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A Fan Girl’s Misery - by Cheonsa23

Author: Cheonsa23

Leeteuk (Super Junior)
Angel (Leeteuk's greatest fan!)

Genre(s): Drama, FanFiction, One-shot, Romance
Description : SJ 100 Fanfic Challenge: 96 I LIKE YOU (3x) [Leeteuk]


Forgive me. I did this fic because I want to get out of my depression. I was having a hard time when I wrote this so excuse me please if I used myself and paired it up with Jungsu, who happens to be my ultimate bias.

I know you'll be able to relate on it somehow as you can change my name to yours. :)

"I Like You, I Like You, I Like You..."

That was her only chance to get close to one person she probably will love for the rest of her life. One opportunity to prove herself that she had offered her everything for a human, not an imaginary angel she had believed him to be.

The insufferable noise of that busy street, the endless honking of hurrying cars, the deafening buzzes of people’s voices talking - everything wa muffled just by thinking that she’s walking towards a miracle she never thought of happening.

He was just there, busy choosing which bread he’ll be ordering for breakfast. His face bare. He was wearing a white polo shirt, a khaki pair of cargo pants and his favorite Gucci slippers. A khaki messenger’s cap added to his attire, probably for a lame attempt to disguise.

To her, it didn’t work. But to others, it was surprising that it did. Nobody in the cafe seemed to have noticed who he really is. Even the staff taking his orders did not seem to realize what kind of majesty there was in the place.

She stood up from her seat which was just across the counter from which he was standing. Slowly and careful not to get noticed, she took small steps towards him. Her eyes fixed on her personal miracle, she didn’t notice that she was already beside him, and he was staring at her blankly already.

When she regained her thoughts, he asked her politely, "Do you need anything?"

Rattled, she looked down and murmured… "I-I-I j-j-just want t-t-to say that…"

"What?" He asked with a tone of complete innocence but with a hint of annoyance. She looked at him, with pleading eyes. His attention no longer hers, but to some bills on his palm.

As soon as he secured his money on his pocket, he took the paper of bag with the baguettes he bought. He turned to her once more, and with a slightly loud voice, he asked her for the second time.

"What is it?"

She heaved a deep sigh, mustering all the courage. That was the moment of all moments, after all; and she knew she couldn’t screw up. She wasn’t prepared but that was a rare opportunity.

So braving all fears, she looked up to him and loudly say, "I like you! I like you! I like you!"

Everybody in the cafe turned to her in complete surprise. It was a public confession, after all. But her eyes didn’t move, as well as his. “One.. two.. three..” She counted on herself.

Then a flash of blinding light seemed to have appeared suddenly that she had to catch her breath, breaking the connection between their eyes. He smiled, exhibiting that painstakingly beautiful dimple she will forever die for. When the light fade, she saw him move his hand to his cap to lower it. She can tell that it was embarrassment that overwhelmed him.

He placed his hand on her right shoulder making her world stop. It was the first time you got this close to your dream, and her imaginations of a 'happily ever after' started appearing on her thoughts episode after episode.

She wanted to speak again, but his hands moved to her head and brushed it off. Completely surprised, she looked at his eyes again and the expected surprise came as he spoke,

"Thank you."

Then he left the cafe abruptly. And there she was, completely dumbfounded on the greatest rejection that washed through her.

But she couldn’t blame him. She would never blame him. Because after all, she is just a fan girl. JUST… a fan girl. And never will the time come that she could even tell him that Angel is her name.


(AegyoDayDreamer's Note: Cheonsa23 is my closest friend during college! She gave me the privilege to re-post some of her fanfiction stories here at my blog. You can read more of her works/stories/fanfics by visiting her blog cheonsa23@blogspot and/or HERE)

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  1. even if its a sad ending, i'm satisfied with this short story! it's really nice! so fangirl+idol relationship!


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