fight for herself but she’s scared to hurt someone else. She hates seeing blood, it makes her cry. Imagining her to be in the Games, she’s strong physically but she’s weak by soul and heart.

        The very next day, I prepared for the Reaping. I have always been waiting for this day because I heard that Ashley Wu will be there. I want to see her because I have seen her first in the 20th Couple Games and today, I will be able to see the girl who has been my hero.

        I was about to leave the house when I felt someone pulling my dress. I turned and saw my little sister, Phoebe, looking at me with her pretty little eyes.

“What is it?” I asked.

“Thea, what if you’ll be chosen?” she asked. 

I tried to hide the fear that I might be chosen but then I never wanted Phoebe to be scared that this day might be the last day we will be together. I don’t want my sister to be scared.

“I don’t want to assume but if ever, I will try my best to win this Phoebe.” I said to her and smiled.

“Really?” she asked and a smile suddenly appeared on those pretty lips. I nodded, not wanting her to fear.

       I headed to the square for the Reaping. My heart started to pound; I feel so nervous. The moment my eyes laid on Tricia, the escort of our District and she looks so different. She is wearing a silver dress and she is wearing a very sparkly headband.

        I looked around and spotted the face of my friend, Matilda, she looks nervous too. Everyone is. Everyone is extremely nervous because no one knows who will be picked from that glass bowl.

        “Welcome everybody! It’s time to choose the tributes of District 1 for the 26th annual Couple Games.” Tricia shouted through the microphone.“Let’s pick the female tribute first.”

She said and dipped her hand into that glass bowl filled of strips of papers containing our names.

“Althea Haversham!” she shouted. I thought my heart stopped beating when I heard my name called. I am the tribute for this year’s Couple Games. No. It can’t be. I don’t want to. I never did. Why me?

        My body felt so stiff as I walk towards her and gave me a handshake. Now, it’s time to choose the male tribute. “For the males!” she shouted.
“Isaiah Jett.” She announced.

        No way. Not him! He is the least person I imagined to be with me in that arena. He would probably leave me and join someone else and I would have to survive alone, an easy target.

Let’s give a round of applause for the tributes of this year’s Couple Games, Althea Haversham and Isaiah Jett!” Tricia shouted.

        Everyone in our District sees us as heroes now but I see myself as a killer, a soon-to-be killer.

~End of Chapter 1~


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